Happy Almost-Birthday To Me!

This year is already flying by. I feel like just yesterday I was sitting in my Business Law class at 6pm, realizing that my 21st birthday would be spent discussing torts and the legal system. Not that I minded, though. I was never much of a drinker, even after turning 21. And now I abstain completely. However, the following weekend more than made up for my less-than-stellar birthday night. But here we are, another year later... This year I shall be turning 22 in Portfolio class (Tuesday, March 30th). I don't have anything special planned... I rarely do. I've never been much of a birthday gal, though I do love them when I DO celebrate. Whatever ends up happening, I'm sure it'll more than suffice.

But lets pretend I was given $1 Million for my birthday, yes? Yes. That sounds fun. Here are a few things I would buy! Woooo, Wishlist! {click the item's name to be taken to the sale page!}

And as always, giftcards to my favorite places because I don't know exactly what I'd spend the rest of the $999,000+ on. haha

What are some items on YOUR current wishlist?


  1. I just bought that fashion democracy dress for $19.00 or so at some random store in the mall. I can go pick one up and send it if you want to pay less than $50 for the dress. It's soooooo comfy and cute.

  2. I don't drink munch either.

    My wishlist is mainly books and dvds lol (one of your buttons has gone funny ---->

  3. jackie: eeep! yes! email me? kaelahbee@gmail.com!

    han: thanks for the heads up!

  4. i was totally looking at those dresss last night on modcloth, soooooo cute!

  5. Happy almost bday to you! I just found your blog it's so cute I love it :)

  6. Those dresses are so pretty, I don't have really anything on my wishlist, just happiness.
    That is until I see something new I like, lol.

  7. theres a giveaway going on at my blog i would love for you (and anybody else) to come check it out

  8. so, i know this is an older post, but that stripped dress with the red bottom is like 20 bucks at A'gaci in the opry mills malls. I just tried it on yesterday.


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