Sunday StyleCrush (belated!)

Sorry for my lack of updates this weekend. I'm going to make it up to you though! Here is a belated Sunday StyleCrush post. Just for your viewing pleasure! 

I didn't really find a ton that I was crazy about this week. But if I stumble upon many more I'll be sure to post them!



  1. i love the first outfit! i would totally wear that!

    i follow the last girl's blog and she has a jaw-dropping wardrobe and the type of figure that can carry off any trend. i swear italians are born stylish though :)

    love this kind of post.

    sofia x

  2. i love the moschino belt!
    girl i like your brain!

  3. Loving the boots in the second image!! And Love the bag in the last! Delicious images! :) Hazel

  4. Love that polka dot dress! It's super cute.

  5. I'm loving the first and last outfits especially- though all of them are great. Very ladylike with a little bit of edge thrown in. Perfect!

  6. Love the white with the blue necklace, beautiful. Well all of them are :) The shoes are fun!

  7. The last two looks are def my faves but if I had to choose I'd say the second to last is my all time fave. I just love that look.


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