snow dayyyy!

so yesterday i had a logo critique in Portfolio class. my logo is for a fictitious vintage apparel and record store i made back 1.5-2 years ago in illustrator class [when i originally did the 3 owl illustrations, one of which i made mention of being taken & used by someone else via flickr]. anyway, this was the little owl friend i did for the original logo. i wont bother posting the "original" one because its AWFUL! this one isn't complete yet. i'm going to abstract the apostrophe/leaf and tweak the serifs a bit more, but its a fairly good indication fo where its headed. i am pleased with it. [in the below example, his feathers on the left appear smaller.. AI was being dumb but they're actually the same size].

anyway, after the critique i went and ran a few errands and then headed up to mike's house in west nashville to keep him company and he did the tiresome job of painting... still. i got there and got really really sleepy so after we ran to Lowe's and ate at Blue Coast i settled onto the couch for a little 1.5 hour nap. i'm not sure why i was so beat. he painted and sang aloud while i slept with pillows over my face haha. a silly little pictuer of him that he didnt know i took:

we headed back to franklin around 6:30pm or so but made a few stops in west end. we got home and i saw all the tweets about schools closing today because of the anticipated snow storm. this is the "worst since 2003" so they say. luckily it didnt take TOO long for O'more to call off classes for friday [this is only the 2nd time it's happened in the past 8 years or so]. woohoo no art history 2! that meant i got to sleeeeeeeep in! the plan was to wake up early and head back up to nashville to get things and then go buy a couch! thats right. a beautiful red couch! [we've since decided we're going to probably purchase the couch AND loveseat! eep!]. so excited about this. silly, i know! but i love the thought of us making large purchases such as a living room set together. :D end the gushing. this is what we've agreed on:

anyway, we slept and then we were woken by mike's dad calling at like 10:30 to tell us not to leave the house. to stay put and all that jazz because in just 2 minutes, it came a crazyyy snow storm in columbia or wherever. so after that i called my mom who is 45 minutes west of there and she said they already had an inch or so and that it was coming down with a vengeance. i desperately needed to pay the water bill today [as its due tomorrow, and they're closed] so we decided to brave it to drive less than half a mile down the street to pay it. then we realized we needed groceries. it was coming down hard but we trekked to kroger. it was PACKED! we were in there for far too long becasue we came out and everything in sight was solid white. it was exactly one mile back to the house basically and we slid SO many times. i was literally freaking out. i was on the phone with my mom while he drove and i recorded the entire thing on our flip cam [videos soon!] we almost slid into an oncoming van, a stop sign, a ditch, etc. we FINALLY made it home and decided this is where we'll stay until it passes. [which apparently wont be any time soon].

Angie [the other bartender at work] called me at 11:30 this morning and said "im just calling to tell you what you probably already know... dont you even dare think about trying to come to work tonight". my bar is a 35 minute drive south and there was no way i could make it. plus my tiny little convertible is rear-wheel drive. aint happening! so i probably wont work tomorrow night either. a;djksf;alfs jd :( sad day. i could use the casholllaaaaaa.

while in the car at kroger i realized i was wearing my pants inside out... yep... i had gone into city hall to pay our water bill....WITH MY PANTS ON INSIDE OUT! and yes... it was noticable. afsd;jasdf;ljasd. hahahahaha leave it to me. whatever.

we got home and cooked spicy black bean burgers and we took georgia outside. SHE LOVES THE SNOW. loves loves loves. it was a lazy day of kathy griffin stand-up comedy, the beginnings of clueless, pizza, snow, snow, snow, silly videos, hot showers and hot jacuzzi baths, sitting for a pow wow with bryan in Aj's floor, and all that jazz. its been fun but it feels so surreal. i can't wait to wake up and see how much snow we have tomorrow! we took a ton of Fuji instax polaroids. they come out blurry in the photos below because my iphone is crappy but whatever, i'll scan all of them in soon becasue they're super cute!

i hope we're able to get out and about tomorrow. i'd like to be able to work, but at the very least i'd like for us to be able to go buy our daggum furniture!

hows everyone else's weekend going?! any fun snow for you guys?! if you're around franklin, come downtown and play in it with us! we have a big yard and more than enough snow to go around! snowball warzzzzzzzz!


ps; here are the three new blog buttons! please take one and post it around, if you dont mind! if you have a button you'd like me to add to my sidebar, just leave a comment below or email me! xoxox

new look around here!

