As much as I hate to devote an entire blog entry to something as tedious and irrelevant as this, I'm sure my FormSpring followers are tired of seeing dramatic, bullcrap posts all up on their dashbord. So without further adieu, I give you... HATERS GON' HATE!

Let's start with some fun graphics, shall we?

If you've missed out on the fun FormSpring drama, you can catch up and educate yourself by CLICKING HERE. Apprently, the jist is this: Someone got mad because I've been going to the gym everyday. This same person is also incredibly upset that I attempted to buy a pair of jeans the other day. Why on earth would some stranger be upset by these things, you're probably asking yourself... Good question! I'm still trying to figure that out myself.

Yes, I have been going to the gym every single day. Why? To lose weight? Not directly (but I won't object, if it wants to happen). I've been going to the gym to feel good. To be healthy. To get some energy in my hum-drum step! Get this... I ENJOY it! Whatttt?!?!? This anonymous person seems to think that if you're happy in your body, then you shouldn't go to the gym. "You say you're not the size on your tag but here you are going to the gym every day. You're such a hypocrite".... Someone who is happy with themselves can find solace in a good workout. It's called endorphins! I smile more. I have more energy. I also have a lesser chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke. My jeans can't do that for me! I stated that I feel like a fat slob when I'm sedentary. If I just sit around on the computer all day and don't do anything productive, I feel like crap! I NEVER spoke out of line or spoke on ANYONE else's behalf. I never said "YOU ARE A FAT SLOB IF YOU DONT GO TO THE GYM!" No.. I said that I go to the gym for me. So I can feel good. What you do with your time is none of my concern. Wanna sit on your bum and eat Cheetos? Go for it! Lucky enough to have an awesome metabolism or are you really cautious with what you eat? Go you! Don't want to work out? That's fine! I don't think you're a fat slob because of it! I don't have a 100% healthy diet. I'm not super strict on myself. I don't feel like I have to be because I'm not trying to diet down to a size 2. If I want chocolate, I eat chocolate. Regardless of whether I ate 200 calories a day or not, I will never be a size 2. My body isn't meant to be! I worked out religiously last year... every single day... and even after many months, I was still a size 10! But boy I had some rocking muscles and I felt great!

I would NEVER in a million years, EVER call anyone a fat slob. EVER! That's not who I am. If you want to go read my responses and twist them around to make it look like I did, go for it. But if you're going to "lose respect" for me, at least do so because of something I actually said! 

As far as the jeans debate goes... I didn't know a gal needed an excuse to want to have a pair of denim on hand. Has anyone here ever tried bartending in a dress? If you haven't, take it from me... it's not fun or glamourous! I hate wearing jeans but I'd rather be covered and modest in jeans than tugging on the back of my dress every time I reach into the cooler to grab a beer! I also fail to remember when I signed a contract that said "I will never wear pants ever again!" Therefore, if I want to purchase a pair of denim with my money, by gosh golly goodness I will! Okay.. well that's settled. 

Another OUTLANDISH claim is that I'm using my blog to "show off my weight loss"... well, for starters, PLEASE SHOW ME WHERE I'VE LOST WEIGHT! It's a bummer that I can't see it. But even if that were remotely true... isn't this MY blog? Isn't this where I share MY personal stories and adventures? Oh yeah... duh! Silly me! 

I would never use my blog to try and make someone feel bad about themselves. In case you're new to this planet, that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of my mission! I want girls to feel comfortable at every size! But comfortable to me is going to the gym and kicking those endorphins into gear. If anything, I would hope that this would inspire some of you to come join me! I won't think any less of you if you don't go to the gym. I realize it's not for everyone, but it IS for me! Even something as simple as walking for 15 minutes a day can drastically increase your mood!

They claim that I'm "so f'ing annoying" with my blog and FormSpring. Oh... okay... well... why are you reading it then? C'mon people! Get with it! You're not going to make me feel like crap for doing something GOOD for myself. I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing... I do me.. You do you!

To everyone else that isn't totally ridiculous, how do you handle ~internet haterzzz?! Do you get anonymous things in your blog/FormSpring? Obviously I knew I would with signing up, but luckily it's nothing I can't handle. But hopefully this takes some of the drama away from your FS dashboards. (And if it doesn't, I'll just stop addressing them because I know y'all are tired of that crap hogging up your screen! I am, too!)

With all of that being said (when it didn't even need to), if you feel the same way as these lovely anonymous ladies, please feel free to exit this blog at any time. I will not apologize for posting photos of myself. I will not apologize for saying I sometimes feel like a fat slob. I will not apologize for having an opinion and stating it as so. Also, I will not apologize for you getting offended when there was absolutely no reason to (especially if you're the one that twists my words around). I'm a very sweet gal and I like to think I'm a nice person. If you don't have room for one of those in your life, feel free to unfollow this blog. :)

OFF MY SOAPBOX.... for now ;)



  1. I just don't understand some people. Why keep coming back here if they are so irritated? Ah well.
    Good for you, I'm much the same - I'm happy with my size/the way I look but have started exercising recently because I felt so incredibly tired all the time because I was so lazy. And it's working.
    It's a shame you have to justify your gym-going and jean-hunting to anybody. But oh my goodness, these pictures made me laugh!


