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This month we have Krista from Saturated Canary here with us (again!) as our Featured Sponsor! Krista was also our featured sponsor back in June (you can read her guest post on wearing white here!). She's a real sweet gal and I'm so glad to have gotten to know her over the past handful of months. She's an absolute regular around here so I'm sure you've seen her by now! If you haven't, I definitely urge you to check her out! She's way talented! (Look at this awesome little character drawing she did of me!) Anywhoo, today she's here to dish on some funky hair... dreads! I'm all for different and wild hair and I know that the majority of you are, too (otherwise you probably wouldn't read LCH!). Even if dreads aren't for everyone, I know it's so very easy to appreciate them. They're just so neat looking! Please make Krista feel welcome and Enjoy! xo

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Hello!  My name is Krista.  I am the artist and mama behind Saturated Canary.  I've kinda been a stalker of Kaelah's for a while now;)...One of the first things I loved was her most awesome, ever-changing hair! I love a girl who gets as bored as I do with the same old hair, day-in day-out!  Kaelah's hair rocks-- however she chooses to wear/ accessorize it.  (I love her Etsy shop, too!  Got me a couple of those hair clips!)  Anyways...here is my hair story.  And a recent new addiction that I have fallen in love with!

I'll start with a confession.  I have no idea what my real hair color is anymore:).  It's true.  Not a clue.  

Second confession. Sometimes I yell at my frizzy, curly hair in the mirror.  When it doesn't do what I want.  Or decides to act snotty and ignore me altogether.  I may have even hit it with the brush once.  (That was a one time thing, as in hitting my hair I also hit myself in the head.)  Point is, I have a love-hate relationship with my hair.  But, I guess, don't we all:).  

Color is fun.  I've done everything from completely black to light brown with blonde highlights.  Even went through an orange phase...although that was unintentional.  (Frizz + Curls + Orange = CLOWN).  I love color. Love to change it with the seasons (I'm auburn right now:).  Love to just feel fresh.  It's what I do when I need a change. When I need some fun.  Or, sometimes, when I'm just plain bored!  

Styles are fun, too.  Like I said, my natural hair is curly and wavy.  Not in a uniform way. And it tends to be prone to frizz.  (My bowling name when I go with the Mr. is Frizzy Jynx;).  I've had it long, all the way down to my bottom.  And super, duper short.  Maybe an inch and a half off my scalp!  (And, yes, went from one extreme to the other in ONE haircut.)  I love to straighten it.  My most favorite way is to scrunch it all up and blow dry it out into a big poofy, curly mess.  Yeah, I feel most like myself with big hair.  (Maybe it's the Jersey girl in me:). 

This past year I gave synthetic dreads a try (*new hair addiction*).  I went and had my hair well, chopped (I say chopped because the girl butchered it)...and wanted to remedy it somehow.  Funny coincidence-- I was doing a piece of artwork for a girl on Etsy who sold dreadlocks.  I was instantly hooked-- so many pretty color combos to choose from.  So many types of dreads...lengths...styles...It was like my hair dreams coming true!:).  

I wore 4 different sets of dreads from April to August of this year.  I always order them really long, between 26-28"  and in a combination of single ended and double ended styles.  My sister braids them easily into my hair over the course of maybe two movie nights;), and they are in for good for the next 6-8 weeks.  (May need some tightening half way through.)  I love them.  They are not nearly as heavy as you'd think.  You can wash them!!  And yes, anyone can braid them in.  Literally.  I order my dreadlocks from Damnation Hair on Etsy.  Amanda is a sweetie, and every set has been 100% perfect!

After almost six months of wearing them, I needed a little break:).  I do miss them, though.  But that is part of the fun-- giving things a break, trying new looks, going back to old ones:).  Right now, I'm kind of obsessed with feather pieces.  And I'm ordering a set of plain hair extensions from Amanda soon.  Just gotta keep playing:)!!

I hope you had fun reading my hair story:)  LOL.  If you'd like to read more in-depth about wearing dreads, you can see my two part post here and here:).  If you do stop over, please say hello!  I'd love to meet ya!

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Be sure to stop by Krista's blog for lots of lovely things! She's absolutely gorgeous and she has a personality that definitely matches! So happy to have her as our featured sponsor this month! If you're interested in being the featured sponsor, feel free to email me! I am now booking January and February 2012! xo

PS: The winner of the Jensen Turntable giveaway is: Razzle Dazzle, and the winner of the September Group Giveaway is Rae Veda! Check your inbox, girls!


  1. Ooh I love Krista. She is so pretty and unique. :)

  2. She is fabulous and so is that hair!

    ♥ sécia

  3. I love her hair! So cute. I just started following your blog and I love it.

  4. alright, you've got me convinced! find me some dreads! ha ha!!
    so cute :)

  5. this post has inspired me to make some synthetic dreads to braid into my hair tonight! :D

  6. Which I did, haha! http://saltwateracorns.blogspot.com/2011/10/first-time-around-with-synthetic-dreads.html

  7. I've just found your blog, and I have to admit I'm in love! I love, love, love Krista's hair! I've been wanting to do something different with my hair that doesn't cause any damage, so I think I'll look into this! <3

  8. It's so lovely to see another blogger who rocks dreadlocks. It doesn't happen a lot! I love Krista, she's so cute!

  9. I really enjoyed reading this. I will have to head over to check her out. She is simply gorgeous and I love reading about new hair finds! Thanks for sharing with us, Krista!

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