Outfit Post : Tuesday, July 27

Today I woke up even earlier than yesterday! 8:30! Woo! I got dressed and we charged the camera for a bit and then headed outside. We opted for something other than the abandoned house we were at yesterday (and ended up in the road!) because there were neighbors out and I'm still not over that "too shy to take photos around my neighbors" sort of thing. I can take them in NYC no problem... but that's probably because no one has the faintest idea who I am haha Anyway, someone had asked for more "candid" photos before so here are a few. I'm trying to include those now. And someone in my FormSpring asked about smiling with my teeth! I meant to! But forgot! I promise I will tomorrow :P 

I haven't worn this dress in a hot minute, and I've never worn it without tights! So I opted for something new today. I know y'all probably think I run straight to the tights and to be honest, I do! But after going to the gym so much and really pushing my legs, I'm starting to feel a bit more confident about them. They'll always be huge (thanks to 14 years of softball!) but that's not reason to not love them! Just means they're that much stronger! 

{Outfit Details o7.27.1o}
{Dress: ModCloth ($68)}
{Belt: From another dress}
{Ring: c/o Morado Jewelry}
{Flats: KMart ($13)}

I was so excited to receive this ring in the mail from the lovely Purva of Morado! She had contacted me about wearing one of her darling creations and I was ecstatic! As someone who LOVES (and I mean LOVES!) flowers and floral print, I was taken by the ivory colored bud and couldn't wait to sport it on my finger! I've had it for a couple of weeks but wanted to wait until I was in Tennessee so I could get good photos of it! My most favorite part of this ring is that you can still see Purva's fingerprints in the petals! A true testament to the artistry of each and every piece! She makes them look so perfect! I highly suggest you check out her shop and get you one, too! They're so dainty and great! It'll match everything, too! Thanks so much Purva! [You can check out her blog HERE!] 


PS; Thanks for all the kind words on my Daily Photo post last night! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who fails from time to time in the kitchen! And thanks for the well wishes about my tummy, too! I'm feeling 100% better and so is my wrist! Seems like a good night's sleep can sometimes be the best medicine! 


  1. Super cute yellow & black honeybee, the second picture down is my favorite!

  2. The ring is BEAUTIFUL, and your hair is out of control (in a very good way). Wish I had that kind of volume and curl!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. You played softball!? I played softball! For about 14 years.

    I do love that dress. The color looks awesome with your hair.

  4. I love the dress! Is it the same one from your old blog header? It's good to hear you're getting less worried about your legs, you really have no reason to be anything but confident about them. :)

  5. I came across your blog yesterday and it was love at first site. I have a blog myself about Tea however I have toyed many times with the idea of posting a weekly outfit as my love for Tea is just as strong as that of Fashion.

    You give me the extra push to go on the limb and do it. Thanks Hun!

    Your the cutest thing since.... since jiffy pop!

    Yours Truly


  6. you are so cute! I love the black and yellow combination ^.^
    I too have this dress and wore it yesterday hehe ^.~

  7. you are always so cute in your little dresses! they look so cute on you! and i'm dying for that ring! absolutely gorgeous!~


  8. That dress is gorgeous! You look so cute. Love it! ♥

    Same Page Notion

  9. Your dress is ever so cute, good old Modcloth. That ring is lovely as well

  10. I've always wanted to ask why you don't show your teeth when you smile! You look great in yellow, my dear.


  11. hey kaelah, i have been reading your blog for quite some time and you are such an inspiration. i am a follower for sure :)

    i've you like, you can check out my new and teeny-tiny blog over at http://wildelderberries.blogspot.com/


  12. you are SO beautiful, i love your style!

    melissa audrey

  13. one time i managed to turn on the wrong eye in the kitchen (i was trying to boil water but turned on the eye that had grease in it)

    i went away for like 30 minutes and the grease caught fire...the house was okay but my mom was pissed haha.

    and i love that dress!
    you have inspired me to venture into floral prints.
    normally im more of a solids person but yeah..you make it look good!


  14. I love the combination of red,yellow, and black on you. So pretty!


  15. I'm glad your feeling better. That's such a pretty dress!


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