Kaelah's Closet is Restocked + Open!

Sometimes I think the biggest challenge of running an online store is the organization and photographing (and listing!) of it all. Major props to all of you who do it daily! Kaelah's Closet has been down for a few months since I didn't have time to keep up with it, but it's open again! Not sure for how long this time so you better get 'em while ya can!

I'm happy to ship worldwide! Please note that shipping fees are based on my last experience with running Kaelah's Closet (and losing 75% of the money I earned to pesky international shipping!). If there is a case where you are grossly overcharged for shipping, I will be happy to refund the difference once I return from the post office (with receipt in tow!). Shouldn't happen though, as I've carefully calculated them! But a dress weighs less than a pair of shoes so who knows!

Happy shopping! Orders will be shipped twice a week so snag something up (and help me clear out my overwhelming wardrobe!) You can always visit the "Closet" tab in the navigation if you'd like to shop later! xo


  1. Can't wait to check it out. Heading there next! xo, rv


  2. I love the clothes! I'll see what I pick Out:)

  3. Hi kaelah,

    the shop looks soooo cute! I just bought the mustard bag....I just broke a very similar favorite bag of mine last week and was looking for a replacement! Bingo :D!

    I`m so excited to get it!Thank you


  4. Oooh! I just placed an order!
    Awesome! :)

  5. Awesome! I love when bloggers open shops.

  6. i bought the peter pan collar dress kaelah!! :D xoxox

  7. I like the Faux Fur Vest. It will make me feel warm, especially in winter season.


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