hey y'all! exciting fun times to be had! i'm still a wee bit under the weather, and i skipped out on Print 2 today to be alerted of my awesome "~Sinus Infection"... ladeedahh! but luckily i'm already feeling a bit better so hopefully i'll continue to be on the upswing of things!

i didnt take a lot of time to blog today because between the almost-fever, the feeling like i'm going to die, and the headaches, i've just wanted to rest. but i managed to work on my Print 2 book for 6 hours and take a hot hot bath [Georgia jumped in, too].

i took a little time to work on new blog buttons [3 new designs on the right side!] and a new blog header! please take a minute to change out the blog button if you'd like. i realize they're a little more visually interesting than the horrible hack job i did in flash for the GIF one. i promise to have a new and improve GIF animated banner up shortly!

so yes! please choose one of your liking and let me know how you feel about the new blog banner! i'm going to be doing a whole new CSS layout over the next few weeks and finally phase out what i've got now. i need 2 side panels so it's time to get a crackin!

hope your'e having a great week! we went & stocked up on food as per my mother's request since we're supposed to get "snow and ice" this weekend. bleh, hope i can still make it to work!


unforeseen hiatus

i apologize for my random... disappearance. i guess i've just felt really overwhelmed with a lot of the happenings of this week and all that jazz, plus i'm trying to focus on hitting the gym every day [i shouldve went today] and i have to be at work at 4pm tonight until 2am... ive just needed a slight break for the internet in general.

tomorrow will be a heavy heavy homework day and i promise to update then. i'm going to go get mike a yummy mediterranian sandwich from panera and drive up to nashville to take him stuff to eat while they're messing with his house, then i'm going to load up and drown myself in trashy celebrity tabloids while at work.

i hope you're all having a fantastic weekend <3

well.... that sucks...

sorry i've been a wee bit MIA... i had every intention of updating yesterday with photos, stories,THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY!!!, etc etc etc... but that didnt quite pan out because i went to Border's for a few hours to work on things while sipping hot house coffee with soy [thats the ONLY coffee i like at Seattle's Best.. meh]. mike eventually got out of bed since he was feeling a bit better and joined me. then we ran to Whole Foods, the post office, and places like that. well upon returning home, we got in his car and headed to his house in West Nashville... we pulled up in his driveway and i noticed his front door was completely open... all the way into his house... he ran inside [i stayed in the car scared that someone with a gun was in there], saw that his place was ransacked and i eventually went in.

Someone broke through his back door which is on the side of his house, went through his entire house, ran off with his 42" plasma tv, MY dvd player [it wasnt even that expensive but a;ldfjkasd;ljf! that was mine!]. his [somewhat busted at the moment] macbook was left in his room, which leads me to have my speculations as to who it was that did it [but i think it bothers mike when i express that]. another sucky part is that they left both doors WIDE open with the heat on. grr. we had to wait [in the freezing cold house] for 2 hours for the freaking Metro Police to show up. lucikly the cop that came was very nice. there were clues around the house to suggest that whoever broke in did so overnight the prior evening [Wednesday night/early Thursday morning]. regardless, its quite the sucky situation. luckily mike has homeowner's insurance so that should reimburse him for the lost possessions.

today i had to wake up and go to art history 2. FML. i hate that class. this is one class i cannot make myself be positive for haha its ridiculously hard to be a 2 credit hour course. he will NOT make it easy. so so so so so sucky. afterwards i came home and we went to the mall [i didnt buy anything! yay!] and he took me to Blue Coast for a veggie burrito because i was being a cranky butt. we got home and he convinced me to lay down with him for a minute and the next thing you know i wake up from a 45 minute nap. bleh! he's with his dad now having dinner and discussing things. i should be doing etsy stuff and getting ready for work tonight.

man oh man i hope i make some moneyyyyyy! i need it haha

also, a big thanks to everyone who has already submitted stuff for my book! sadly im getting TONNNNSS of questions like "what is 300 dpi?" etc etc etc and i dont have time to explain it to everyone :( hopefully i get enough submissions to make it work, if not, i'll do something slightly different. luckily i've basically got 4 weeks to see how it pans out before i need to start working on it.

if you reblogged about it, please let me know if i can repay you in any way! :D i really appreciate all the help that i get!

happy friday!

and so it is Wednesday...

