Things I Love Thursday

Sometimes I make the mistake of waiting until Thursday morning to actually compile these posts and I realize just how long it takes (sometimes 2-3 hours!) but I can't imagine a Thursday without 'em :P Sounds silly and trivial but they've become a great way to scale down from a busy work week and just try to ease into the weekend. Hopefully you'll like the assortment I rounded up today!

this. ♥
this is beautiful. ♥
this cat is just chillin' ♥
these cute nails. ♥
these little illustrations. ♥
the most incredible photo-realistic tattoo ever. ♥
this is the best tumblr post ever. ♥
i love lightning images. ♥
this! i love parks + rec TOO MUCH. ♥
this beautiful moth. ♥
♥ this big ROMWE giveaway! i want the galactic one! ♥
Here are your chances (!!!) to win a party dress from ROMWE Facebook. There will be 5 winners everyday. Contest open until Oct 4th! Open worldwide. CLICK HERE to join!

// I love this Gangnam Style parody (and really all of them... I'm tardy to the party)

// Krista is having a Blowfish Shoes giveaway on her blog!

// Here's my short list of some of my favorite JUXers! (If you've got one, leave your link below and I'll check it out! Maybe feature you/your Jux/your post in an upcoming week!) Here's mine!

// Did you use AIM back in the day? If so, you will LOVE this Twitter account. It's one of my favorites!

// Wishlist Wears: This hair clip is perfect for Autumn (want!) -- This purse! So cute. -- Scarves! like this one and this one! -- This gorgeous dress! The skirt and top contrast each other so perfectly -- 

// Roxy shared a post about the Houston Blogger Symposium and I really want to go to an event like that! I've considered trying to organize one here in Nashville but I'm way under qualified!

// Beth shared a "Tips of the Trade" post about Antiquing! If you're a big flea market-er or like to venture to antique shops, definitely read this post!

// Foodie Finds: Chocolate Pumpkin Cream Pie (I don't even like pumpkin stuff, but this looks goooood!) -- 20 Crock Pot Breakfast Recipes -- Grilled Flatbread with Apples, Bacon and Onions (!!!) -- Loaded Baked Potato + Buffalo Chicken Casserole (yep, your cholesterol will thank me :P)

// Kelsi's blog post "The Color Wheel and How It Applies to Hair Color"... I need this post real bad!

// I really want the dress Crystal is wearing in this outfit post.

What are you loving this week?


  1. That cat just chillin' is killing me! And that purse is adorable!

    I'm loving Jux as well. Feel free to peek at mine.

  2. That photo tattoo! So amazing!!!

    And that mountain with the snow, beautiful.

  3. lots of fun stuff
    that tattoo is amazing, so realistic!
    love the kitten nails too

  4. Girl, those little yarn roses are sooo easy to make. I actually crocheted a bunch last year when I had dreams of making a big afghan (spoiler: didn't happen). In fact, I think a have a couple of red ones lying around that look just like that. I'll see if I can find it, and if so... you can has :)

  5. Oh my goodness! Can't get over that cat :) That moth is spectacular, would also make a great tattoo! The colours!

  6. I totally just bought that high-low dress from Kintage (and used your code)! I can't wait to wear it in Vegas next month when we go out for my wedding!

    1. !!!! that's awesome! i totally wanna see how it looks on you! a wedding in vegas sounds so fun!

    2. We're both pretty excited! I've been following your wedding progress too! I can't wait to see photos!
      When I get the dress in, I'll send you a shot of it!

  7. Whoa! I won a pair of leggings from Romwe (currently in the mail. Tracking code says they are in Vancouver). Now I can win a dress too? Those dresses are so cute!

  8. OH MY GOD THAT VIDEOOO!!!! LOVE thanks so much for posting it!

    XO SAhra

  9. That print is amazing! It's driving me mad and I only looked at it a little.

    Also, that tattoo is insanely good!


  10. Tha cat chillin is my favourite and the peppers LMAO, I can't stop laughing hahahahaha My boss is looking at me rather puzzled... maybe I should keep working LOL Thanks for this, I really needed it xx

  11. that cat picture is killing me! this whole post was amazing

  12. I came across your blog from jux thanking you on their facebook page for featuring some of the jux users. My jux features animals, mainly shelter dogs. Please check them out if you get a chance. Thank you!
    P.S. I love the "Treat yo self" poster of Tom!

  13. Ahhh! That print up top is fantastic, but that gangnam style video absolutely killed me! XD
    xo Heather

  14. When I saw that 'Treat Yo Self'/Parks and Rec trick or treat idea I was sold. I WILL do that if I ever live somewhere that has trick or treaters. But who am I kidding, I'd eat the candy...especially if it was Reeces.

  15. I just got a jux a day ago:

  16. That kitty!!!
    I featured that tattoo and the artist's details in my Friday post last week - in case you want the artist name and details! His landscapes are just unbelievable!
    Huge luv,
    Shann xxxx

  17. The little cat and polka dot nails are too good! xo.

  18. treat yo self 2011! velvet slippies..imma cashmere velvet candy cane. haha one of my fave episodes ever, we're obsessed too! those poor peppers kill me, i swear that kitty is watching a lightning is so beautiful and mysterious..amazing image!

  19. Thank you soo much for posting about that Romwe dress giveaway! I entered it when you posted this and I was one of yesterday's winners! :D

  20. Love the cat, love the sad peppers, love the Parks + Rec, love it al! I will be coming back for more.

    Maria xx

  21. Oh my goodness!! I've read this post before but I am just now seeing that you gave me a little shout out!! (mom brain?) ...thank you so much!! Very sweet of you! :)


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