Guest Post: Starry Eyed Charlie DIY Floral Headband!

diy floral headband

Hi Everyone!!! I'm Carla from Starry Eyed Charlie.

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I've been working on a hair accessory D.I.Y. for some time now and I'm so glad to be doing it for Kaelah's blog. It's very easy and requires few store bought items.

Here's what you'll need:


  • Paper
  • Sharpie
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Ribbon
  • Different Fabrics (I used 1/2 yd of fabric & a sleeve off a vintage dress)

First, you need to create your stencil. Grab a sheet of paper and fold it lengthwise.


Make sure the fold is at the bottom before you draw in your stencil.
Draw in your shape (I did a couple of different styles to add dimension).


Now begin cutting, making sure again that the crease is at the bottom of your page.


Get your fabric and fold it lengthwise, with the crease at the bottom, just like you did for your paper stencil.

Begin folding your fabric in an accordion, aligned with your stencil. Pin the stencil to the fabric at the bottom. 

Begin cutting.


*It is very important to only cut the top of the stencil into the floral shape. The sides and bottom should never be cut.*

When you're finished cutting, you can open up your fabric and it will look something like this:


Fold it lengthwise again. Get a needle and a long piece of thread to begin stitching. You are creating a long stitch along the crease:


Slowly and gently, pull the thread so the fabric begins to bunch.


When you've stitched the whole length, join the two ends. Now, stitch along the middle of the flower so that the fabric is secure.


I made four flowers.


Measure the ribbon so that it fits 3/4 of the way around your head.
Stitch one end of elastic to the ribbon without measuring or cutting the other end.


Now that one side of elastic has been fastened, put the headband back on your head to measure where to cut the elastic. Your headband should be snug.
Sew this other end of elastic to your ribbon. It should look like this.


Attach your flowers by sewing them on one by one on the headband. I chose to alternate colors.


And the finished product:

accessory diy at starry eyed charlie blog

Wear it with ruffles and wavy hair for a romantic effect.

vogue italia at starry eyed charlie blog
 (via Vogue Italia)

Thanks for coming along for this D.I.Y. You can see more on my blog or follow me on twitter.

Fairy Dust and I'm Out.



Thanks so much to Carla for the lovely DIY! I went out and bought some fabric last night so I can try it out next week once everything is settled down and over with! Stay tuned for some more fabulous guest bloggers and sweet DIYs during Little Chief Honeybee's DIY Week!


  1. this is AWESOME. I have to see how it turns out <3 I want to make one stat <3

  2. hello! i am visiting from freckled nest! wow, this is sooo amazing! great DIY!!

  3. Ah! This is so awesome. I love all the DIYs here.

  4. I'm loving ruffly headbands right now....I'll have to do this one tonight! Thanks

  5. I want one! I guess I'll have to get my DIY-on. Thanks for sharing :]


  6. This is awesome and your blog is awesome too !

    I do not understand everything ( I'm french), but your blog will become my english exercices ^^


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