no real update today, guys!

so sorry, but my beau Mike is still out with the sickies. 99% positive its the flu. he's shaky and freezing one minute, then sweating like whoa the next. i've got him in bed with chamomile tea, nyquil, 2 heating blankets and a down comforter so he can sweat it out.

sadly if someone within a 5 mile radius of me is sick i'm always the next to catch it. i hope this isn't the case! trying to take preventative measures and i'm stocking up on vitamin c tomorrow! i'd much rather catch a case of it and him be here so i can take care of him [and vice versa] than to send him home by his lonesome to work it out.

lots to blog about but i just wanted to say happy tuesday [and happy wednesday!] and i'il be sure to return to you lovelies tomorrow. right now, girlfriend duty calls!

please send him all your well wishes if you have twitter [silly little get well tweets really make his day]! feel free to follow him by clicking HERE!


  1. awww hope he feels better!!!

  2. I hope he feels better soon and that you dont get sick :D

    I am posting my tag today


  3. i hope he gets better quick, and that you aren't going to catch it!

  4. i'm glad you accept anonymous comments..

    anyways just a major thanks for the extensions tutorial.. i'm really looking into getting extensions and sewing in the clips.. i know what to do now thansk to you!

  5. AWWW! I'm mean, when my boyfriend is sick I tell him to suck it up. Guys are drama queens, but your man sounds REALLY sick. I hope he feels better!
    ALSO. I read something you posted on here a while ago about your Juicy bracelet and how it's kind of ...over now. hahaha well my friend got my one for my birthday and I am IN LOVE WITH IT! It's so obnoxious and girly it's amazing. Good Luck choosing your last few!

  6. anonymous: so glad it was somewhat helpful! :D

    gabrielle: thanks! hahaha i love my juicy bracelet soooo much but sadly only maybe 2 more charms will fit on it [its getting obnoxious] but you're sooo right! ITS SOOOO easy to get sucked into it! eeep! haha i love it so much! <3

  7. Good for you.. take care of him.. thats the best....and hot tea is the best when you are sickly... welp thanks for inviting me to such a lovely blog.. i really have enjoied lookin through all your stuff.. Michael and I really want to make that pizza on here.. looks yummy..Your to cute.. okay well I off off and away... need to get some warm clothing on and brush these teeth of mine.. and get some sleepy sleep... :) talk soon. xo

  8. thanks tabitha! so glad to have you around! please let me know how the pizza turns out! im thinking i might make it again tomorrow! mmm! :D

  9. the boyfriend is a cook.. i suck.. haha always have.... dont like waiting on things to cook.. :P) ha i will.. we are giong to pick things up for it tonight.. i will inform you love.. best wishes.. xo


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