Things I Love Thursday

It's a busy day in our little household! We're hard at work making the final preps for opening up shoppe! My tummy is full of OJ this morning and I'm a bit sleepy, but we're still hard at work. Thought I'd take a quick break to bring you lots of pretty things! Brian and Christina are coming over to help at noon and then Christina is tagging along with me to get tattooed while Brian helps Mike set up the 'bean. Then we'll head over, finish up and then I get to meet up with the lovely Vanessa of Wanderlust Mobile Shop! So very very excited to meet her while she's in town. Her shop is such an inspiration! Happy Thursday loves!

♥ charlotte free's awesome runway hair ♥

this other black apple piece ♥

♥ this dress was totally made from my dreams! ♥

this super sweet capture ♥

♥ this wise note-to-self ♥

♥ these pretty pretty peonies ♥

♥ this cat is just too cute! ♥

♥ tattoos without black outlines ♥

♥ gold, gold, and more gold dresses ♥

♥ this perfect example of why autumn is amazing ♥

Other Awesome Things: creating up a storm the past few days! I feel so inspired! ♥ Thinking about how amazing the new design for my tattoos on my shins are (but terrified of the actual pain in getting them! Guess I better toughen up... my appointment is in just a couple of hours!) ♥ Peaceful nights of sleep in our ultra cozy bed ♥ Starting my day with coffee and OJ ♥ the new Mates of State album

Window shopping: Karmaloop's entire vintage section (Did you know they had a vintage section?! Because I didn't and now I'm in luuuvvv! Get 20% off w/ code KAELAH) ♥ This Dress!!! (Granted I would probably never wear it ever, but it's fabulous nonetheless) ♥ Vanessa of The Velvet Bird is launching a new handmade dress line and while they're not for sale yet, I know I'm going to want every single one! Just peep the first one! *swoon!*

What are you loving this week? 


  1. Oh that rose tattoo is absolutely beautiful, definitely going in my tattoo inspiration folder :)

  2. My half-sleeve doesn't have black lines, I LOVE it. And I'm dying for a big rose tattoo...maybe on my hand if I ever get brave enough. I love that wedding shot too, gorgeous!

  3. I love Charlotte Free atm, and Autumn is definitely my favourite season, love the colours and the clothes that are knocking about. x

  4. Ahhh, those gold dresses are amazing. One day I hope to go to an event fancy enough to merit a dress such as one of those :).

  5. oooh totally in love with the gold dress, runway hair and love the autumn layout!

  6. Wow. I never knew a tattoo could look so much better and more realistic without the black lining. Let us know what you decide to get on your shins. :) getting a new tattoo and coming up with the design is so exciting....

  7. Good luck with your tattooing! Also, I love that little fall print. So much loveliness. My favorite season, for sure. <3 Have a FANTASTIC day!!!

  8. That gold dress is insane!

    ♥ sécia

  9. that tattoo is so pretty!

    aw, peonies made me think of my best friend, they are her fav!

    love the quote! so true!

    Prayers are going up for you guys this weekend for the soft launch. SO EXCITING!

  10. Oooooh new Mates of State... I was unaware. Those lovely guys pretty much epitomised my teen years! Thanks for sharing & best of luck for the opening of your shop :)

  11. Kaelah, I'm just sooo soo excited for you! =] Love your Things You Love also, as usual. <3

  12. That gold foiled hair is so great! xo,rv

  13. Nice flower tattoo and cat! I hope your appointment went well! <3

  14. I'm also totally loving that Black Apple print... it would look perfect in my craft room!


  15. I hope getting tattooed went well!!! I really hate getting terrifies me! And thank you SO SO much for including me in your post...I am honored!!

  16. Hey!

    DON'T Believe Everything that you THINK!

    That's my Blog Title!!

  17. I love your aesthetic! Peonies are my absolute top favorite flower, and the soft photo of the couple on bikes is so charming!


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