Things I Love Thursday

this is so spot on. ♥
two words: DREAM. CAR. ♥
♥ anyone else totally miss this show?! ♥
this print
dopplegangers! they're strangers!
this cat in glasses sweater! ♥
!!!!!!!!!! gimme all the bulldogs (andonepug)! ♥
this shirtless viking + his kittens ♥

// This proposed South Korea super-city will cost $275 BILLION! Look at the renderings, they're insane! The likelihood it'll ever get built is questionable, but still, that's some imagination.

// Wishlist Wears: Safety Pin earrings (I'd wear these if I didn't have plugs!) -- this buckle clutch iPad case -- HI/BYE mittens! -- THIS mint green backpack! -- this fluffy chiffon dress makes me crave summer -- vintage pink leather jacket! -- this pretty mint dress is simple but sweet -- 

// Magical, Pushy Sea Turtle Will Make You Love Him. All 3 minutes of this video is pure gold!

// Cat Lady (cat themed awesome-ness!): cat tea set -- kitty cat flats! -- cat face phone case -- cat in glasses pillow (to match your sweater!) -- and a cat dress for good measure!

// SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Save an EXTRA 40% off all sale items at LuLu's until the new year! Use the code HELLO2013

// Love the sparkles over on Charley's blog.

// If you want to be part of the LCH team in January, shoot me an email for sponsorship options! You'll want to be around on January 1st... I'm just sayin.

What are you loving this week?


  1. That city is insane! Totally like something out of a sci-fi movie. Also, loving the mint green backpack. I just ordered a mint green satchel and I can't wait! Defs my favourite colour of the year.


  2. I looooove the doppelgangers! SO funny. And that mint dress! I'm soo attracted to mint lately.

    xo Ashley

  3. Clarissa Explains It All, dopplegangers, AND bulldogs! LOVE :)

  4. My cousin has an old pink caddie that looks exactly like that one! It's a treasure to ride in it!

  5. the first one is so perfect!
    xo, cheyenne

  6. Such a cute post, old cars and pups, too good x

  7. there was a clarissa explains it all marathon on teen nick today. they are starting to play all the 90s nickelodeon shows!

  8. That 'twin' thing is crazy! Definitely caught my eye!


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