My Birthday & Toby! (Image Heavy!)

First off, thank you to each and every one of you who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday! It means a lot to me and I'm happy to say it was a splendid day. Typically birthdays don't go very well for me but I can safely attest to the awesome friends that I have and I'm lucky to have someone like Mike. It's all worth it!

Now where to start it... The past few days, Mike and I have been going gaga over these delicious little fruit snacks from Kroger. I LOVE SHARKS, obviously, so I had to snag up a box. At $1.25, they're DEEEELISSSHHH! AND they're vegan! Even better! Seriously.. go buy some. So good!

I spent some time after class yesterday at Barnes & Noble, looking for inspiration and picking up a new journal/sketchbook to keep all of my school thumbnails in. I picked up this one because 1. I'm in love with the design and 2. I love the color, but after thinking about how I couldn't bend it, I put it back for a different one (Turns out Jordan, Caitlin, Amanda and I THINK someone else, has the same little notebook! funny :P) Anywhoo, I want to get a print of this and hang on our large wall behind the couch in our room.

My little birthday present to myself was the Special UN-Anniversary Edition of Alice in Wonderland. Sorry, but Tim Burton can suck it. The Disney version will always have my heart.

This is what I wore for my birthday yesterday. Broke out the kite banner dress!

I have some seriously amazing friends. Honest. Upon arriving to school, Merissa had folded a paper crane on my desk that said "open me".... it was a picture of a gorgeous turquoise stone owl necklace she had bought me but it hadn't arrived yet. I'll wait to show you because I want to show you the actual thing. It's MARVELOUS!

Kayce came strolling into class and brought me a thing of tulips! So excited! These are now on our back deck soaking up a little bit of sunshine. I can't wait to break out the planters of flowers and such this spring/summer!

Caitlin got me this EPIC shark poster (they know me so well!), a gorgeous smelling Citron Basil candle for Paper Rock Scissor downtown and she even did a little portrait of me and put it in the most gorgeous frame! She found the frame at Goodwill and said she was like "tacky floral frame? Kaelah will love it!" and I do!

We had plans to go to The Pond (a local bar) for a bit after classes and stuff but Kayce ended up having plans she didn't know about and all that jazz so we decided on rain check. I've started planning a big Picnic in Pinkerton for next Friday afternoon. Balloons, Shark Cake, good friends and sunshine! If you're in/around Franklin, let me know if you want to come! The more the merrier!

Instead of doing The Pond, Mike and I made plans to continue with our normal Tuesday night activities... which means every Tuesday night, provided something decent is playing, we go to the movies. We started this tradition a little while ago and it's stuck. Everyone at the theater knows us now haha We saw "Hot Tub Time Machine"... it was funny. Definitely a good laugh, but I probably wouldn't see it again. Afterwards we ran to grab some groceries, came home, he cooked me some Veggie Stirfry (I'm not lying when I say I could live on this stuff!) and we watched FOUR more episodes of Dexter! (Only 1 left in season 3! eep!) Then it was sleepy time!

Today I woke up and headed over to class. Katie, Caitlin, Jordan, Kayla, Merissa and I headed up to Athens Paper afterwards to get some nice paper for our Print Design 2 coffee table book project. Merissa and I took the Yeep (her amazing red jeep) with the top off. We were there foreverrrr! But we all got plenty of awesome paper. Afterwards, she and I headed over to East Nashville to meet Kayce for some drinks at Red Door East. She introduced us to her friend Bobby and the 4 of us had good conversation and a nice time. This weather is glorious! Her friend Bobby is starting a business called SunnyDaze which is like skateboard apparel I believe. I'll have to keep my eyes/ears open for it & spread the word. We stayed for about an hour and a half and decided to try to get home. Bad idea. We were stuck in traffic FOREVER. What would typically be a 25 minute drive home turned into an hour and fifteen. Oh Nashville! On our way, though, Merissa got a call from Caroline... the TOMS internship coordinator. EXCITEMENT! She had a phone interview and will have her second one later this week. PLEASE EVERYONE KEEP YOUR FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED FOR HER! If anyone deserves this opportunity, it's Merissa. She's gone above and beyond for me so many times and I can't imagine them ever passing her up! Eeep!

