MIXTAPE MONDAY: from where i'm standing...

Just a little mixtape to get you through the week. The first song has always been one of my favorites, and even more so now that Mike and I watched "I'm Reed Fish" the other night and Schuyler Fisk was one of the leads... She's adorable in every way. While I am basing this solely on roles I've seen her play and YouTube video performances, she seems so down to earth and kind. I like those kinds of musicians. Anyway!

(click title to download)



  1. Ohhh heck yes! I love Schuyler Fisk (and got to meet her a couple years ago at a gig in Toronto). Thankfully, she IS very down to earth and kind. :)
    Thanks for the rad playlist!

  2. Buildings and Mountains. Favorite.
    Also, I saw Lydia in concert a few years ago when they were touring with The Format and had no idea how much I'd be hearing from them since then!


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