Cotton Candy Whimsy

While on the topic of pink hair and all that is awesome, I wanted to share this amazing, jaw-dropping editorial from Material Girl. I don't typically post things like this but hey, why not?! It's totally relevant and I'm swoonin' over it anyhow!

Courtney Vogler by Elliot & Erick Jimenez for Material Girl


  1. beautiful, you're previous pink post inspired me to go and by my hair stuff to actually dye my hair this weekend!
    i've been in love with the soft pinks (got me hooked!) and lavenders
    so many choices

  2. woo i wish i didn't have dark hair so so much!!!

    and remember to enter my little life spelled jen giveaway

  3. I'm a hairstylist so ill give you my professional opinion on pink hair haha. Getting that really pale pink color you will have to get your hair really light first, most people you see with that baby pink type color probably had almost platnum blonde hair before putting pink into it. But that little bit deeper cotton candy color in some of these pictures would be quite a bit easier to get. The best thing to do to lighten your hair is a shampoo cocktale, this is lightener (bleach) mixed with developer and shampoo its the least damaging way to lighten your hair, a lot better than sticking straight bleach alone on it. you really just need to get your hair to a orange stage if you want a dark pink. Most pigment based colors like manic panic or punky colors will cover lightened red or orange and make it a dark pink. I would defiantly suggest spending a little more money though and go to a professional stylist it will probably save you a lot of money and hassle in the end plus be a lot more gentle on your hair :)

  4. I wish could do pink-I just think of how absolutely fried my hair would become during the bleaching process-so - Brown it is! :)

  5. People should have hair that is naturally a bunch if crazy colors. That would be awesome :)

  6. My hair's been pink since I was 16! I did it on a whim, and it just sort of stuck. My hair has been every color in the spectrum, but hot pink and magenta best compliment my pale complexion. I got my hair bleached by my hairstylist the first time and then went back every month to get my roots bleached for the first year, but then I was comfortable enough to do it myself. It can get a little pricey, especially if you make a mistake, but it's fun to play with colors.


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