Weekend Recap

As I'm sure most of you have noticed, I've been taking the weekends as breaks from blogging almost entirely. It's not unusual for me to go Friday-Sunday without saying a peep over here. Sorry about that! Sometimes I just need that break from the internet realm. This weekend, however, it was brought on by that awful sickness I've been battling all week. The sinus infection turned ear infection turned crap that just would not quit! My ear caused me so much agony that I had to call out of work on Friday night. Loaded up with ear drops and cottonballs, we laid out and watched HULU and movies most all night. Here are a few photos from earlier in the day... we took Georgia to the dog park twice on Friday. She was tuckered out! (Then she came home and went swimming in the muddy creek... I have photos but they're on my Nikon. I'll post soon!) Oh, I should say, Whip It is now one of my favorite movies. It was SO good!

Saturday I woke up feeling like absolute death. I barely had a voice. Angie called to tell me that work was dead all night so I didn't miss out on much. We tried making the most of the day by taking Georgia back to the dog park for a while and then we decided to rip apart the vintage cruiser Mike had given me and paint it. Well, I say "we" when I really mean "he" haha Georgia played in the mud and water yet again. It was fairly relaxed for the most part but I just wasn't feeling well. I called into work again and just planned for a night at home. We went out for dinner at thought about going to the movies until we saw the ridiculous parking lot. We snagged "Accidental Husband" and "The Invention of Lying" from Redbox and we went home.

We went to bed after both of our movies last night (both were awesome!) and I woke up at 9:45am. Mike woke up but was awfully sick (oops!) so he stayed in bed for an extra 2 hours or so. I made waffles for breakfast but they were kind of crappy. He started to finish up my bike outside (yay!) and we rode over to Pinkerton Park, decided we need a portable hammock (I'm gonna buy one soon!), and we came back home for a bit. We suited up and rode our bikes downtown, grabbed some frozen yogurt at Sweet CeCe's and plopped down on a bench in the middle of 5 points for a while. We rode back home and then went to the grocery store so we could make some yummy stir-fry tonight. He's playing his videogame and I'm doing this whole blogging business. It's been a really really nice Sunday.

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I don't have Print 2 class tomorrow but I still have a bunch of homework to work on. I should get on that. Hopefully Mike will be feeling better by then so we can maybe have a nice picnic or something.

Oh, and thanks for everyone who supported me through the BME Intern process. A lot has transpired since then and I don't know if I feel comfortable airing it all out via Kaelahbee.com, but I will be addressing the matter via my LiveJournal. I feel like it's more appropriate to be talked about in that forum as opposed to here. I WILL say congrats to the final 4 who WILL be going. I am 110% happy with being in Franklin until NYC. Please don't ask me why here or in my formspring. If you want to know the ~deets, add me on LiveJournal. :)

And a quick question... How did everyone feel about Alice in Wonderland? We were going to go see it the other night but I have a feeling I'm going to hate it. (I'm not the world's biggest Tim Burton fan). Tell!

Until later...

PS; I have decided that I AM going to get my dimples pierced! Hopefully this week! If not, at least next (spring break!)


  1. Alice in Wonderland was good.

    The first time I saw it was in love.
    Then I saw it again and was like...man..haha

    I liked how they included major things from the books and not so much Disney.

    However, there are some things about that turned me off (I wont ruin it for you) but being someone who is a graphic artist (an I wasn't the only artsy person there and these people also agreed) the effects weren't up to par..like you could see where things were meant to be realistic but were totally crappy graphics.

    If you're going to see it in 3D, see it in 3D only because if you don't its easy to spot which parts were SUPPOSED to be in 3D (I didn't see it in 3D).

    It had a lot of unexpected parts too which was a nice surprise throughout the movie.

    The best thing about it was the makeup and costumes (in my opinion) Alices wardrobe throughout the movie is pretty spectacular.

    It was good for what it was and I will buy it on DVD simply c'os I am a Johnny Depp fan.
    I say see it at least once..you're judgment might differ from mine and others.

  2. i love the invention of lying. but i cried like a baby when he was explaining heaven in the hospital. :(

  3. Whip It is one of my faves as well. Love that movie.

    Alice was mostly really good. A couple of things I didn't like (Anne Hathaway's whole character, for example), but mostly I enjoyed it.

  4. I really enjoyed Alice. I'm a big Tim Burton fan though. I wouldn't say it was overly Tim Burton, the scenery is beautiful and Alice's costumes are amazing. The dress she wears for the red queen is amazing! I agree with katie about Anne Hathaway's character, I think she was miscast.

  5. I think everyone needs a break from the internet at some point in time!


  6. I love your bike! It's too cute. :) I can't wait to get mine out of the basement, it's finally getting warmer here in St Louis.

  7. alice and wonderland me and my bf thought was a waste of money.

    as for whipit = love

  8. Yeah, I didn't see it in 3D either and you could totally tell what was supposed to be in 3D, It drove me crazy the whole movie. But..I already text you and told you it's a waste of money. look for it on the internet! quicksilverscreen.com usually has new movies on it from the first week they're out and they aren't too terrible to watch either.

  9. Aww, I love your bulldog :) I LOOOVE English Bulldogs. Well, I love all dogs, but especially bulldogs. I think they're so sweet; how can anyone think their ugly? Seriously?!

    Oh, and how was "The Invention of Lying"? I've really been wanting to see it. I think Ricky Gervais is so funny. :)

  10. Sorry about the way the BME thing turned out and even more sorry to hear about some of what went on. I'm not a LJ member so I can't see your journal there but if you have the time and feel OK doing so, I'd really appreciate it if you dropped me a line by email with your feelings about it (snowrail@gmail.com is me). Sorry again that it was a bad experience.


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