Things I Love Thursday

this is all this TiLT needs. f'real. ♥
this pretty picture. ♥
the cutest couple! (so many cherry blossoms!) ♥
this! ♥
this happy kitty. ♥
this is where i wanna go. ♥
this photo project. (thanks for the source becky!) ♥
these shoes! ♥
these rings. ♥
the most famous cat on the internet ♥
THIS! i love bulldogs ♥

// Wanna know why I'm not afraid of how my tattoos are going to look when I'm "old"? Check this out.  Ballin'.

// If this girl isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen then I don't know what is.

// If you're interested in supporting a very good cause (for children!) + getting a beautiful piece of artwork in return, please check out Krista's most recent blog post.

// Beth is giving away a $20 Target giftcard!

// Lindsay shared an e-design for a "rustic and fun" living room. I love the colors she chose!

// I am in looooveeee with the outfit Roxy wore to this gorgeous wedding.

// Repurpose a dining room table into a farm table for only $30!

// I think I may just utilize a cheese grater for an earring holder at Honeybean's next event! It's kind of cute!

// Offline love: being part of a surprise party for our dear friend Merissa! -- the wedding being only 9 days away (!!!) - the weather forecast has cleared up for our wedding portraits saturday and the wedding weekend! (please stay that way!) - get so much crafting done thanks to my helpful soon-to-be-husband - having so much support and help from friends and family - going to dinner with my sweet friend maya tonight - going to get my nails done today (if i get around to it...) - oodles of craft store coupons - morning coffee from a shark mug - banana nut + chocolate chip muffins.

What are you loving this week?


  1. The 2 bulldogs in your post are the cutest things ever! The jumping bulldog was so hilarious! I loved this weeks picks! =)

  2. That bulldog picture is in my things that make me happy Thursday! x

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing the bulldog clip! Totally made my day and improved my mood x 1 000 000:)

  4. Thurdays are my favorite on your blog. :D I loveee the 5th grade link! So awesome. And that bulldog on the trampoline?! Hilarious!! Going to be showing these to hubs tonight. :))

    Happy Thursday!

  5. The 1997/2007 photo was probably found on Young Me, Now Me. I'm desperate to try one once I get hold of my childhood photos!

    Those brides are so beautiful and the photography is breathtaking!


  6. Oh gosh, grumpy kitty makes me laugh SO hard! And I love those pretty rock rings. I have a necklace like that, and now I need to seek out some rings too. :)


  7. hahaha this may be one of the best yet!! I love those photo projects; those shoes are gorgeous, and the bulldog on the trampoline is THE CUTEST!!!!

    XO Sahra

  8. I really loved the picture of the circle and string crafts you're working on. Also, these shoes are quite fantastic. Your wedding is so close! Excited for you, <3

  9. I love Tard the cat! She is absolutely wonderful! Have you seen Colonel Moew yet? He is also amazing!

  10. I love these photos! They made me smile. I needed that for sure.

  11. These are great, as usual! I do love that first dog the best.

  12. every week i look forward to this post - you found some really awesome things this week! those photo projects are so awesome!

    xx, kara

  13. I loved this
    That cat made me giggle so much. So cute!

  14. these are soo sweet, lovely way to end my evening

  15. I always love those photos recreating a childhood scene - might have to try and do one with my brother and sisters! :)
    Faye x

  16. The dog from the first pic made my day!!! ♥
    And I've seen a few of those then-now photos and I love them, thanks a lot for the inspiration this week. xx

  17. who is that cat?!? he looks so mad, i like him. if you like famous cats, check out maru and lil bub on youtube you will die of cuteness ;p

  18. Haha WHAT is that a congregation of narwhals?! Amazing!!

  19. I look forward to this post every week. :) Anyway, that sweet cat frown! Love him!

  20. I seriously cannot get enough of Grumpy Cat...

  21. what a cute couple, and i love the pink wedding dress.
    and bookmarking that post about 9 attitudes right away!
    xo, cheyenne

  22. Aww, I love the happy and grumpy kitties. You always find the best pictures of doggies too. That is one lovely couple and I adore the dresses they have on in that picture!



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