She dropped me off at home and stayed for a hot minute, then Mike and I went to Blue Coast Burrito for some veggie burritos. Now we're at home, blogging and whatnot. About to watch the last episode of Dexter, then catch up on Community, The Office and Modern Family. Phew!

OH OH OH... I'm so excited to show you all pictures of Toby! I have sooo many on my phone and he has just stolen my heart completely. Mike has decided that it's okay to put his pictures up because his desire to show him off outweighs any kind of fear. Prepare for him to melt your heart!

The first two are from the first time I ever met Toby... back in January! Awww! And his first trip to Sweet CeCe's!

Here's one from Centennial Park when Mike got to see him walk for the first time (and say DaDa!)!!!

The last few are from this past weekend. I bought him a little lamb at Target and he was enamored with it! So precious! The last one is from the TOMS Style Your Sole party that Merissa hosted on campus. Excuse the fact that I look ridiculous messy/chubby/awful hahaha I hate wearing jeans and I had VERY VERY little sleep! :P (The Chik-fil-a cow loved to play with Toby... I think it's funny Mike and I are standing with a cow that has a shirt saying "eat more chicken" and we don't even eat meat haha)

ANYWAY - so sorry for the overload! Stuff catches up with me! I hope you're all having a marvelous week thus far! I can't believe that April starts tomorrow! Eep!



  1. I love that Mike looks like a total kid grinning with the Chick-fil-a cow. hahahaha! And I'm SO glad you like your presents :)

  2. Haha, I agree, Mike does look like a little kid grinning :D

    And oooohh my word, Toby is so friggin precious! And the pic of him with the lamb is too cute. I'm in love with this child and I've never met him, haha.

    I'm glad you had a good birthday!

  3. Toby looks a lot like Mike. Very very sweet pictures Kaelah.

    I just have to seem a lot more happy and peaceful now. I am honestly happy for you and Im so glad to see someone so confident.
    Mike def treats you so well.

  4. Your hair is absolutely beautiful! I never dyed my hair until 2 months ago and this is the color i wanted. However due to me having brown hair, the red wasnt as vibrant as i would have liked it... Just curious to what color this is specifically, and how you got it done, also what color did you have before? (:

  5. Whoa! Toby looks so much like Mike! How cute!

    Glad you had an awesome bday with your friends. :)

  6. anonymous: i use L'oreal Excellence For Dark Hair Only in Fire Red (or Red Fire, whatever haha). I have naturally almost-black hair and it dyes it to this in just one 30-40 minute session :D i highly suggest it!

    you can buy it at sally beauty supply for $5, and then buy 30 or 40 volume developer ($3.50), an application bottle ($1.89) and go at it! i do it myself every 2 weeks (you should see my roots right now! they're SOOO bad! haha)

    if you need any help finding it or anything, just let me know! you can email me at any time :D

  7. happy belated birthday, kaelah!
    babies in little vans and sneakers is too cute for words.
    and you look lovely in the last one!
    it's like a little family portrait :]

    I agree with the Alice in Wonderland thing, from the previews it doesn't even seem like the same story line, they keep saying she's returned back. but I could be hearing that wrong.
    I also looove that the video company said the Unanniversary edition, simple little things like that make me smile.

  8. Today I found your blog and I love your hair to much!
    My hair is orange =]

    XoXo Judith

  9. Holy mackeral! Does Toby ever look like his dad! I LOVE IT!

    This was such a fun post! I'm glad you had a great birthday!

  10. I LOOVVVEEE Sharks! They are so fantastically yummy and cheap!
    And happy birthday!


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