Sunday Funday!

Another Sunday Funday almost down the hatch. Mike and I are sitting at Panera down on Columbia Avenue. We came so we could get some yummy Black Bean Soup (Vegan Mediterranean Sandwich for him!), so I could blog, and so I could listen to Love & Sequins #7 by the lovely Gala Darling (which I'm currently doing) as it's been sitting in my inbox for a few weeks now. I spent New Years Day just hanging out with Mike and we slept in until 2pm (holy cannoli!). Afterwards we came to Panera so I could reply to emails and blog and yadda yadda yadda (see a pattern?). We stayed for a couple hours and then headed over to the mall so I could buy the American Rag dress I really liked a few weeks ago. We managed to pop into a few stores before they closed at 6pm and here is what I walked away with:

American Rag dress: Macy's $45

Quilted Pink & Black Bow Clutch (with a chain strap!): For Love 21 $18

White Acrylic Bow Ring: For Love 21 $4? $5? idk.

Peachy Pink Satin Bow Headband: For Love 21 $6?

This is also what I wore to work Saturday night (sans pink headband).

Outfit Details:
Black Ruffle Shirt: Forever 21 $25
Grey Cardigan: Wet Seal $20
Jeans: Charlotte Russe $30
Charm Bracelet: Juicy Couture $investment (haha, see what i did there?) :P

Work on Saturday night was HORRIBLE! when I say horrible, I mean i sat on my iPhone all night, playing 6 different games of Scrabble (or Words With Friends, sorry!) simultaneously. The bar was SO SO SO dead. I'm not even sure why we were open. I made less than 1/4 of what I did the night before. Luckily I was cut a little early (first time in history!) so I was able to high tail it home and crawl into bed.

(Mike is a little butthurt that I crushed him ;P but I'll admit... my fantastic friend Merissa definitely ANNIHILATED me yesterday! she's WAY too good at this game!)

We woke up on Sunday and tried to drag ourselves out of bed. My allergies were ridiculous! I woke up with an awful headache and it didn't get better through the day. We called Super Target in Spring Hill looking for the Flip Cam Mino HD 8GB and luckily THEY HAD ONE! We got ready and headed south and picked up our new favorite toy. We went to several more stores while waiting on my parents to get into town. We met them at Lowe's (they're in the process of remodeling their house so they LOVE Lowe's) and after that rendezvous, all 4 of us went to eat at Olive Garden. The fact that he's vegan and his diet is "limited" is definitely starting to wear on Mike, but I'm proud to say he's doing fantastic! I'm very very proud of him!

After that, we headed back home and I started feeling sicker and sicker. We laid in bed, watched 2 episodes of Felicity, played endless games on our iPhones and finally drug ourselves out at 6pm to go sell a phone of his he posted on CraigsList. On our way back home I was feeling feverish, had a migraine, felt nauseous, etc etc, so I called Angie (the other bartender at work) and asked her if Kim could fill my spot. Luckily the bar was dead (yet again!) so she said I could just call out and I wasn't even needed so it was okay. So luckily I got to rest, feel better, etc, and not lose TOO much money. Mike and I went to his house in West Nashville for a quick trip to ensure that his water pipes hadn't frozen. We went to Kroger afterwards and got stuff for dinner and we cooked vegan pancakes at 11pm. They were yummy so I'll post the recipe soon!

Today we woke up and headed over here, researched programs at schools in NYC for him (how exciting! He's planning on making the big move with me next year when I permanently relocate to NYC!), we planned out how we're going to go about this, what we need to do, etc etc etc! It's an inspiring thing to think/talk about because it's my future! Hunter College is looking like it's going to be the winning institution so keep your fingers crossed for us!

This is my silly "Mad Hatter" outfit (so says my friend, Brandon). Most of these pieces are a few years old but whatever.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Charlotte Russe (3 years old) $30
Cardigan: Forever 21 $25
Tights: (I'm wearing 2 pairs! It's cold!) WalMart $10
Flats: Walmart $9
Knit Beret: Forever 21 $12
Scarf as Bow: Forever 21 $8

Phew! Bout time I finished this colossal post! If you have Words With Friends on your iPhone, challenge Mike or Myself! (We're both not great but whatever! It's fun!)

His Username: miikeflynn
My Username: kaelahbee

Happy Sunday! I hope you all have an amazing week!


  1. I love the first outfit. Sooooo cute! :)

  2. I work at Macy's and American Rag is my section that I'm assigned to so I get to see all the new stuff that comes in :3

    I freekin LOOOOVE their stuff! Its so addicting to buy and stuff

    I also love the Kensie Girl line too :D

  3. i work at a kroger. haha.

    as always, i love your outfits.
    such cute things, girl.

    i hope you feel better!

  4. cute!
    the worst part about living in nyc is no target or panera :( :( so depressing! haha

  5. dumplings! i knowwwww! i get sooo depressed because i can't have 2 of my favorite things ever! its seriously the worst. the closest panera is in freakin' jersey!

  6. ok..i LOVEEDD that dress(the one from macys) when i saw you put it in a post a while ago but you didnt get it lol
    (i sound like a mass stalker! ..oh well!)
    and i went to macys but couldnt find it..
    is it in the fancy dresses section, or the women's, 'misses' or whatever lol
    i just looovee it! very cute on you :]


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