The Most Exhausting Weekend... Ever.

This weekend has been NON STOP! Man do I mean it! Yesterday morning I had a ridiculous Art History exam, followed by a nice little power nap that was totally my saving grace. I headed up to Hermitage at 3 to pick up Toby from Sarah by 4. Mike was busy moving things out of his house because it's closing on Wednesday. We pulled into the driveway at the same time (great timing!). We ran some errands and ate dinner at Panera before coming home so I could go to work.

Work last night was ... bleh. It was dead most of the time. I really need that to NOT be the case tonight haha I strolled into the house at 3am and crashed in bed. Toby decided to wake up at 7am. gah! kids! haha Mike got up with him and they played and yelled and what not. I woke up several times but finally just got up at 10. I got ready and showered, etc etc etc. Had to get ready to go to the TOMS Style Your Sole party that my friend Merissa had organized on campus today. I showed up at about 11:30am to help set up. Things went smoothly and we had a great crowd. Mike brought Toby and he was a total hit. Everyone loved him. Finally after taking everything down, a group of us went to Sweet CeCe's at about 5pm. Mike and Toby woke up from their nap to join us. Toby loved the Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet. After all of that was done, we went to Target to get him new pacifiers and I bought him a sweet stuffed lamb. Then we went to Garcia's for dinner. He's been such a doll this whole time.

Now I'm at home, about to leave for work yet again in 10 minutes and I'd kill for a nap. I'm so so so exhausted. Having a toddler who wakes up at 7am when I get home from work after 3am... it's something haha but I LOVE having him here. It's so much fun.

Tomorrow we're driving down to my parents' house and they're so excited to meet him. It'll be a nice little day trip.

Sorry there are no pictures in this entry... I'm running low on time!

I promise I'll have some soon!
Happy Weekend, everyone!


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  1. Toby sounds adorable! and I hope work brings in the $ tonight :)


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