Working Hard or Hardly Working?

It's down to the wire. I have one paper left to turn in and one "exam" to take (both next Thursday) and that's it! I have a senior presentation review next Wednesday (in front of a bunch of faculty, professors, professionals, etc) and I'm a bit nervous (doesn't help that I volunteered myself to go first so I could make it to my tattoo appointment), and then next Thursday night is our senior art show! I'm excited about it, but also ready to just get it over with. I'll hopefully be seeing some family that I haven't seen in far too long and that will be nice. (Hopefully). 

But I'm always being asked to show some more of my work so I figured I'd post what I've spent the entire morning working on. It's a shark illustrated infographic. The concept is for it to be in biology classrooms and the bedrooms of kids who are fascinated by sharks like I am. It's also an aim at shark conservation. I'm tickled to have a 100% shark piece in my portfolio.

You can see a few more of my pieces by visiting our senior website here: (yea, there's only 4 of us graduating!). I'll share larger images of those pieces later once I start printing them for my portfolio. You'll also notice that 99% of my stuff is vector-based illustrations. What can I say? I love to illustrate. I do wish I had more photographic pieces but oh well! 

(click to view larger)

I'll be back with my Monday mixtape shortly! xo

ETA: I *think* I've found and fixed all of the typos and missing words, etc, but don't hesitate to comment if you find something! (I haven't updated the picture because it takes years to export, but the bottom Megalodon has been fixed and so has the random not-capitalized words! Whoops!)


  1. so amazing that you are almost done! congrats ♥ i have about a year and a half of design school left :) luckily i love it!

    love the shark piece as's fab!

    have a magical day :)

  2. I'd love to look at that everyday in my classroom. You're very talented :)

  3. That's really cool!

    But at the very bottom you left out a word in the shark jaws.

  4. bethany: oh man thanks! haha even after a classroom critique and looking at it for hours, i totally missed that! :)

  5. very nice :]

    there's an extra 'a' in the bottom bubble and you forgot to capitalize the 's' in sharks in the drops of blood bubble

    haha don't you hate when you've looked something over soo many times and still find a tiny mistake?

  6. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!
    Last weekend I started reading your blog from the beginning - I love coming across a post where you lament about school or the stress it causes you because in your current posts you seem so ecstatic about how thing have turned out :) Definitely something to be proud of!
    I love you shark graphic too - the boy I take care of would Loooove to have something like that in his room! He's like a walking shark funfact database :)

  7. You should check out my friend Alex's work. She has a few awesome shark-related illustrations in her portfolio:

  8. artichoke: i found both of those after bethany's comment! i looked away for a minute and then went through every single line, fixing punctuation and capitalization and a couple of missing words! oh my! thanks for looking too though! :D (i'd update the jpg but it's taking ages to export!)

  9. that looks awesome! i would so buy one if i had a young kid haha

  10. that looks awesome! i would so buy one if i had a young kid haha

  11. haha, no problem. it happens to me all the time when i'm writing papers. i think i've found all the mistakes and i print out the final copy to hand in and...there's one tiny error


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