  2. eleanor: i'm almost ashamed I even let it get to the point to needing to justify it with a post, but i really felt like i needed to throw it out there and just stop it at that. most of these people are just sitting at home looking for a faint crack in my exterior so they can try to weasel their way into my life and confidence and then shake me to the ground. AINT HAPPENIN!

    but i agree! the photos always make me laugh! i had a REALLY great one on my computer but i can't find it to save my life!

  3. these people must feel really bad about their lives. hahaha they must be really jealous that you actually have the motivation to go to the gym!! good for you girl!

  4. I just want to tell you how inspiring your dedication to going to the gym has been for me. I used to hate going and would always feel so self conscious about it but after you posted about doing it just to feel better, I tried going to my school's rec center and I've been going ever since. It's only been two weeks but I can feel such a shift in my mind set and the way my body feels. Thank you for proving that you don't have to be a star athlete to want to make a positive difference.

    And by the way, I'm a size 14 and happy about it now! I don't care if I don't lose a single pound. The way I feel after working out is so worth it!

  5. like is stated in a comment before, what is it gonna take for the haters to realize you dont care?

    why do they keep coming back if they hate you so much?
    its ridiculous how often you have to post blogs like this only to end up with the same statement "haters are gonna hate and i dont care what they have to say"

    *throws arms up*

    im sorry you have to deal with this B.S.
    i and many other people LOVE coming to your blog and reading about your life.
    as for everyone else who hates, they only do it c'os they know they wouldnt have the nads to do it in person!

  6. It's absolutely outstanding to see the ONE blogger I stalk that isn't self-righteous be attacked on her PERSONAL blog about her health and buyig habits.
    You chronical your daily life and interests, and when you decide to wear pants and sweat a little, the whole world ends for someone?

    Excuse you for not being a stereotype for strangers to idol worship until you do something they wouldn't do. I applaud you for taking the insults in stride.

    Keep being exactly who you are!

  7. I love your blog so don't you dare change and be anything but who you are!! People are always going to hate, it seems like no matter how honest and nice we try to be, there's always going to be someone out there that has something rude to say. Usually it's going to be someone who is JEALOUS with a capital INSECURE. Keep doing what you're doing, there's far more of us out here that admire you and like you no matter how much you weigh or whether or not you go the dang gym then those who feel the need to shout out there insecurities behind an anonymous name on ye old interwebs.

    It's pathetic really, but some people have nothing better to do I suppose.

    Way to stay classy lady, you handled the haters with respect and I love that :)

  8. I know exactly how you feel when you say you felt like a 'fat slob' if you just sit around all day. It isn't necessarily because you are in fact fat, but because for some people (like us) a sedentary lifestyle grates the nerves. I cannot stand the way I feel when I don't do anything all day, ugh.

    I find it inspiring that you enjoy going to the gym. I WISH I could afford it but no such luck. I am trying to lose some extra weight just to be healthy and so I love hearing other ladies talk about how good exercise makes them feel; it reminds you that even though it sucks sometimes the results and way you feel afterwards are worth it.

    People are always going to find sometime the whine and moan about, all you can really do is laugh at it and move on. :)

  9. I think a lot of the anonymous bullshit that people get is because of jealousy. It's easier to say something mean about someone than to admit that you are jealous or even that you admire the other person's life. It's happened to me, I'll admit it (not me getting anon bs, but I've felt jealous of others). I've definitely had moments where I'm reading someone's blog and I feel jealous of the things they have or have the ability to do, and I've thought mean thoughts (I've never said anything). But then I (since I'm a logical person and not an asshole) take time to realize that I'm reading this person's personal blog, and they are doing with it what they want, and they may not post the sucky parts of their life, and I know that it's wrong to feel jealous, and better to feel inspired. But some people aren't logical, and they just don't get it. I'm sorry you have to deal with this, and I'm honestly nervously anticipating when it happens to me, but it's just part of putting yourself out there. For every one anon jerkoff there's hundreds of us who love and care about you and your life!

    I know you're keepin' that pretty little head of yours up, so I don't even need to sign off with that!


