Wedding Wednesday!

It's my favorite feature of the week! 

The images from this first wedding truly capture vintage in such an effortless and timeless fashion. They look like stills for an old Audrey Hepburn film or something. The shape and length of the dress is absolutely perfect! (After writing this I saw that she said Audrey was the inspiration for the dress! Spot on, sister!) (via RuffledBlog)

This second wedding features my very favorite dress ever probably. The cute, color, style, and details just send it way off the charts for me. It is exactly what I'd like to be married in (or so I think this week!). I also love the variation of green shades in the bridesmaids' dresses. (I'll admit, I've already cyber-stalked this dress down to a boutique in Nashville! I am in love!) (via GreenWeddingShoes)

This third feature is jam packed with amazing colors, textures, and lighting. I think they were married in the most perfect spot imaginable! How can you say no to playing in fields, the light yellow, and the adorable couple?! (via GreenWeddingShoes)

The Weekly Wedding Question: What do you think is the best wedding day transportation? I feel like I've seen it all... horseback, motorcycle, carriage, tandem bike, vintage car, limo, tractor, and monster truck. What do you think? (Or what did you do for your wedding? Did you attach cans to the back? Have a "Just Married" sign?)

My opinion: I love the thought of a tandem bike (with a basket!) or an old old (yet meticulously kept) car! I want the cans and signs and everything! I want everyone to know we're married! haha Maybe the bike after the ceremony, but the car after the reception? Yeah? Yeah!


  1. This is my favourite feature in all of the blogs I'm reading at the moment - it gives me hope that (one day) my wedding can be this beautiful.
    Flo x

  2. my husband and i took off in a red 67 corvette...and it was bliss.

  3. I HAVE to comment to say one thing: the last picture is the most adorable, amazing, heartwarming photo I have ever seen. His expression is like, "Look at her. I am indeed the happiest man alive." Gahhh I love your Wedding Wednesdays :)

  4. The last wedding makes my heart race. I love her dress and the details and the location... Definitely saving a couple of those images in my "inspiration" folder...

    Horses sound like such a romantic idea to me.. I wonder how practical / expensive it actually is though. If I couldn't get away with something unconventional I'd at least want a limo decked out with the "just married" and cans =)

  5. that second dress is so worth the cyber stalking! i love a dress with some lace and detail.

    i would probably do vintage car : )

  6. God I love tea length dresses. The 2nd dress is gorgeous but the first one is just classic. ♥ them both.

    I love the vintage car idea. You can't really go wrong with anything though, just whatever suits the vibe of the couple.

  7. wow! these are all beautiful, amazing weddings. i love wedding wednesday :)

  8. You always find the most beautiful and unique weddings! You represent everything I want my wedding to be, completely unique to me. I love all of these brides!!!

  9. i love your wedding wednesday feature. i'm currently planing my wedding and for the "get away" or grand exit thing, my parents own a trash company, so they're going to clean up a trash truck, we're going to tie cans to the back and i'm going to make a big banner to go across the back saying "just married" and my FH and i are going to hang off the back to go around the corner to get my car :) which is a bright green camaro, which will also be decorated with window pain


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