Package Update!

I totally forgot to update about some lovely little packages I received in the mail a few weeks ago! I've since received a few more but I packed them up before taking photos! (I'm sorry, senders!) BUT I've loved everything thus far and everyone had a little something dropped in the mail for them yesterday morning! It's not much, but I'm hoping you like what I sent! NYC is so expensive and everything is so touristy! Not really my cup o' tea but I promise fun things from Tennessee! 

If you'd like to be penpals, just let me know! You can postcards, letters, packages, etc to:

649 Thomas Avenue
Hohenwald, TN 38462

I will have a new address in a few weeks (as per usual) but I can receive mail at the above one at any time (it just might take a hot minute to get after I move from there again around August 1st!). But rather than post my physical address at our new home, I'm going to probably get another PO Box :) Don't worry though, I can receive everything you send, but please do not send anything else to my NYC address. I'm afraid I won't get it before I move! 

I always respond, it just might take me a minute or two! :P (I try to reciprocate the same type of things sent to me!) Anywhoo, a few of the lovely things in the mail were from Marla Grace, Gee, and my friend Shannon!

I sent off fourteen packages yesterday! I hope they all make it safely! Several were going overseas so I hope they don't take a lifetime to get there!



  1. Hello! I just started reading your blog and I really like it! Are you moving out of new york? Where are you headed?

  2. Venomous Sky: I only live in NYC in the summers while I intern at BUST. :) I'm moving back to TN (where I hail from!) to finish my last semester of college. Then I'll be on an adventure :)

  3. Those are all so cute! I am also a newbie to this blog world, and yours is one of my favorites so far! And I lo-o-ove your hair!!

  4. how much fun! i love little packages!


  5. didn't I coment already o.O LOL oh maybe I was logged out, anyways.. I wanted to ask you if the Zombie Giveaway arrived yet :)

  6. trisha: yes ma'am! it was one i packed up before I could get a picture! very excited about the movie! :D

  7. I am almost done so you will get a package in the next week or so!

  8. glad you got it girly!!! we gotta keep the post office in business. i love sending packages!!! xoxo

  9. WWWOOOOOOHHHHOOO!!! I got mail today! And I love it! I can't wait to listen to the CD. and the postcards are awesome! I have a postcard from my holiday last week and I'm getting one of the town I live in to post as well :D


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