i feel so BLAH because i dont have any photos to bring to the table for this entry. text only? boring! oh well. i'll do it anyway. i allowed myself to sleep in until 10:30am this morning as i turned off my alarm at 9. thats what i do! luckily i dont have class on mondays or wednesdays until 1pm so it was no big deal. but i got up, got ready, and got to campus at noon. i had to organize things to show my portfolio professor so we could choose 6-7 projects for me to work on through the semester. print design 2 started at 1pm and we talked about our first project... a how-to book. keeping with normal tradition, i love to design with an overload of femininity. lace, pinks, blues, browns and cremes. bring it on! i was thinking about designing a book about vegan baking or maybe crafty things... but i dont know. suggestions, anyone?! class concluded fairly early and my portfolio review wasnt until 3pm so i sat around, talked with elle and ashlea and merissa, and finally made my way into jeff's office. i was in there for half an hour and we had a fairly easy time choosing what all i'd redo. lets just say my portfolio is going to very... diverse. :) i'll share my progress.

after that i headed out and went to grab something to eat. it was 3:45 by the time i got out of school and i hadn't eaten a bite. i ran by kroger to get some staples like soup and OJ for the sickly beau back home, grabbed some chips & salsa from our favorite mexcian restaurant, Garcia's, and saw our oh-so-super-sweet and very favorite waitress, Alma. she's SUCH a doll! you jsut don't even understand. she greeted me with a big big hug and the most inviting smile! ah i just love her! we talked for about 10 minutes or so and i promised to bring her one of my tulle & lace bows next time because she was admiring it :D i headed home and lazed around with mike for the better part of the night. [here it is 10:30pm and we havent done much... it still feels like break!] i dont have class at all tomorrow luckily so i'm going to laze around a bit more, try to do some tutorial videos and finally go get my keys to my new PO Box.

BY THE WAY.... [please read! super important to me!]

thats another thing i wanted to share with you guys... and open you up to... in my Print 2 class we have to make a designer coffee table book. well... if we really like what we design, we have the opportunity to actually print/publish it ourselves. i'd really love to make this happen because it'd really REALLY be awesome to take on portfolio reviews. well the whole theme [i still dont have a name for it] is "THINGS THAT MAKE YOUR HEART FLUTTER"... so it could be a polaroid of a place or person you adore, a picture of you as a child, you and your family, a drawing that your little cousin did for you, or maybe a picture of something you've created, built, or written. maybe a note from an exboyfriend or current boyfriend, or a birthday card that means a lot to you! anything at all! but along with it you will hand write on a white piece of paper your name, your age, your location [city, state] and WHY THIS MAKES YOUR HEART FLUTTER. feel free to include your blog link or your website if you wish. free publicity! but i also need a signature stating that you are OKAY with this being published! [the book probably will not be mass produced or anything.. i mean.. hey, i'd be okay with it! but this is really just a project i'd love to do for fun].

you can either send it in an envelope addressed to my new PO BOX or you can do a Hi-Resolution Scan [AT LEAST 300 dpi] and burn it on a disc and mail it to me [or you can attempt to email it, too.. though that tends to not be the best method]. i understand if you dont want to part with a legitimate photo or polaroid or note, etc. so i DO accept scans! i dotn know how many pages the book will be yet, but i'd really really reallyyyyyyyyy love it to be AT LEAST 50 pages! so please please please help spread the word! i'm going to design a flier so if you'd be willing to post it on your blogs, myspaces, etc, i'd be eternally grateful!

i'll post back tomorrow with my PO Box address and we can go from there! i'd really love to hear if any of you are willing to participate! :D

tonight we laid up in bed after cooking vegan banana waffles [SO GOOD!] and watched a few episodes of GLEE [so love that show!]. now we're just gonna kick it for a bit and that'll be that! yay! happy wednesday!


no real update today, guys!

so sorry, but my beau Mike is still out with the sickies. 99% positive its the flu. he's shaky and freezing one minute, then sweating like whoa the next. i've got him in bed with chamomile tea, nyquil, 2 heating blankets and a down comforter so he can sweat it out.

sadly if someone within a 5 mile radius of me is sick i'm always the next to catch it. i hope this isn't the case! trying to take preventative measures and i'm stocking up on vitamin c tomorrow! i'd much rather catch a case of it and him be here so i can take care of him [and vice versa] than to send him home by his lonesome to work it out.

lots to blog about but i just wanted to say happy tuesday [and happy wednesday!] and i'il be sure to return to you lovelies tomorrow. right now, girlfriend duty calls!

