well.... that sucks...

sorry i've been a wee bit MIA... i had every intention of updating yesterday with photos, stories,THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY!!!, etc etc etc... but that didnt quite pan out because i went to Border's for a few hours to work on things while sipping hot house coffee with soy [thats the ONLY coffee i like at Seattle's Best.. meh]. mike eventually got out of bed since he was feeling a bit better and joined me. then we ran to Whole Foods, the post office, and places like that. well upon returning home, we got in his car and headed to his house in West Nashville... we pulled up in his driveway and i noticed his front door was completely open... all the way into his house... he ran inside [i stayed in the car scared that someone with a gun was in there], saw that his place was ransacked and i eventually went in.

Someone broke through his back door which is on the side of his house, went through his entire house, ran off with his 42" plasma tv, MY dvd player [it wasnt even that expensive but a;ldfjkasd;ljf! that was mine!]. his [somewhat busted at the moment] macbook was left in his room, which leads me to have my speculations as to who it was that did it [but i think it bothers mike when i express that]. another sucky part is that they left both doors WIDE open with the heat on. grr. we had to wait [in the freezing cold house] for 2 hours for the freaking Metro Police to show up. lucikly the cop that came was very nice. there were clues around the house to suggest that whoever broke in did so overnight the prior evening [Wednesday night/early Thursday morning]. regardless, its quite the sucky situation. luckily mike has homeowner's insurance so that should reimburse him for the lost possessions.

today i had to wake up and go to art history 2. FML. i hate that class. this is one class i cannot make myself be positive for haha its ridiculously hard to be a 2 credit hour course. he will NOT make it easy. so so so so so sucky. afterwards i came home and we went to the mall [i didnt buy anything! yay!] and he took me to Blue Coast for a veggie burrito because i was being a cranky butt. we got home and he convinced me to lay down with him for a minute and the next thing you know i wake up from a 45 minute nap. bleh! he's with his dad now having dinner and discussing things. i should be doing etsy stuff and getting ready for work tonight.

man oh man i hope i make some moneyyyyyy! i need it haha

also, a big thanks to everyone who has already submitted stuff for my book! sadly im getting TONNNNSS of questions like "what is 300 dpi?" etc etc etc and i dont have time to explain it to everyone :( hopefully i get enough submissions to make it work, if not, i'll do something slightly different. luckily i've basically got 4 weeks to see how it pans out before i need to start working on it.

if you reblogged about it, please let me know if i can repay you in any way! :D i really appreciate all the help that i get!

happy friday!


  1. oh no!
    that sucks his house got busted into but when something as valuable as a mac gets left behind it is kinda fishy sounding...

    i hope whoever did it gets bad karma..

    glad to hear he is feeling better though!

  2. gwendolyn: my thoughts exactly! whoever broke in must have known that something about the precious laptop didnt function correctly. [it was thrown at a wall or something, in a fight...] so that leads me to believe someone involved in that argument had something to do with it. but its purely speculation. thanks! <3

  3. oh no!!! I hope you find out who did it!!!! that's horrible!! sending *hugs* your way!!

  4. Just reading about this ticks me off. So unfair. I really hope they get to the bottom of it. Oh and I posted about your project in my blog just so you know =)

  5. That's HORRIBLE!! OMG I hope they get the loser!!!


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