// Things I Love Thursday v.184

this is accurate! ♥

HOLY FREAKING AMAZING! i'm obsessed. ♥
this quote is perfect. ♥
these are paper flowers! ♥
these fruit pop recipes! ♥
this is the perfect party! ♥
this print is super cute ♥
this workspace is on point ♥
these gorgeous stems. ♥
these ice cream cone printables! ♥
♥ this exposing video on gender marketing. crazy how in-depth it all goes ♥


// Dirty Looks invited me to chat all about my hair care routine, because you know, people should totally take advice from me. HA! Yeah right. It was fun though!

// My homeschooled sister was kicked out of prom because several dads complained her dress caused "impure thoughts." THIS is what's wrong with modern society. Because a teenager should totally be blamed for perverted old men, right? Ugh.

// I just got this dress in the mail and it might very well be my new favorite! It's so comfortable!

// In rural Tennessee, a new way to help hungry children: A bus turned bread truck. This broke my heart to read. It's so sad to know the need is that staggering. But what a wonderful program!

// 23 photos of people from all over the world next to how much food they eat per day. This was a super informative/cool/interesting series.

// If this family doesn't set your heart on fire, whatever. They're adorable. And another great link post work lurking!

// Wishlist Wears: love the novelty print on this dress // these arrow sandals are SO CUTE! // dots on dots on dots (!!!) // the most ballerina dress ever // feel free to cast me and my blog off to a faraway island... i am so ashamed! // 

// When their ducklings disappeared, they assumed the worst... This is so freaking cute, I can't even.

// Roxy shared her skin routine and tips on what helped her acne-prone skin.

"I posted an [sic] picture of my body that “no one wanted to see” and if the urge strikes, so should you."

What are you loving this week?


  1. I LITERALLY love love love your Things I Love Thursdays.... I can't even! (Also, best video ever!) xx

  2. I want to throw a party that has donuts on top of the drinks. Sounds like a dream.

  3. I love the hair article, because I seriously wish I had your hair, but mine is WAY too greasy. I have tried dry shampoo but by 3pm I am a grease ball all over again. This is my favorite post of the week you always find the greatest things.

  4. At first I was thinking, "wow, those flower pictures are really pretty!" But, PAPER flowers?! Oh man. I love making paper flowers and these are so far beyond what I thought could be done! Flower game is stronggg.

    Also, that first pic is exactly what I needed to hear today!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  5. Okay, someone explain doughnuts and milk to me. I see stuff like this pop up and I have never in my life had doughnuts and milk together, or seen them served together, until the advent of Pinterest. Is this like cookies and milk for other people? WHAT IS THIS MYSTERY.

    1. haha WHAT?! You've never had them together? oh man, it makes a world of difference if the donut is heated up a bit. So it's warm and gooey. It's basically the same thing as a hot cookie and milk... but better :P

  6. Amazing bunch of finds this week! That video on gendered marketing is so well done!

  7. I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN hahahahaha that was glorious!

  8. This is probably a weird thing to comment on for one of your Things I Love Thursday posts, but I really loved that article about the Lunch Express bus in Tennessee - so hard to read, but such a great program. Thank you for sharing!

  9. It's so crazy that you posted the story about the Greeneville TN man! I did a closing on a manufactured home for some people who work with the local food bank and one of the many churches that helps out (this particular church was Of One Accord) - Greeneville is literally just over the mountain from where my house sits, and I had no idea this system even existed. It was the most heartbreaking (and yet heartwarming?) thing I've heard about in ages.

    These people also buy manufactured homes for families and "mortgage" them out for a very small amount and low-year type of lease to help them get back on their feet. It's really sad that this issue is so close to home but inspiring that people are helping out. Thanks for sharing on your TiLT!

    1. I went to camp in Greeneville growing up, but never saw this side of the town. Mike read the article first and then sent it to me, and I just cried and cried and cried while reading it. I know the same thing is happening here in our own town, and that's why we try to donate to the food bank every chance we get. But it's still not enough. It's so hard to know so much of our local population is hurting, ya know? I agree with you though, as heartbreaking as it is, it's so heartwarming to read about the folks who are going above and beyond to offer up their help. Mike is volunteering at a food line tomorrow to hand out boxed/canned food to our community, and I'd love to make it a family thing for us all to do together!

  10. This may be my favorite TILT post yet! The gendered marketing video was probably my favorite out of the bunch. I'm so glad I'm switching my major to advertising.

    Also, I've interacted on social media but I don't believe I've commented on your blog before but I've been reading for years now and I just wanted to say congratulations on all of your successes.

    1. Aw thank you so much for the comment, girl! So happy to have you, whether you comment or not! Thanks for making my day! <3

  11. OH MY GOD! You have to watch more of The Checkout. It's seriously great. And Aussie ;)

  12. Haha! That last video! Loving your inspo. (:

    <3 Carsla
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