please send him all your well wishes if you have twitter [silly little get well tweets really make his day]! feel free to follow him by clicking HERE!

and it's the weekend...

so yesterday we went and ate at genghis grill and had a nice little date day i suppose. then last night i called into work to find out if i needed to bother coming in... granted i'm not snowed in or anything but you mention the word 'flurries' and it sends everyone in tennessee into a tail spin. they told me to go ahead and come in so i did just that. got to work at 9pm and found out that they wanted to call me at 8:30 and say stay at home... but i leave for work at 8pm so i was already over halfway there. bleh. it was dead. dead dead dead. finally at midnight my boss man just told mde to head north and go home. i counted down my register, put out some glasses and headed home. much to my dismay, i had very very few bills in my pocket from the night. i talked to mike on the way home and finally got in at 12:45am. i practically coasted through downtown because it was so icy. i was determined to craft away last night so i did! i stayed up until 4am fighting with my sewing machine trying to make an iphone case. i hate how it came out but i guess its a step in the right direction.

we slept and slept and slept and slept. finally pulling ourselves from bed at 1:15pm. we made toast and headed out for daily errands. we went to JoAnn Fabric to get a new rotary cutter, a cutting mat, some snap clips, felt felt felt, sewing books, and a mini craft iron among other things. Then we got chips & salsa from Garcia's [our fave!] before heading home. We ate some chips and salsa, I listed a ton of stuff on my etsy and then we headed to Kroger to get a few groceries. we came home and made a vegan pizza with the new "cheese" i had talked about in the last post [btw, the brand is VEGAN GOURMET, not vegan alternative, my bad!]. but anywhoo, the pizza was fantastic. [i'll include the recipe below!]

this is what i wore today:


Outfit Details:
Shirt: Truly Madly Deeply for Urban Outfitters $28
Jeans: Charlotte Russe $30 [the flare jeans that a reader HATES, ha sorry!]
Flats: Walmart $9
Vegan Leather Jacket: Aryn K. for Therapy $100

The Pizza:
BEFORE it went in the oven

AFTER it came out. YUM!

This is the crust we used. You can buy it at Whole Foods.

How to make it:
  • Preheat over to 425 degrees F. Take the crust out and drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil. Use a pastry brush to distribute it evenly. Apply a coat of pizza sauce [the amount to your liking]. Shred up Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella Cheese Alternative and distribute evenly over entire pizza. Cut up a zucchini and slice in halves. Place zucchini and mushroom slices on pizza. Add a little more sauce and "cheese" if you want the vegetables to bake IN the pizza. Place pizza directly on the oven and cook for roughly 8-10 minutes, or when it looks done. Then slice and enjoy!
Mike and i were both pretty ecstatic when we took our first bite of the pizza because it was phenomenal. Mike's favorite food is pizza and he could eat his weight in it in a single day, i'm sure. Now he can have it yet again! I'm not sure I'd even want regular pizza again. I liked this tofu cheese because its not as heavy so it doesnt leave you feeling bloated and gross like normal pizza does. Anyway, y'all should all try it because it will make you believers :)

Angie, the other bartender at work, just called to let me know that i'm not missing a thing. It's been dead all night and we're just praying that it picks up next weekend. I've missed practically a week and a half's worth of work because of this stupid slump. I can't afford to miss any more :(

Here are two funny pictures of Baby G today.. I felt like sharing!

and just to end things on a good note, here are some silly FlipCam videos!

oh oh oh, one more thing, i know i mentioned it in passing up above, but i FINALLY listed some things on MY ETSY so please click HERE to have a look! especially if you love owls or vintage brooches because i'm clearing out parts of my collections! *If you're interested in buying multiple things, i WILL cut you a deal! just speak to me before purchasing!

Things I Love Thursday!

1. THIS GUY. awkward!

2. Everything about this.

3. Positive Affirmations in the home.


5. AND THIS GUY! i love his sweater.

6. Bridesmaids dresses that don't match. yes!

7. Anything UP related! THIS LITTLE BOY! OH MY STARS!

8. Package Design via!


clip-in extensions tutorial video!

as promised! sorry it took the better part of the week to do! and sorry i look a hot mess and sound all nasal-fied! haha enjoy! tutorial of the curls comes tonight! stay tuned!

a youtube video dump.

sorry there were so many! they're not really exciting, but i felt like posting them anyway :)

a YUMMY vegan recipe!

okay okay! so i promised the recipe to the yummy vegan stirfry that mike and i make [read: i just cut the vegetables... he actually makes it haha]. and finally! my cardreader works so here you go! you guys should DEF try it! feel free to ask if something isnt described in enough detail, etc!

