In An Instant...

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Mike and I have been taking a few Instax photos of each other when we take outfit shots. It's always trial and error with the sun. Even if we over or underexpose the image, we roll with it anyway. It kind of makes our collection more fun! Here are three from recent outfit adventures!

The top one is my all time favorite, and the picture is currently my desktop background. He's so cute!

Feeling really inspired lately! Can't wait to share goals, dreams, and current happenings with you all soon! Stay tuned for an official launch date for my e-book! And drop back by in a few hours to check out our first sponsor giveaway for November!

Is an Instax Mini or Wide on your wishlist this holiday season? Check out my 210 vs. Mini 7s review here! Maybe it'll help shed some insight on which to buy!


  1. The first one is my fave too! The blue wall really makes you two pop out against it. And yay for feeling inspired and new ideas!


  2. Love these pics, I definitely want to get myself an Instax sometime although a Diana mini is next on my camera wants list xoxo

  3. These pictures of you two are amazing! I love to see what people are wearing and intstant photos are awesome! So together it is a double win!

    I really need to buy some new film again for my instax. So that's probably on my Christmas wishlist!

    xo Daphne from

  4. I kind of like the overexposed look! But my biggest thing is the offset composition, just in my opinion

    XO Sahra

  5. what is your ebook about?

  6. @Vanessa: it's an ebook about PR + Marketing for bloggers + small online biz owners! basically how to market yourself without losing your soul :)

  7. Those are super cute!! I love that you have matching ones. They'll make a great display.
    Thanks for linking your 210 vs Mini 7 review too ... an Instax IS on my Christmas wishlist and I wasn't sure which to ask for!!
    - Mandi (

  8. The first two photos came out perfect! =D
    They are on my wish list, but I doubt that they will be mine this holidays, maybe someday =)

    love, pi*

  9. Awww I love these pictures and this idea! I have an instax mini 7 and I adore it!

  10. What a cute idea! You guys are just adorable!

    Lindsey Soup

  11. I actually have a Diana with an instax back, super fun!! I'm still experimenting with the light, sometimes they're over- or underexposed, but I think thats a very charming and fun part of the camera!
    and I agree with you, the top one is my favorite too :)

  12. Love Instax photos! You guys are so adorable.

  13. Ohmygosh - these are adorable! I like how he's looking over at you in the top set - aaw. :) I always love the unpredictableness of an instax, too - the overexposed ones are often my faves!

  14. I already own the Instax 210 and have wanted the Instax Mini for so long. Love instant and analog photography much better than digital - but digital is so convenient and comparatively cheap! Also on my wishlist is the Holga 35mm :)


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