saturday saturday!

last night before i left for work

last night i went into work and luckily we were fairly busy... for the first half of the night at least. it got a bit slower after 11 but i was so so so very happy that my awesome friend Merissa and her husband, JT, showed up at my bar! eep! it was so exciting having friends come hang out for once! i needed SOMEONE to experience what i do on a weekly basis! they hung out, drank some, had some laughs, and promised they'd definitely come back! and bring Caitlin with them! Mike said he'd be glad to join them next time, too. oh man how i love my friends!

sorry its sideways. my lovely bar crew. look how out of place i am...

luckily i made some cash moniez and i headed home. georgia was laid up in bed with mike as he watched family guy. this was her face:

we slept. woke up at noon. got dressed and headed out to take him to the vanderbilt walk-in clinic for his sickness. luckily it was a quick trip. then we went to fill his prescriptions, came home, left again and went to target. i saw THESE gorgeous things:

THE YELLOW IS SO DREAMY! i want my kitchen to be straight out of the 1950's and mike loves sleek modern contemporary pieces. luckily this can be both. :D we agreed on the canisters and bread box. [i dont really like many bright colors, but my love for yellow is true!]. we bought a coffee table while we were at target, i got things for my NEW GIVEAWAY, and stuff for my valentine's!

the new giveaway will probably be posted tomorrow! so be sure to check back! its all so CUTE!

also, if you want to be my ~valentine, here's my address! i love cards and anything with a cupcake theme or unicorns or whatever whatever! be sure to send me yours [you can send your address via email if you'd like] but please dont be a flake! if you say you're going to take part and send, please do so! i've been jipped on that many times so i end up sending out lots and lots and lots of cards and candy and the reciprocated return isn't very good. but i'd be happy to be valentine's with anyone!

you can send anything to:
kaelah bee
po box 682705
franklin, tn 37064

(anyone who participates and includes their return address will receive something from me also!)

now i'm going to go get ready for work, work out some etsy orders and pack them up, and prepare for a long day of homework at panera tomorrow! have a great [and safe] saturday night! xo


  1. I would say we could swap but we already are, lol :)The big V-day swap is going to be so much fun!!!!! Can't wait to see your giveaway!!!
    P.S Isn't Target amazing? I went last night and bought way more than I should!!!

  2. girl target is where its at! thank goodness NYC doesnt have target. thats the only way i can save money! haha

  3. it's so funny how different you are from your coworkers.
    cute! that's how it is with me, too.
    and i'm typically teased for it. ha.

    i can't say anything for certain...but, i'm hoping i can send you a valday present!

  4. oh they tease me constantly too! dont feel bad! :P

    and yay! i hope we get to valentines! its my most favorite holiday EVER! :D

  5. Let's be Valentine's pals! I'm so excited! I love making gifts and cards and whatnot. :) Email me for my address :D


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