Wanderlust Couture

This little outfit post is a very special one! Yesterday was the official launch date for Wanderlust's online shop, Wanderlust Couture! Most of you are familiar with Wanderlust by now considering how many times I've linked and fawned over Vanessa + Dan's sweet little mobile shop. Once I expressed my interest in my own mobile dream Vanessa commented and said she ran one in Portland, Oregon. I clicked over and swoon city! I fell in love. The past few months Vanessa has been an endless source of inspiration, advice and reassurance when it comes to operating a small business on wheels! I had the pleasure of meeting her at the end of September when she came with her hubz to Nashville. She was able to see Honeybean in person and I was just tickled pink (and also super nervous! She's been running Wanderlust for over a year now and she's without a doubt one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to the shop!) She was just as sweet, and even more adorable, in real life and I feel like kindred spirits in our journey in self-employment! Wanderlust is the soul-sister to Bernadette and I hope we get a chance to visit Portland one day to shop there myself! 

Vanessa has been slaving away to create an online shop for the fancier frocks from Wanderlust to allow more people the chance to claim their own piece! We are striving to have Honeybean's online shop running  sooner or later but hats off to Vanessa for pulling it off so quickly and in such a brilliant way! I really value the fact that she's trying to keep the main appeal of the shop in the physical retail location as opposed to putting everything online!

She sent me this gorgeous vintage dress to keep and I am just enamored with it! Judging by the construction it's completely home-sewn! How fun! I love when you find vintage piece that just fit you so perfectly. It's almost as if they were created just for you, years and years ago... awaiting the day they get picked by the right owner. I love that! I just happened to get my ukulele in the mail on the same day and it was pretty much fate. The sweet tropical print on the dress paired with my ukulele just makes me want to go plant my toes in the sand and serenade the sea! (Cheesy, much?!)

Please take a quick moment to check out all of Vanessa and Dan's hard work! They have a blog and a shop you can check out! You can always follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on their whereabouts! Check out their blog for a special coupon code for the shop, too!

Ahh! Aren't they just so inspiring?! Congratulations Wanderlust!

Handmade vintage dress gifted from Wanderlust / Wanderlust Couture
Target cardigan
Thrifted belt
Vintage dress loafers, thrifted

PS; November's sponsors are up! Hands down the best batch yet! I am so thrilled to share what's in store for this magical month!

PPS; Don't think I forgot! The big November giveaway will be posted this afternoon! This post may or may not have a hint as to what it will be! ;)


  1. You look so cute! How do you pull off these outfits? I love your outfit, but I know I would look like a grandma wearing that dress. I'm jealous!

  2. Jeez, Kaelah. Stop hogging all the prettiness. It's getting a bit unfair!

  3. that dress is so cute, i love how it has pops of blue (or white?) flowers! & i hope the giveaway has something to do with a ukulele ;)

  4. What a beautiful dress! So special :)


  5. Oh I love this!! I am a big fan of yours and a big fan of mobile shops! You look darling in that dress. And today is the day I break through the shyness and leave a comment, name and all ;-)

    xx britt


  6. that dress is amazing, and lucky you to have her send it to you! i think gifts like those are always some of the best pieces of clothing!

  7. You look darling! And congrats to Wanderlust!

  8. very pretty dress. combines well with you ukulele :D thanks for sharing and have a great week!

  9. My boyfriend got me a ukulele a few months ago and I keep putting it off but I'm determined to make learning it one of my 2012 goals. Me and my dad are working on restoring a camper to turn into a mobile shop for me. I'm going to list the stuff on my Etsy shop too but since where I live there's no other mobile shops I thought I'd take it to festivals and stuff. It's gonna be awhile though since me and him wanna re-do it together :) I'm pretty stinkin excited though! :D


  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress. It looks wonderful on you. And how fun that you got to meet your inspiration! I'll definitely be checking out their online shop now.

  11. ah! that color is gorgeous on you!

  12. Kaelah! The dress looks fantastic on you and paired with the uke? Awesome!

  13. wow lady that dress looks utterly fantastic on you! i love the colors especially with the yellow tree in the background. great pictures!

  14. Best outfit ever and ukulele to boot! Wanderlust is pretty awesome as well! :)

  15. Your shoes are so awesome, they're basically swasome. Love everything about this. Oh, I hope fall never ends!


  16. Oh WOW, that dress is perfection, I am in lust! Those colors are just perfect on you, too.


  17. that dress is gorgeous, and you are too!!!! and I love Wanderlust! Oh so much!!

  18. Love that dress!! :O The homemade vintage ones are the best. It's fun imagining little stories behind why they were created and who might have worn them :)

    I'm starting dress making classes in 2 days! :D I can't wait to have some of my own handmade dresses that others might pick up from a vintage shop sometime in the future...



  19. Congrats on the Uke! I've been playing for a few years now and have even managed to get a a silly cover band together with it. My ukulele is the most enchanting thing in my life and it will be part of my soul forever.

    Share some tunes with us!

  20. this is such cute pictures! I love the dress. You need to make a vlog when you get a song down!

  21. What a lovely dress! I am sooo jealous that your skin-tone allows you to wear those colors and not look ill. You look adorable. Also, I enjoy your shin tattoos - I don't know very many people who have them on the front like that. Is that a painful spot?


  22. Hey, Kaelah. Did you post a close-up/explanation of those tattoos on your shins yet? I"m super interested in them but I can't find a post about it.

  23. Lady, you are the definition of adorable. Speaking of Portland, you have a lot of admirers in this town too (especially myself)! Come visit this neck of the woods some day, we would show your a good time :)

  24. you are the cutest little thing! i love this dress on you and it fits you perfectly and flatters your cute figure! i will definitely be checking out their blog!

  25. I love your bright floral dress Kaelah!


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