Oh, It's Monday (& a weekend recap...)

I guess my little hiatus from the internet gets some of you in a whirl haha Sometimes I like to slip away for a couple of days, take a breather, just enjoy "real life", and keep things private at times. But I'm flattered that some of you come to my formspring, expressed your concern that I might leave you. (This is my promise... I won't leave you!) But let me update you on things...

Work was rather slow all weekend. It was pretty boring but I spoke to everyone at work to get clearance for the BME internship if I'm chosen as one of the lucky few to take on such a task. They gave me all the clearance I need (it helps to have influence, yes?) and I'm going to make my video and keep my fingers, toes, eyes and ears crossed!

Here's a silly photo from me at work. I was contemplating whether or not to get dimple piercings (I really want them) but the vote seems divided. Some say yes, some say no. I'm completely and totally clueless.. Granted it is 100% MY decision, and body modification isn't about who looks "prettiest" or anything, but I don't want to go just pierce myself with no regard to anything. That probably doesn't make much sense. Hullabaloo!

Sunday Funday was a day of driving. Mike and I woke up, loaded Georgia into the car and headed an hour and a half south to my parent's house. We hung out, visited with my Nana, got stuck at the mexican restaurant for way too long, and then we played with my parent's pups. We set out for HIS parent's house down in Lawrenceburg (35 minutes south of my parents') and we visited with them for a little while. It was nice to be able to see both of our families in one day. We're not too terribly far from them but you'd be amazed how much just an hour and a half can keep you from people. We came back home and made dinner, took a hot bath and settled into bed.

Here are a few photos of Georgia in the car last night. I realize they're mostly redundant but gosh she's just the most precious thing!

Mike had to wake up super early this morning (7 is super early to us) and head up to his bike shop in West End. Work things out with his new schedule and he came back home before I had to go to class. We ran errands and paid all of our bills before he dropped me off at school. I went to Print 2 today and we brainstormed and had a "SWOT" meeting. After that, he picked me up, we hung around at home, went grocery shopping and played a wholllleee heck of a lot of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3! Man I love that game!

Now we're just hanging out before bed.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who went out of their way to show support to not only myself, but to other applicants, at the BME ModBlog this week. I'm happy to report that I am one of 10 finalists now! There was another cut and the final 10 have to compose a video for the last round. The videos have to be in by Thursday and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't holding out a little because I just want to make sure that my stuff is quality work. I don't want to jump the gun, make something only mediocre, and then send it in just so I can be one of the first few. If this is going to be the determining factor, I want to put 150% into it. :)

Welp, sorry I left you guys hanging for a few days! I'm all caught up on reading my dashboard and everyone's lovely posts. So if you're a new follower or a follower with a blog that I'm not following, please leave a comment below so I can check out your stuff! Introduce yourselves! If we're gonna be blog buddies, we might as well get to know each other!

PS; Don't forget to enter my giveaway in the post below! :D


PPS; MUSIC MONDAY! Instead of doing a tradition mixtape on my own, I'm offering you guys the 2 AMAZINGLY AWESOME "Never Mind The Lipstick" Compilations!"

"This isn’t your average girl compilation album. Manufactured pop starlets are banished and replaced with today’s quirkiest and unique female singers. Over 38 tracks there are fresh stars and veritable veterans and it’s all a little bit left-of-centre."

**change xx to pp in hxxp when you copy & paste!**


1. No Turning Back - Sarah Blasko
2. Hairdo - Little Birdy
3. Thump - Bertie Blackman
4. Coin Laundry - Lisa Mitchell
5. Fallin' For You - Colbie Caillat
6. The Show - Lenka
7. Oh My - Gin Wigmore
8. Buttons - Sia
9. Cement - Washington
10. You Look So Good - Clare Bowditch
11. Treasure Hunt - Howling Bells
12. 500 Miles - Tori Amos
13. Summertime - The Roughest Time - Jenny Wilson
14. I Feel It All - Feist
15. To Be Loved - Joan As Police Woman
16. Under My Bed - Meiko
17. Now I Love Someone - Holly Throsby
18. Love Love Love - Tristan Prettyman
19. Mouthwash - Kate Nash