What you'll need:
  • 1 pack Wild Rice Tempeh [can be purchased at Whole Foods]
  • 1 pack Brown Rice
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 yellow squash
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 pack of stir-fry veggies [snow peas, carrots, broccoli]
  • Sliced mushrooms
  • 1 bottle of Stir-fry sauce [any brand is fine, the kind we got has a ton of sodium... bleh!]
* Start by washing & slicing the vegetables in halves & then halves again [quarters, derrrr]. Then slice those up into smaller pieces for the stir-fry... As shown below:

* Boil a pot of water and cook as much rice as you think you'd like [typically 1-2 cups, depending on how many you're feeding]. Boil the rice for about 30 minutes. [The package says cook it with a certain amount of water, but really, cook it with less. You want it to remain a little firm.] Basically cook it at your own discretion.

* Gather together all of your vegetables.

* Take the tempeh out of the package and slice it long ways. Then cube it up in a similar manner that you did the vegetables.

* Boil a pot of water and cook the tempeh for about 7 minutes.

* Then strain the tempeh and stick it in the oven on a cookie sheet for 8-10 minutes [until it is golden brown.] at 450 degrees F.

* Fix up a pan and put a very thin coat of olive oil and heat it up until the oil is nice and hot, then put in the vegetables. Let the veggies simmer until most of the olive oil is gone and then put in the stir-fry sauce. [or whatever sauce you choose, we're going to try sweet & sour next!]. Put the sauce in by thirds. Let the veggies soak up the sauce a little. The best rule of thumb for timing this is to try a carrot. When the carrot is at a decent texture, add in the rice & the tempeh and cook them around a little more. Continually turn the veggies and tempeh so it allows them to soak up more of the sauce. The timing is completely at your discretion [don't be afraid to try it while it's on the stove. Only you will know when it's the right amount of "done".]

* Then TAH-DAH! it's done! and eat it upppp!

It's such a fantastic recipe and Mike is oh so good at making it! I could literally eat it almost every day! We're going to try it with different sauces until we find one that is perfect. The regular ol' stir-fry sauce is great, but it's highhhhh in sodium! If you try it, let me know how it turns out for you! It's a wonderful way to try something vegan if you're thinking about making the switch, and it's something that even meat-eaters can enjoy!


ps; if you'd like to see the rest of the photos that go along with this recipe, click HERE to see the set on Flickr!

a tour of my room [as requested!]

so remember back in the day when i posted the "TELL ME ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SEE PICTURES OF" formspring? yeah, probably not because its was SO FRICKIN' LONG AGO! but nevertheless, someone wanted photos of my room, but i was going to completely rearrange and redecorate come xmas break [and i did just that! on the last day of classes to boot!] so here are the pictures FINALLY! although now i have a giant 32" tv/computer screen sitting pretty on my desk... but you get the idea! see the entire set of photos on flickr [i only posted some!] by clicking HERE!

my little top craft shelf & the owl painting i did

the top of my bookshelf. note the awesome GI Joe lunchbox! vintage!

my bookshelf & sewing/fabric/crap table

my $15 goodwill chair [oh how i love thee!], a little owl that i made & my treasure box]

my bedside table, tree, Desiderata poster i made and another owl or three!

my bed & baby G!

my cluttered shelves

my insanely unorganized desk space, pre giant tv/computer screen

my bed all lit up!

the other side of my room. peep that UGLYYYYY carpet! thanks landlord!

other side of my room

and baby G says goodbyeeee!


sorry it took soooo long! xo

ooops! forgot the most important part! my bathroom! aka "my haven"

i love the track lighting in my room because its a pinkish hue and you can adjust the brightness. ~setting the mood.

cramming stuff under the bathtub.. oh and georgia's puppy pads. lovely!

one side of the bathroom.

my 17 person shower with a seat. and double shower heads! cozy!

jacuzzzzziiii tub.

mike's sink. and i totally have dresses hanging to dry on it. hahahaha

my sink. with my favorite hello kitty soap dispenser. her arms move up and down as you pump!

my mirrored closet doors. [and my creepy extensions chillin' on the left]

the left side of my closet

hello shoes!

georgia reallyyyy loves the shower