Back from the Grave...

Hello my loves! I'm finally feeling well enough to be up and at 'em, though I'm nervous on how I'm going to make it through 5 hours of smoky-bar work tonight. We'll see! Thursday was awful. I'd only get out of bed to walk 5 feet to the bathroom. I was feeling substantially better on Friday but even as I got dressed to try and go to work, I was weak and frail. I called in and got back in bed. Thursday came with 7 episodes of Gossip Girl watched (I'm not hooked... but I'm 2.5 seasons behind. Oh boy!) and Friday brought on 3 or 4 episodes of Dexter for me, and 7 for Mike (he's watching another episode as i type this! He's so sold!). Even though I've been sickly, Mike has managed to take amazing care of me. Getting me Sweet CeCe's that I can barely eat, fixing me veggie soup, opening my medicine, tucking me in, and running me a candle-lit bathtub. He also sold my giant big screen tv and huge entertainment center. Swwweeee!

Today we got dressed and ran errands. It felt SO nice being out of the house for once. I'm still battling a sinus headache, and awful congestion. It's in my head and my chest. Not fun. But I'm on the upswing so thats good! I've missed the past 3 nights of work and I REALLY need to be able to get back on track.

After errands we went and grabbed lunch at Blue Coast Burrito and saw a matinee showing of "Remember Me"... the new movie with Robert Pattinson. The movie was good... but man we can't help but think the ending was a total cop out. I like the subtle hints to it, but I wasn't sold by the ending. I do suggest seeing it though. I think every single person in that theater cried at some point or another (I did... but shh! I cry at AT&T commercials ha).

Tomorrow Mike and I are going to visit my parents. We're going to stay the night and take it easy, then probably go visit his in Lawrenceburg on Monday evening. It'll be nice. Thursday the girls are having a crafty day. That should be fun. I'm just looking forward to feelin 100% better and taking it easy for a week. I really want to go to Savannah, GA soon... I've been really really wanting to scope it all out (South Carolina, too) for maybe settling down in a place like that. Who knows. Whatever Whatever. Talky Talky Talky.

Anywhoo, my iphone case FINALLY came from LuxAddiction yesterday... 28 days after I ordered it. They promised a "free gift" but I definitely didn't receive it. Lame. I also got a package from Emily in the UK! Yay! I love package penpals. I will have Emily's and Ashley (from L'burg) in the mail this week when I get home from visiting our families! :D I got behind thanks to being sick the last 2 weeks. yuck!

Oh, and here is my hair straight with no extensions because that's probably one of the most common questions I get asked for pictures of. Ignore my sickly face. This was Wednesday night when I started to get a sore throat and all that jazz. Gross makeup and whatnot. Wutevzzz.

PS; go check out Mike's blog! Follow him for fun stuff! He'd be happy to trade blog banners with you!


  1. I love your hair!
    I'm seeing Remember Me tomorrow with my boy and I was on Wikipedia trying to figure who the main girl was and I accidentally read the plot without thinking it would completely give it away! Oh well, it still seems good and I'm glad you saw it and liked it because I wasn't sure if it was worth seeing. :) Glad you're feeling better!

  2. glad you're feeling better! and your hair looks cute straight too!

  3. i'm glad you're better :)

    i want to see remember me too, i heard it was really sad. i might go tonight - i cry at everything though so i am worried, haha.

    i love your phone so much, it's too cute!!!

    & i checked out miike's blog - awesome!


  4. Seriously, huge hair crush! Just randomly found your blog and haven't ventured too far into it, yet already I adore your hair. I've been thinking about going red and think i'm finally going to take the plunge in the next few weeks! Can't wait to read more of your blog. (in a non-creepy way of course)


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