Scenes From Our Day

Just an ordinary Thursday around these parts...

// Waking up with the bed a mess.

// Last one up has to make the bed (spoiler: during the week it's usually me haha)

// Preparing for my Instagram closet sale. Amazed at how well it went!

// Sewing up some little hair pretties for Chatty Crafty next month.

// Put our wrapped K + M letters back up on the mantle. They're wedding decor

// Constantly cleaning up crumbs from our window pane table. This kid is a messy eater

// Fresh flowers that didn't last very long... sad face.

// Lazy Georgia doing what Lazy Georgia does.

// A September shipment of NATIVE magazine. They deliver on bikes!

// Attempting to tackle my office clutter.

// Pipkin just wants to ham for the camera.

// THE most beautiful wedding gift ever! Emily made us this beautiful ceramic tray modeled after our wedding invites! Is she not amazing or what?!

// Snack time with some apples, and of course Woody.

// Toby thinks Woody needs some fruit.

// Mike and I made pies! Apple (pictured) and Blueberry Peach!

// Toby has this habit of always putting his shoes exactly where Mike's work/outdoor shoes are. He always arranges them in the sweetest ways. You can tell he wants to be just like his Dad. It melts my heart every time.

// We always let Toby sneak an episode of Netflix in before bed. He likes to take Mike's phone and go lay in our bed. Thursday he just couldn't hang. He passed out around 8pm. He was tuckered out.

Another ordinary day, but still always sweet. Not pictured: the immense amount of wood cutting going on in the backyard, the dogs getting muddy, Toby wheelin' around the yard in his Gator, and maybe just a littttttle bit of playground action. I'll have to get photos of that next time! How's your Saturday treating you so far?


  1. Lovely pics, that pie looks perfect! Last one up has to make the bed is such a good rule... I would rarely have to make the bed!

    x Ellie

  2. that picture of toby's shoes is just the cutest thing ever. and i love the ceramic tray!! xx

  3. Lovely photos, Toby is adorable! & good luck with all the wedding preparations! :) x

  4. I'm a sucker for bows, pins! I love them flowers!

  5. Your bed is so pretty! Also, I love Georgia and Pipkin, such cute faces!!!

    Your hair flowers are gorgeous - I am jealous. Same with your office!

    And finally, I had that Woody as a kid and I LOVED HIM!!!

  6. Eep, I forgot: Our Saturday is going good so far! Had a yummy breakfast, drinking coffee and watching Survivorman. Celebrating Autumn and our Sabbat, Mabon and possibly going on a Ross shopping spree later with Jen!

  7. your photos warm my heart. i wish you the best best and best of everything in the life from the bottom of my heart. <3

  8. Your house is gorgeous and I love the KM letters.

    Also, the photo of the shoes just warms my heart!


  9. This is such an adorable post! Nice to know little details in your life, they seem so meaningful and delightful :-) Windowpane table is pretty awesome!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  10. Awesome pictures. You have a beautiful life!

  11. That ceramic tray is so gorgeous! And Toby is just the cutest, no doubt about it!
    xo Heather

  12. Your dogs! So cute. And your bed looks so nice all made up. We don't make ours until we get back in it at night.

  13. I love these posts! They always give such a fun look into your day! Toby is so darling!


  14. I love these my-life-in-pictures posts! you're such a talented photographer and good at catching just those "little moments" that we probably treasure more than the "big" ones, long term. Glad you all had such a wonderful day! :]


  15. I love these little 'my life in pictures' posts! you're such a talented photographer and great at catching the "little moments." sometimes I think we remember those more than the "big ones" we're always so jazzed about immortalizing on film...anyway, so glad you guys had a great day! :]

  16. I love this collection of photos! Toby is so sweet! You're house is also so sweetly decorated!

  17. beautiful!! I love seeing how your day is! It is so personal and scary to do that, but is really fun. Great looking pies!!!!


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