1. 22 - Lily Allen
2. Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine
3. In For The Kill - La Roux
4. L.E.S. Artistes - Santogold
5. My Delirium - Ladyhawke
6. Oh! - Micky Green
7. Little Bit - Lykke Li
8. New In Town - Little Boots
9. Pick You Up - Dash & Will
10. Just A Song About Ping Pong - Operator Please
11. Two Kinds of Right - The Grates
12. Johnny Got A Boom Boom - Imelda May
13. Mama Do (uh oh, uh oh) - Pixie Lott
14. Heartbreak (My Me A Dancer) - Freemasons, Sophie Ellis-Bextor
15. You Know Me Better - Roisin Murphy
16. Ghosts - Ladytron
17. When I Grow Up - Fever Ray
18. Stepping Stone - Duffy
19. How To Be Good - Minnie Driver


  1. Congrats on making it to the next round!

  2. I love the music compilations, checking some these songs out right now. And Georgia is Too Cute for words!

  3. I have also considered getting dimple/cheek piercings, and I have to say to you, it shouldn't matter what others think about it. If you like it, do it. And the fact that it looks appealing or not is totally beside the point of what body modification is about. I'm not giving you a hard time doll, just don't do it for the wrong reasons!


  4. yay for mix tapes! i would enter your giveaway but not having a twitter is enough of a disadvantage to make me completely throw in the towel, haha

  5. Love the mixtapes! :) Thanks! I subscribed to your feed a few weeks ago... guess I should introduce myself instead of just lurk! ;) I'm Bri, and this is my blog http://blog.littlemissfamous.com

  6. a) Congrats on being in the top 10!
    b) Yay for mixtapes!
    c) Follow me lady and let's be blog buddies.

  7. laura may: you are absolutely 110% right :D I guess my whole wrap up with that is I want to portray body modifications in a feminine, classy way. not every person who gets mods has to have lip plates or 3" lobes, etc, ya know? i want someone to look at me and think i still portray myself as an elegant and intelligent person despite my modifications. not like "omg look at that metal face. so trashy"... when you purposefully bog yourself down with all these modifications, you have to also think about how it makes the community look in comparison. but provided i can work out the details of my week, i may get them done! :D <3

    melinda: thats just silly talk! these are done with random.org so anyone can win! you better enter!

    bri: hiiii! so nice to meet you! popping over to your blog here shortly! <3

    caity: thank youuu! i shall be at your blogspot momentarily <3

  8. I LOVE dimple peircings, I would totally get them if I was a chicken! I think you would rock them!!!!

  9. So I sort of just stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I did! I really like reading what you have to say! And your style is so fun and creative!! You look great! :)

    I'm following!

  10. a)I think you'd look really cute with your cheeks pierced.
    b)You have the cutest dog, ever.

  11. DOOOOO it. get the dimples pierced! it'd look adorable on you!

  12. That playlist is so awesome, thank you for sharing it!!!

    I just want to squish Georgia's little face... she is the cutest little thing! <3

    I think you'd look really cute with dimple piercings!! I always wondered though, when you remove the piercings and the holes close, you still have dimples on your face, right? I always wished I had dimples, but I don't want to have the jewelry. I was thinking maybe if I got dimple piercings it might be a way to get myself some dimples, haha! I had my lip pierced, and it didn't hurt at all to get that, but for some reason, thinking of a needle going through my cheek gives me this spinning feeling in my stomach... ughh. But seriously, it would look so cute on you!

  13. for some reason i can't get the mixtapes to save on my computer :((

  14. i LOVE your blog!!! (is that weird?) ha!

  15. tasha: thank you! :D so glad you enjoy!

    lainiee: eep! ive never had this problem before! are you on a mac or pc? ill try to help!

    biscuit: aw thank you! not weird at all! :D makes me happy!

  16. i'm on a mac and it's never had issues with saving your mixtapes before.


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