Things I Love Thursday

A short list of photos and links that I'm loving this week...

1. Illustrations by Lauren Gregg. This talented illustrator resides in Athens, Georgia and has an adorable website boasting the names of clients that might cause you to squeal. With past clientele of names such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Visa and Target, she's got a gallery full of adorable! Click HERE to view her website.

2. Target Commercials. Everything about Target is spot on. EVERYTHING. The branding, the advertising, the information architecture of the store (with the exception of the Cool Springs store... I really feel as though Juniors should be in the front right rather than the back right... it needs to change places with Misses but thats just my 2 cents ;P). Targets commercials manage to find their way into a tiny tiny tinyyyy little niche of tv advertisements that I never mind sitting through. I wish ALL commercials were Target commercials. I'm really loving the new approach, too. (Though I never minded the old!)

3. Cleverly placed album art. I've seen many of these on tumblr and the likes. My favorite tumblr is the one with the 3 different album covers at the same time making a full body... Does anyone remember the name/link of it?! ** Edit: Shea found a few of them HERE! So great! **

4. Package Design. Especially this Matrioshka Vodka line! How cute! I don't drink vodka but I love me some Matrioshkas! I can sit on The Dieline for hours and hours and hours just drooling over incredible package design. I really love the innovative things that a lot of students put on there. Sometimes, however, it makes me question why I don't create anything worthy of The Dieline! Maybe I'll use that as motivation!

5. Human Vending Machines. Just thank the Japanese! Here's what FuckYeahStrangeFinds had to say about it...
Japan is famous for its wacky, wonderful and generally amazing vending machines that sell everything from hot meals to ice cream, flowers and beyond. For special products and times, however, human-powered vending machines have now become de rigueur. These are now being brought to the UK by Kit Kat to take the guesswork out of getting your favorite chocolate.

The machine will be operated by a trained person inside so consumers can experience the speed of a traditional vending machine while having a quick chat to brighten their day. It’s an extension of the latest Kit Kat ‘Working like a Machine’ campaign, which demonstrates how taking a break can transport people out of the mundane and monotonous nature of everyday life. Seeing the machine itself and interacting with the vendor certainly is a fun break from the usual!
Crazy, right?! So cool! I love the whole personal-relationship aspect of it all. I think it helps to have some social interaction!

6. TweetlyNoted on Twitter. A new twitter account aimed at showing you that you are always loved and never alone. The tweets are inspirational and lovely, without any of the cheese normally associated with things like this. Very glad to be in support of the new project. Head over to Twitter and follow. Show your support by retweeting and spreading the TweetlyNoted word! You can even submit your own inspirational quotes! How cool!

7. TinyBuddha on Twitter. Your one-stop shop for quotes of wisdom. I love following TB because the simplistic quotes help you realize the bigger picture. It's so important to surround yourself with positivity. Once you do, you will radiate it. Put positivity into the world, and that is what you shall reap.

8. Coffee Muffins! I haven't tried them yet, but Stephanie was sweet enough to send over her recipe via email when she told me that she and her boyfriend had made them. They sound deeeeelish! I know Mike is excited, as are some lady friends from school. I promised to make them plenty if they turned out good. Hopefully we can make these early next week! I shall post the recipe then if you guys are interested!

One thing I'm NOT loving this week is having to study non-stop for this Art History exam in the morning! Bleh! This class is SO hard! However, I am determined to do well on this test, and one bad thing is greatly outweighed by all the amazing things that I DO love so I hope you find more pros than cons in your week, too!

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  1. I found the full body album art here. and I follow Tweetly Noted on Twitter too!

  2. I swear, if we had those vending machines at my college, I would be way more excited to go everyday. haha.


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