A Day in Hohenwald...

To start things off... here's a mushy gushy little sampling of an adorable text I received from Mike on my way to work on Saturday night. He's amazing. I'd post the rest but it's just as lovey-dovey and I realize that is sometimes overkill :P

So as you know by now, Mike, Baby G and I loaded up and came down to my parents' house in Hohenwald for a bit. A nice little escape from the Franklin bubble that we live in. It's only an hour and a half-ish south/southwest of Franklin so it's not like it's a long haul or anything. We packed up our stuff with the intention of only really staying one night... but here it is, 11:15 on Monday and we're still here. We've really enjoyed the mini-vaycay. Georgia just played it cool the whole way down... here's a silly picture of her for ya.

Upon arriving yesterday (roughly 4:30pm) we just kicked it at the house for a little bit, poked around, and then we went out to dinner with the folks. We went to a little mexican restaurant and had some deeeeeelish veggie fajitas. We all came home and my parents quickly excused themselves to bed as they both wake up ridiculously early to head to work. Mike and I decided to treat ourselves to the last 4 episodes of Dexter season 1. Man alive! SUCH A GOOD SHOW! I'm hooked. It literally threw my world in a tizzy but we were dead-set on getting season 2 today (no Walmart in a 45 mile radius has it! And sadly stores like Best Buy don't exist this far into the deep country haha). Well we finally poured ourselves into bed at about 3am or something and Georgia managed to wake me up literally every fifteen minutes until I finally said OKAY and got up at 11am. Mike and I had previously woken up at 9am to go get breakfast (I want him to try chocolate gravy) but sadly the place was closed so maybe tomorrow!) We came back home and back to bed we went. Mom came home for her lunch break and an old friend of hers stopped by. After she went back to work I decided to curl my hair. That's a good hour and a half process. Mike was still sleeping and I was unsuccessful at prying him from bed at noon. He eventually woke up at like 1:30! We got all ready and went to "town"... and by "town" i mean the smallest Super Walmart you can picture! Afterwards we stopped by Movie Gallery because they were going out of business. We managed to snag 10 DVDs for $19! Win! Including Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords! Yussss!

My parents got home from work and we did some family things and what not. After coming home Mike and I decided it'd be nice to finally eat our first actual meal of the day so we got some food at about 5:30pm. Came home and he put in Flight of the Conchords season 1 to watch and I took a nice little 2 hour nap! It was much needed since G decided to act like a newborn baby last night. When I finally woke up at 8pm we headed over to the little dive bar and hung around for a bit. No one was there but an older fella chatted me up about Creation vs. Evolution for about 2 hours while Mike played my stepdad in pool (and lost. It's okay babe, I still love you :P). Now we're all piled onto the couch (G, Mike and myself) and we're about to watch Brothers Solomon and probably a few other movies. It's nice to stay up late and sleep in! Georgia took a nap after I woke up. She literally just passed out like this! Hilarious!

My Formspring is blowing up with drama about being "fake" because I wear colored contacts and hair extensions (this also goes for makeup, push-up bras, tans, body modification, and hair dye). My oh my! The things people get into these days. It's quite comical if you want to take a gander. You can CLICK HERE to see for yourself. I'm all about people having their right to opinions and whatnot... and I'll 100% respect them, even if they're against what I do/believe, but some people just get downright immature and ridiculous. I think from this point forward, I'll just stop acknowledging any dramatic, immature, or low-blow comments made in my formspring. (Plus, at 1,700 questions answered, It's about overstayed its welcome). Thats not to say I think this person's opinion is immature; I'm talking more about people just trolling. Anyway, if you take a gander at the whole fake vs au naturale battle, let me know your opinion if you want... even if it's opposite of mine! :)

I'll leave you with this picture I saw on my mom's mirror today in her room. D'awwww! Little 5 year old Kaelah! Yeeeehaw!

Happy Monday/Tuesday! I don't know when I'll be back at my computer with wireless (I'm on my parents' prehistoric PC now) but I'll have some music for y'all!

xoxo PS; Hello to all my new followers! Introduce yourselves!


  1. oh man, dexters amazing. i cant wait for the new season.
    and georgia is so adorable. :)

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  3. Hello Kaelah! My name is Thera and I'm over here in St Louis. I'm originally from Phoenix, AZ but moved here a year ago. I'm really enjoying the seasons. So cool. I just love your blog. Baby G is super cute, and I love your style. I put your blog banner up on my blog page too. If you want to check out my blog the addy is:


    I freakin' love Dexter as well. I can't wait for season 5 in September. It's such a great show.


  4. That is so sweet :) You both seem very much in love! Sounds like yous had a nice relaxing time chilling and watching movies :) Thats an amazing haul by the way! I read your formspring and the people having a go at you are quite clearly pathetic. Not brave enough to say anything to you in person eh? They never are! Losers, if you ask me :) xx

  5. I checked out the whole real/fake debate and I have some thoughts:

    I dye my hair. I have piercings/gauges/tattoos. I wear makeup everyday. I straighten my hair everyday. Have I ever considered my looks 'fake'? No. Never. That thought has never crossed my mind. Makeup and hair dye and all of these things aren't created and used with the purpose of covering up and hiding your 'real' face and magically creating some fake face, they're used to enhance what you were naturally born with and perhaps cover up a few things that you may see as flaws--but there's nothing wrong about that! It's all about enhancement, not hiding what's there. I do agree with the point they made about embracing what you naturally have, but then I think you should be able to embrace it and then know how to work with what you have all for the benefit of being 100% comfortable in your own skin--not to impress other people, which seems to be the point she implying (that you do this for other people, not yourself).

    I've seen pictures in your LJ that are way old with your natural hair color and you've said you don't have much makeup on in it and in my opinion you don't look drastically different (or rather, different at all) than when you do have makeup on. It's not like makeup gives you a whole new face that's completely different than what you were born with.

    And I also agree with what was said: If you're fake, then we're all pretty much fake. Even boys. I know boys who use hair products and do things like tan. So are they fake, too?

    I'll say it one more time, IT'S ALL ABOUT ENHANCING, NOT HIDING.

    Sorry that was an incredibly long-winded rant. But those are my thoughts!!

    <3 Emily

  6. thera: following you now! :D :D :D

    rogue: i do love him! :P and i know! silly formspring. when you sign up for you, you're agreeing to put yourself out there for ridiculous questions/statements. luckily, even with 1800 questions answered, i've had only a handful of rude/malicious things :) and none of those are taken seriously because they're all anonymous.

    emily: i agree 110%. they twisted the entire argument into a debate that it wasn't originally. they were just trying to justify natural being better than fake but the truth was that if one of those things is fake, all of them are fake. glad someone picked up on my point! :P

  7. OMG! That first picture of yo little baby girl is adorable!! She's so freakin' cute :)

    I LOOOOVVVEE when movie stores go out of business. The deals are fantastic! I guess the era of movie stores are over and the Redbox era is just beginning...

  8. I know this is a tad bit delayed, but my boxer sleeps in the exact same pose... LOL Just made me chuckle.


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