Mid-Week Inspo-Post!

Here's a little mid-week pick-me-up Inspiration post! Full of goodies that have caught my eye. Enjoy!

my desktop

Mint Green Nail Polish (Anyone know the exact color?)

Hilarious Urinals! So Chic, though!


(All tattoo photos courtesy of FuckYeahTattoos)

Funny animal illustrations from Animals Have Problems, Too.

Hope your week is going well!


  1. I LOVE the sugar skull tattoo! I've been thinking about getting one! :)

    xoxo, Eden

  2. ps. i added your button. your blog is so cute! i always look at it for inspiration. plus you are GORGEOUS! :)

  3. i'm pretty sure the nail polish is Essie's Mint Candy Apple!

  4. that cute dog is so creepy!! its the skin tones around its eyes. too cute though. so happy. :]

    and the deer tattoo, i do believe is a kid i know. unless someone has the same exact tattoo. that would be funny.

  5. That dog is too cutee! He looks soo happy, and I love those tattoos.

  6. I found a similar color at hot topic and it was only 2.99 which is cheaper than Essie :) good luck in your search!

    check out my blog... I enjoy reading yours xo


  7. Thanks,Kaelah!!
    Gagging for the shark shoes AND the peacock tattoo.The peacock might be a nice cover up on my back idea..hmmmmmm:)

  8. The mint green polish is possibly the original Chanel color. It's running for almost $200 on Ebay now!

    But I've found lots of knock offs.
    Charlotte Russe has a pretty good one if you use more than one coat. Also OPI has a 'Jade' one that's a little deeper in color.

    Also, where did you find your desktop image?!

    [This is chocoalteteeth from LJ]


  9. American Apparel has a mint green nail polish almost EXACTLY like the one in the pic!

  10. mint candy apple by Essie I have it and love it.

    that made me think of you.. and those shark heels from the other post are pretty awesome, I can see you rock them.
    <3 January

  11. it could be essie's mint candy apple as other people have mentioned...i have it and it wears TERRIBLY. chips like crazy. right now china glaze has a collection out called "up up and away" or something like that...they have a mint green that's almost identical to the essie...the whole collection is really amazing white-based pastels...and i've found that china glaze wears better than even opi.

  12. I love the paper aeroplane - I've had a star drawn on my hand for like two days - I get to work in the morning and redrawn it in a different colour lol. My hand looked bruised earlier because I had blue and purple lol.

  13. You get a mention :) http://rockangel.co.uk/2010/03/the-one-with-the-paper-aeroplane/

  14. chanel sells a nail polish that looks just like that! all the magazines are featuring it lately and it's making me crazy! i want to get it so bad!

    also, i always love the tattoo photos your post. gah incredible!

  15. beth: i found it on tumblr randomly! such a happy find haha

    han: aw awesome! thanks so much <3

    everyone else: thanks so much for the help with the nail polish! i'm going to snag me up some when i happen upon it!

  16. Oh i've been inlove with that mint nail polish for a while, Chanel counter here in Memphis doesn't sell it, and it was sold out on the Chanel website.
    It's slightly more green, but that one is beautiful.
    I had that urinal picture on my tumblr too! LOVE !!!
    Is that Octopus like yours?


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