This is Thursday (& things I love!)

Last night I left off saying I'd be up 'til the wee hours of the a.m. working on a cd redesign... well I'm happy to say I managed to slink into bed around 2:30am! Huzzah! Homework was defeated! I was very very pleased with how the (still not quite *done*) booklet turned out. The original wasn't bad by any means, but the redesign is better. Isn't it always? Redo, redo, redo! Lucky enough, Kylee (the female lead) has asked to see the new & improved and post it on the Loquat blog. Silly little fact... I'm such a "super fan" (I'll get to this in a second) that I flew 2,300 miles across the country in November 2008 to attend Loquat's record release at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. Back in the day, when I was dating "you know who", he arranged for me to meet and hang out with Loquat... all that jazz. I had JUST missed them the weekend before in NYC (bummer city USA!) Well Kylee is a total doll and I handed off my redesign, blah blah blah. We had our photos taken by a local photographer and ended up on the front of the entertainment pages for the East Bay newspaper and I was interviewed for being a "Super Fan" haha so random but whatever! Not stalker-esque! Anywhoo, that was really all just supplemental (and unnecessary) information but I felt like sharing because I DO love love love Loquat. I'll mock up the actual booklet next week and scan it in. Then I'll send it to Kylee. Win!

Go check out their stuff. If you only listen to one song, listen to "Swingset Chain"... It was the first song I heard of theirs and I fell in love. I designed the entire booklet around my favorite line of the song "You're a dandelion seed that flies through the air, lands on the ground and randomly disappears"... brilliant. CLICK HERE to check out their myspace.

Here's a little snippet of the booklet. All artwork is copyright protected by me so please don't get any sneaky hands! The typography (the header type) is all hand-drawn.

It went over well in class today. Just a few subtle things to change (don't judge me based on the above... this is before I make the necessary adjustments!), but other than that, I just need to do the disc and fix up the inner and outer traycard!

Mike picked me up from campus (he's been driving me to school everyday.... cute, yes?) and we ran some errands. We always migrate towards the pet stores. Typically I save those for my "bad" days... holding little fluffy animals always cheers me up! But we just popped in to check on the critters. We snagged Georgia some new tennis balls (she's in heaven!) and grabbed a late lunch at Panera (black bean soup! yes!). We played fetch with Georgia in the backyard for quite a while before heading in. We just hung around for a while and then I decided to surprise Mike with an impromptu movie date! We headed over to see When In Rome (Josh Duhamel and Kirsten Bell). Well, not before we could load up my purse with drinks and candy. THEN we went. I like our little date nights. I think it helps keep things fun for us :D

I'm not going to lie... I was expecting to be a total bomb. I was pleasantly surprised! We had seen Valentine's Day two weeks ago and I LOVED it. It was going to be hard to live up to that kind of entertainment. It wasn't AS good, but it was definitely worth seeing. Hell, give me any quirky, cliche romantic comedy and I'm sold! It was a fun little night.

We just got home and we're settling in. I have Art History in the morning and then we're job hunting for Mike. (Anyone need a bike mechanic?!) I'm excited (and incredibly nervous) about the videos and blogs going up on ModBlog tonight (3 hours and 18 minutes!). I wish I had a voice for mine so I could have talked, but either way, I'm happy with it. I've seen Ed's and Nae's thus far and they're both brilliant. I wish absolutely EVERY applicant in the running the BEST of luck. Regardless of who goes, it's going to be such a thrill. I've made a lot of awesome IAM friends, so no matter the outcome, I'm a happy camper!

Okay, I'm freezing! Going to settle in and see how Mike's pasta turns out (he JUST informed me that he's pretty sure he botched it to Hell and back haha!) Happy Thursday, y'all!

PS; Here are some of the things I'm loving this week! (I didn't want to bog down your dashboards with TWO posts in a row!)


1. Natalie Dee: She always knows how to say exactly what people are thinking/feeling.

2. Brilliant Hand Tattoos: And so different from your ordinary knuckle tattoos! (Photo taken from ModBlog's post about Magnet Implants)

3. Interesting... I don't even wear lipstick... But still! How do you measure up?

4. Dreamy Hotel Rooms: Okay, so we ALL know I'm a shark freak. LOVE! How amazing would this hotel room be?! I remember finding out where it was way back in the day, but I've since lost the information! Does anyone know?! Tell a sister!

5. This. It's true... every single day.

6. Gorgeous tattoo work. I believe this is Ashley Garcia's? Correct me if I'm wrong! (Photo courtesy of FuckYeahTattoos). The colors remind me vaguely of Nikko Hurtado.

6. THIS BIKE! ughhhhh dreamy! Love the pink tires and the overall pastel color scheme. Mike and I are going to paint my bike a pale pale yellow (or maybe a soft creamy ivory... we haven't decided!)

7. All of Gala Darling's most recent posts, including the Radical Self Love project. So great! She's truly a gem and such a sweet sweet gal! She can make you feel so in love with your body no matter how much you may despise it currently! Recent favorites:


  1. Brilliant! Today I love... You! So inspiring! Love the artwork!

  2. AHHH YES i have always loved that hotel room as well. it is actually in fiji, and the place is called poseidon's undersea resort. this is there site:

    that picture of georgia made me laugh out loud. she is so funny. i have a fat beagle at home that sits just like that too. goofy lil things.

  3. For mike, tell him to apply to toys r us. Sounds silly, but the one up here has a position for bike mechanic. Pretty much assemble/fix little kids bikes. Probably not as good ofpay as he wants ( like $10/hr) but it's a job for the time being!

  4. Yesssssss! I was thinking to myself, "If she wants to share the magic that they are she should suggest Swingset Chain, because that's what caught my heart and even my former hardcore kid husband adores that song"...and then you did! <3
    Good luck with the booklet, it's PERFECT.

  5. Bri: you are awesome! <3 <3 <3

    Melinda: yes! fiji! that's so it! win!

    Seletha: he said thanks for the suggestion but little kids bikes stresses him out! haha silly!

    Jinni: favorite loquat song everrr! :D thank you!


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