unforeseen hiatus

i apologize for my random... disappearance. i guess i've just felt really overwhelmed with a lot of the happenings of this week and all that jazz, plus i'm trying to focus on hitting the gym every day [i shouldve went today] and i have to be at work at 4pm tonight until 2am... ive just needed a slight break for the internet in general.

tomorrow will be a heavy heavy homework day and i promise to update then. i'm going to go get mike a yummy mediterranian sandwich from panera and drive up to nashville to take him stuff to eat while they're messing with his house, then i'm going to load up and drown myself in trashy celebrity tabloids while at work.

i hope you're all having a fantastic weekend <3


  1. Internet breaks FTW!
    Hope you have a productive weekend :)

  2. Hope you have a great weekend!!


HEY! Thanks for dropping by. xo KB