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The last time I was singing the praises of Swapdom was back in February when they debuted their Kids section on the website. Before that I was introducing you to the brand back in October as the perfect place to swap for new-to-you clothing. Now, only 2 months after their Kids expansion, they're moving into the Home sector! Starting today you can browse the listings for home decor, craft goodies, garden supplies, and even pet accessories, all directly from the Swapdom website! I've said it once before but I'll say it again: I love that it's like shopping, but without spending your hard earned money. Plus swapping items helps alleviate my closet and home of clutter. I'm a lot more likely to let go of something if I know I get to replace it with something new to me, ya know? I think the "one in, one out" rule is totally effective here! (Though let's be real - Right now I'm trying the whole "one in, three out" bit! Gotta make room for this baby and all of the stuff that goes with him!)

Since I've been trying to lessen the clutter around our house, I've been cataloging certain things that I don't mind getting rid of. Some are easier to part with than others, but I know it'll be beneficial in the end. I mean, my lips phone is easily one of my favorite little novelty pieces in the house, but I have absolutely nowhere to put it (sadface!)... Though I did entertain the thought of spray painting the phone metallic gold... but it's probably better this way ha! I can get a little bit crazy when I'm wielding a can of spray paint!

I don't really know what to expect from the items available on the Home section since everyone's tastes will differ. I'm kind of excited to see what everyone ends up listing! I mean, I'd be totally stoked to find some pink kitchen gear, terrariums, macrame plant hangers, and gold office supplies! You know... in case any of you have those lying around and want to go list 'em... Eh? Eh? We'll swap!

I'm definitely going to be on the hunt for purposeful office stuff. Everything from organizational bits and bobs to cute trinkets to scatter on my workspace. That probably sounds like the last thing someone like me needs, but I'm really trying to finish up my tiny little workspace in the kitchen so I feel motivated and inspired this Summer! But I know I'll get sidetracked by cute coffee mugs and salt and pepper shaker sets... I just can't help it.

I've been trying to be so mindful of the things I bring into the house lately since we're short on space. I want each new piece to really have a function (Okay, looking pretty is *totally* a function!)... I could use some organizational assistance over this way though haha! Any takers?

Anyway, peep the new Home section and consider tossing up a few listings! I'd love to see what you have to offer. I'm already going gaga over some of the baby boy listings in the Kids section, so I need something to distract myself from swapping for ALL THE BABY CLOTHES! Happy swapping! xo

P.S; Someone totally listed some Star Trek salt and pepper shakers... you know, if that's your kind of thing! haha!

P.P.S; One of my favorite things about Swapdom is the ability to earn rewards based on how many items you list, swap, refer, etc! You can easily win free shipping (so your swap is 100% FREE!) and perks like movie tickets or Amazon gift cards. You seriously get rewarded for decluttering. WIN/WIN!

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  1. I saw your instagram about this site this morning and immediately fell in love. I'm going to try and swap something tomorrow!

    jess | diamondell.blogspot.com

    1. It's seriously so fun! You should recommend it to everyone so we have more to swap for ha! Let me know when you upload stuff so I can check it out! Xx

  2. Kaelah-

    I Just completed my first "swap". Thanks so much for sharing!!


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