Sickness & a Brief Hiatus

I apologize for my slight absence. I'll probably be gone another day or so... I've come under the weather again and I'm about 95% sure I've caught a case of the Flu which is buzzing around the Franklin area. I was warned of it last weekend... sure enough, it's caught up with me.

I've only gotten out of bed today to walk 5 feet to the bathroom. Mike is taking care of me like a pro. Soup, TheraFlu, fresh fruit and he even went to get me some Sweet CeCe's (which I could only stomach a few bites). Now he's running me a bath (I just noticed he lit candles) and I'm getting ready to start my 5th episode of Gossip Girl today alone. I've become addicted. I missed class and I'll be lucky to make it tomorrow. I just pray this leaves my body before work tomorrow night. I can't afford to keep missing.

Spring break starts tomorrow. I'm making this box of Kleenex look weak.



  1. feel better :) i'm toying with the idea of going red, but i wanted to ask you about the upkeep of dying & such. any tips?

  2. I hope you feel better and I hope you're not sick during your break! I caught the flu last year during spring break and it sucked!
    Rest up! :)

  3. aww, being sick is no fun, I hope you get well soon! on the bright side, at least you won't be missing any more school, since it's spring break :)

  4. Feel better Kaelah! I was sick like that about 3 weeks ago. Ugh. It sucked. I'll send some wellness chi your way. :)

  5. i hope you feel better soon!!! the flu is no fun especially during spring break!!!

    ps im a new follower :)

  6. Aww, girl you need some vitamin C! Get you some orange juice :) I hope you feel better super fast! Keep relaxing!

  7. awwww what a great man he is taking care of his lady like that! i hope you feel beeter :(


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