Outfit Post : Monday, July 26

Today I woke up extra early (and by extra early I just mean 9am on a day that I had absolutely nothing to do) so that I could get dressed and Mike could take some outfit photos before heading off to work. I found that waking up early as opposed to sleeping to an ungodly hour was actually really refreshing because on most days that I have no agenda, I stay in my pajamas until well past 3pm. I was all dolled up by 9:30am and that doesn't happen much! (I type this as I lay on the couch back in my pajamas... but I have a reason! I took sick this evening and well, I didn't wanna wrinkle a pretty dress!)

Most of my clothes are still stuffed in boxes somewhere between NYC and Tennessee as they haven't arrived and probably won't be here until Wednesday or Thursday. This is causing me to have to reevaluate what is in my closet already and wear it once more. I literally have not worn this dress in years. It's a fun little number though and I'm glad I put it on today! We ventured around the neighborhood to an abandoned house (they seem to be our favorite for outfit photos) and took advantage of the porch and what not.

For some reason my camera lens was oddly fogged up so I apologize for the weird look to these. I tried (and failed!) to fix it via Photoshop but I'm hoping it was just a minor glitch. (Please disregard my "tired eyes" in these photos!)

{Outift Details o7.26.1o}
{Dress: Forever 21 ($30)}
{Cardigan: H&M ($17)}
{Flats: Kmart ($13)}

And a funny/ridiculous Kaelah picture just for good measure (and then one with my favorite person ever)


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  1. I love your dress! I wish I could wear a cardigan right now. Its wayyyy to hot here in AZ for that lol!


  2. I made sure to vote for you! Hope you win! Cute outfit too.

  3. You look great - and 100% happier now that you have your boy back. X

  4. That dress is gorgeous, as are you!


  5. Can I just say that I'm so in love with your hair color that when I start cosmetology school in the fall I'm stealing it.
    Not literally off of your head because that would be really gross and rude.
    But I thought you should know. I love your blog. And I love your hair :)

  6. you are just the cutest thing!

  7. ACK! i am so in love with that dress! it's PERFECT!!!

  8. Both you & the dress are gorgeous!

    I'm so jealous of your cheek piercings!

  9. Ooh that's such a pretty dress! I hope you're feeling better soon.


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