a tour of my room [as requested!]

so remember back in the day when i posted the "TELL ME ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SEE PICTURES OF" formspring? yeah, probably not because its was SO FRICKIN' LONG AGO! but nevertheless, someone wanted photos of my room, but i was going to completely rearrange and redecorate come xmas break [and i did just that! on the last day of classes to boot!] so here are the pictures FINALLY! although now i have a giant 32" tv/computer screen sitting pretty on my desk... but you get the idea! see the entire set of photos on flickr [i only posted some!] by clicking HERE!

my little top craft shelf & the owl painting i did

the top of my bookshelf. note the awesome GI Joe lunchbox! vintage!

my bookshelf & sewing/fabric/crap table

my $15 goodwill chair [oh how i love thee!], a little owl that i made & my treasure box]

my bedside table, tree, Desiderata poster i made and another owl or three!

my bed & baby G!

my cluttered shelves

my insanely unorganized desk space, pre giant tv/computer screen

my bed all lit up!

the other side of my room. peep that UGLYYYYY carpet! thanks landlord!

other side of my room

and baby G says goodbyeeee!


sorry it took soooo long! xo

ooops! forgot the most important part! my bathroom! aka "my haven"

i love the track lighting in my room because its a pinkish hue and you can adjust the brightness. ~setting the mood.

cramming stuff under the bathtub.. oh and georgia's puppy pads. lovely!

one side of the bathroom.

my 17 person shower with a seat. and double shower heads! cozy!

jacuzzzzziiii tub.

mike's sink. and i totally have dresses hanging to dry on it. hahahaha

my sink. with my favorite hello kitty soap dispenser. her arms move up and down as you pump!

my mirrored closet doors. [and my creepy extensions chillin' on the left]

the left side of my closet

hello shoes!

georgia reallyyyy loves the shower


  1. :o
    kaelahhh! i love your goodwill seat haha
    and every single owl thing D:

  2. wow your room is pretty much amazing!!! like totally!

  3. your landlord made some really interesting choices for this house:/
    your room is so cute though. that chair looks so comfy, and i love all your owls!! i've been thinking about doing a house tour myself, i love seeing how/where other people live! i hope you're still actively ~blogging about your life by the time you really get to decorate your own place, i bet it will be adorable.

  4. lindsey: thanks!

    ewbetchgtfo: yeah my landlord def went the economically-smart-yet-incredibly-tacky route via the carpet. but you should see my roommate, kayla's carpet! its even worse hahahaha but i think the size of my room/bathroom def make up for it. i wish my bathroom wasn't hunter green but its whatever! haha <3

  5. how much do you pay for that! thats like your own apartment minus a kitchen haha

    im thinking about moving out there (numerous of my friends say its amazing)
    and from what ive seen its pretty cheap living (compared to overpriced California where I am now)...

    now that i saw your room and what you get to live in...it upped my wantness to be there haha

  6. gwendolyn: my house is $1400 a month, but 3 other people live here, too. i guess i pay about $500/month in rent.. which is INSANELY good for where i live. franklin is RETARDEDLY expensive to live in. it's all rich snooty folks and i guess its to be expected. but the surrounding towns/cities aren't as expensive. :) i got SUPER lucky getting this house. i found it on craigslist when i was in new york city. i came to see it the day i flew home and i moved in a couple days later. thats how badly i wanted it. its a dreammmmyyy place. its huge. but apartments and other houses in this area are ridic overpriced but i think its because i live in historic downtown, too. but you should def move this way! the scenery is beautiful and the people are always sooo friendly! :D it'll always be home for me!

  7. Oh my goodness, you MADE those owls?
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how!!
    i adore owls :)


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