and it's the weekend...

so yesterday we went and ate at genghis grill and had a nice little date day i suppose. then last night i called into work to find out if i needed to bother coming in... granted i'm not snowed in or anything but you mention the word 'flurries' and it sends everyone in tennessee into a tail spin. they told me to go ahead and come in so i did just that. got to work at 9pm and found out that they wanted to call me at 8:30 and say stay at home... but i leave for work at 8pm so i was already over halfway there. bleh. it was dead. dead dead dead. finally at midnight my boss man just told mde to head north and go home. i counted down my register, put out some glasses and headed home. much to my dismay, i had very very few bills in my pocket from the night. i talked to mike on the way home and finally got in at 12:45am. i practically coasted through downtown because it was so icy. i was determined to craft away last night so i did! i stayed up until 4am fighting with my sewing machine trying to make an iphone case. i hate how it came out but i guess its a step in the right direction.

we slept and slept and slept and slept. finally pulling ourselves from bed at 1:15pm. we made toast and headed out for daily errands. we went to JoAnn Fabric to get a new rotary cutter, a cutting mat, some snap clips, felt felt felt, sewing books, and a mini craft iron among other things. Then we got chips & salsa from Garcia's [our fave!] before heading home. We ate some chips and salsa, I listed a ton of stuff on my etsy and then we headed to Kroger to get a few groceries. we came home and made a vegan pizza with the new "cheese" i had talked about in the last post [btw, the brand is VEGAN GOURMET, not vegan alternative, my bad!]. but anywhoo, the pizza was fantastic. [i'll include the recipe below!]

this is what i wore today:


Outfit Details:
Shirt: Truly Madly Deeply for Urban Outfitters $28
Jeans: Charlotte Russe $30 [the flare jeans that a reader HATES, ha sorry!]
Flats: Walmart $9
Vegan Leather Jacket: Aryn K. for Therapy $100

The Pizza:
BEFORE it went in the oven

AFTER it came out. YUM!

This is the crust we used. You can buy it at Whole Foods.

How to make it:
  • Preheat over to 425 degrees F. Take the crust out and drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil. Use a pastry brush to distribute it evenly. Apply a coat of pizza sauce [the amount to your liking]. Shred up Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella Cheese Alternative and distribute evenly over entire pizza. Cut up a zucchini and slice in halves. Place zucchini and mushroom slices on pizza. Add a little more sauce and "cheese" if you want the vegetables to bake IN the pizza. Place pizza directly on the oven and cook for roughly 8-10 minutes, or when it looks done. Then slice and enjoy!
Mike and i were both pretty ecstatic when we took our first bite of the pizza because it was phenomenal. Mike's favorite food is pizza and he could eat his weight in it in a single day, i'm sure. Now he can have it yet again! I'm not sure I'd even want regular pizza again. I liked this tofu cheese because its not as heavy so it doesnt leave you feeling bloated and gross like normal pizza does. Anyway, y'all should all try it because it will make you believers :)

Angie, the other bartender at work, just called to let me know that i'm not missing a thing. It's been dead all night and we're just praying that it picks up next weekend. I've missed practically a week and a half's worth of work because of this stupid slump. I can't afford to miss any more :(

Here are two funny pictures of Baby G today.. I felt like sharing!

and just to end things on a good note, here are some silly FlipCam videos!

oh oh oh, one more thing, i know i mentioned it in passing up above, but i FINALLY listed some things on MY ETSY so please click HERE to have a look! especially if you love owls or vintage brooches because i'm clearing out parts of my collections! *If you're interested in buying multiple things, i WILL cut you a deal! just speak to me before purchasing!


  1. georgia is so cute, i cant even handle it! but, i thought she had surgery to remove that thing from her eye?

  2. She did, but it was her right eye. Over this past week it has sprung up in her left eye. Which means ANOTHER surgery :( an expensiveeeee one :(

  3. All the things on your Etsy are so cute! I think we may have the same flats from walmart lol. And that pizza looks really good to be vegan.

  4. Cute puppy! and freaking L.O.V.E. the Outfit!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  5. I love your outfit posts!!! oh and how did you make that cool design on your ipod case? I love it!! Your dog is so adorable :D

  6. oh P.S I'm having a V-day card swap on my blog if your interested!! (and a giveaway) :D

  7. Shea: thanks! and i love my walmart flats! perfect for being so cheap! :D and the pizza was AMAZINGGGGG!

    Riah: thanks ladyfriend! :D it was so weird to wear jeans, and i hadnt worn that shirt in a long long time so i figured, why not! :P

  8. Lindsay: thanks girl! and do you mean the stitching on the side? its a pre-set stitch in my Singer sewing machine :D and yes yes yes! heading over to check it out now!

  9. i like your ipod case! Love the stitch you used I am going to check out your shop!

    Cute outfit

  10. thanks carrie! :D i hope you see something you like!

  11. Babe, It works on you

  12. oh my i LOVE your doggie ! She is so cute :)

  13. love your outfit! and your blog :) your puppy is so cute too!

  14. thanks kate! so glad to have you around! <3

  15. Ohhhh that pizza looks delicious!!


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