Calling All December Sponsors!

It's that time again! I'm now accepting sponsors for the month of December. I'll be doing some fun things during the month as I will officially be a college graduate! (woohoo!) Lots of fun DIYs and recipes, too! Handmade Christmas ornaments for family and friends, as well as some really rad guest posts! If you're interested in taking part, feel free to READ THIS or email me at!

Also - If you have EVER sponsored Little Chief Honeybee, you are eligible for the 15% discount for December! That's right! You don't have to be a sponsor this month to take part in the discount! But once the spots are gone, they're gone!

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  1. Hi! I'm a big fan of your blog! I love all your pretty clothes! I just wanted to tell you that I tagged your for a blog award on my blog!



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