MIXTAPE MONDAY: autumn came...

(click title to download)

I originally had a different playlist for this week but I've since decided to save that one for another day. Hopefully you'll find some loveliness in this one and it'll help you get through your week! Here's to another productive week for all of us! xo


  1. lovelovelove this mixtape! It's setting a nice pace for the workday. Thank you Kaelah, as always, for such a wonderful mixtape!

    Have a great week!

  2. Ooh I'm excited about this one!
    Azure Ray came 'round these parts about a month ago


  3. Love the mixtape!
    Have an awesome week! Hope the puppies are ok!!

    Thanks for tweeting me!

  4. so much Saddle Creek! Takes me back to high school, in the good way : )

  5. Oh~ Its my 1st time seeing one of these { new follower ~ :P }
    iThink its probably really cool~ & iHope you have a great Monday~


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