  10. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hate all the anonymous haters of the world--and I really don't use the term hate lightly! My typical response is to delete and try to move on. Also, everyone who leaves a hateful comment is a masochist: if it pains them to look at you (or me or anyone) or your blog (or mine) then why do they force themselves to do it, often repeatedly and then waste their time leaving questions??? My only explanation is that they love to cause themselves pain...and then attempt to afflict that pain on others. I try to not give them the satisfaction of knowing they reached me.
    Also, I don't go to the gym regularly (although I feel that I should), but I always went during exams at school or whenever my schedule got super busy and overwhelming. Why? Endorphins! The less time I had the more time I would set aside to work-out b/c it made me feel good and when I'm flying high on life I skip the gym! Honestly, there is something wrong with someone who thinks that the only reason to go the gym is to lose weight. It's also such a narrow view of life, everyone acts differently and from different motivations. Trying to simplify others or judge them by your own perception is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in life.

  11. Its unfortunate when people try to over analyze and create unnecessary drama. Although they are entitled to their own opinions its just odd to me that they have put so much focus on something so trivial. I don't think anyone saw your posts as updates on weight loss or what have you. You were simply stating/posting your daily routine and the things that make you happy.

    Last time I checked there was nothing wrong with feeling invigorated by a good work out. I commend your dedication and commitment to going to the gym. I wish I had it right now! Life is meant to be enjoyed and if for you that means going to the gym for a good workout then so be it! Who the hell are we to judge?! =)

  12. Seriously girl, don't listen to them! I've been saying "haters gonna hate" the past couple of weeks and it's hilarious to find you posted all of those pictures! HA! They are SOOO funny. But you should'nt have to justify yourself it's so petty. And if they don't like it, no one is forcing them to read your blog! Retarded.

    ily girl, you are so adorable<333

  13. I think a lot of people are extremely concerned with the way their body looks, when the most important thing is what it can DO. I've taken up karate and I have lost quite a bit of weight through that, but what I love even more is my body being so powerful now! It's there to be moved and stretched!
    Ugh, whiney folks annoy me.

  14. I don't get it.. why are people doing things like that? I mean, we all sometimes find a blog on the internet, read and think... I don't like that person.. or better, the way he/she portrays her/himself through the blog. That happens. Not everyone can love everyone. That's totally okay. I then go and click the little x on my browser and forget about it. why do you have to start a hate campaign? that's so sad those people don't have anything else to do and worry about.

  15. The haters are pathetic :) they will never know true love, happiness, or friendship, because they will never learn how to be at one with themselves first and prefer to take their bullshit out on other people. You deal with it so positively tho missus, well done you (hugs) xx

  16. That is really gross behavior. & You know what else KB? I will bet you 20 bucks its a high school girl. So no real effs are given.

    & to the little sweetheart,
    One day when you grow up & become a woman, you're going to be severely embarrassed that you wasted all this time breeding hate. To be honest, its effing weird and stalking internet bloggers makes you a creepy-creep. Ya feel me?

    love always,
    an adult.

  17. thank you all for your wonderful comments. i apologize for making an entire entry out of it and i hope that i won't let something as trivial bother me again! now, i'm going to do what i should have done in the very very beginning and just drop it!

    today is a new day and it's going to be fantastic!

  18. ugh that sucks. some people just love to be drama queens and haters. i swear people need to stop acting like they are still IN HIGH SCHOOL! god. i'm so sorry. i think its wonderful that you go to the gym and i know what you mean by it just making you feel better. i hope everything gets better for you. :)


  19. Good for you.
    I honestly don't understand why some people like to try and bring other's down.
    And as you stated, if they don't like it, they don't have to read it.
    Keep being yourself :)

  20. awe. i'm so sorry kaelah. i used to get shit like this on my blog and formspring too.

    i don't know why people have the need to be such butts sometimes. it's frustrating and it's oh so annoying.

    i never had girl friends, and i still only have a handful, because of this type of bullshiiiiiit. all througout my life, i have been surrounded by boys. no, not because they liked me. hah. because i was like 'one of the guys'. and that's the way i like it.

    girls. psh. some girls just have such attitudes and they're so catty. just stay strong, keep your head up and know that there are so many people backing you up.

    we love you! ♥

    ♥ http://www.allisterbee.blogspot.com

  21. It makes me laugh to think someone actually was upset by something that had NOTHING to do with them! Where do these people come from and why do I have to share air with them?

    I think your wonderful, beautiful and inspiring. You wear those jeans and you rock 'em out gurl!

    Oh geez, let the haters hate because they have nothing better to do with their sad pathetic lives. Yay for cool people!!!

  22. Wow this blows my mind. Like you said you don't force anyone to come to your blog, so if they don't like what you have to say or who you are, they can simply shut off their computers and GET A LIFE!!!!

    People hate, because they are jealous that your a happy healthy person...so let them!

  23. how you manage to be so articulate and well-spoken when you're frustrated i just don't know. i'm amazed and i totally wish i could do that! people are irritating, but it seems you haven't lost all hope in humanity (good for you!) my advice: just keep on keepin on:)

  24. shoooo girl, shake them haters off!


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