// Always Be A Unicorn - Maternity Style - 31 Weeks

Mike and I have this little Christmas tradition where we make something for the other person each year. Holiday shopping can get a little difficult when you're in a rush to shop for everyone else in your life, and it's hard to keep things secretive in our house. (Seriously, I just got his Father's Day gift in the mail and I fight the urge to give it to him every single day!) Anyway, for Christmas 2012 Mike made me a really adorable graphic poster. He's totally not handy when it comes to Adobe so the fact that he learned how to operate Illustrator (with the help of my dear friend Elle) to make the present, well, that was gift enough! The poster said:

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

And of course I loved it! Every time I see something unicorn-related, I instantly think of that sweet gift. It's something I'll totally cherish for as long as possible! When I saw this unicorn dress, I knew I had to have it. For some reason I wasn't expecting to be so "mystical" in person... like maybe slightly more tame or something. But there it is, in it's bright, sci-fi glory! I tried to dress it down a little with the saffron cardigan and brown accessories, but that thing is loud! I'm not totally sold on the length of it since it really sort of stumps my frame, but at 5'2" that's to be expected. This would for sure be the perfect length for someone more like 5'7" or so! It's a little "Labyrinth"-ish, isn't it?

This week has been super productive at our house. I've booked a boatload of new design clients (!!!) and I think I'm about ready to shut it down so I can focus on them and not overwhelm myself before the baby comes. We're just 3 weeks out from 2.5 weeks of solid travel that we have planned and I'm both excited and slightly overwhelmed. I've started planning out my hospital bag so I can stock up on stuff this weekend, and we're trying to do a few furniture things in the nursery. Toby's very last baseball game of the season is tonight so I'm hoping it stays clear for the festivities. Toby will be getting his very first trophy! I'm trying to plan out blog content for June since I'm sort of behind and need to gear up for our vacation to Florida. (If you have anything specific you'd like to see in June, let me know! I'm eagerly accepting suggestions... and I know how sad that sounds! haha)  

This weekend is one of our last "event free" weekends to enjoy before my due date. We were hoping to just be able to relax and enjoy it, but of course we have a huge list of errands to run and things to buy and things to build, etc. I'm hoping there will be a little bit of extra time to squeeze in a date with my sweet husband, and then possibly some pool time, too! Mike is planning on shooting some DIY maternity photos of me next weekend when we finish up with a client shoot, so I'd ideally like to have just a little bit of a tan by then! Otherwise I might look like a giant marshmallow in my white dress...

Yigal Azrouel tote
Target flats

PS; I know, more "bump cradling" shots... Sorry! I just feel so huge so it's like if I acknowledge the bump, then I feel less awkward? I don't know. I'm probably lacking logic here haha!


  1. Honestly, I didn't even actually see the unicorn pattern as UNICORNS until you mentioned in like the second paragraph. That is awesome. I would definitely do a double-take in person and probably come bug you about where you had gotten it if I just saw you out in public! That is a really pretty blue-pattern color, too. Only Modcloth would do a unicorn dress, haha.

    What are you thinking about doing when baby arrives, blog-wise? I'm kind of waffling right now on whether or not to schedule just some old funny stuff I like, let people see older posts that maybe they wouldn't otherwise, or whether to write a bunch of new stuff to have ready. What are you planning to do? I know I want at least two-three weeks of basically just scheduled stuff that lets me take a BREAK and deal with sleeping 2 hours a night :)

    ALSO ALSO because I am bothering the crap out of you this morning with my questions - travel! Did you get any side-eye from your doctor on traveling? I'm going to see family out of state in early July and had to basically all but emotionally blackmail my doctor into clearing me, since I'll only be about five weeks out from due date. ANd even then I had to promise it wouldn't be for more than a few days and that we'd get a hotel overnight instead of doing all ten hours of driving at once. Did your doctor give you any guff about it?

    1. I have no clue what I'll do for the blog. Honestly, I doubt it'll be a huge priority. Maybe enough to try and busy my mind a little bit when I need a distraction, but I'm definitely going to just do whatever comes naturally. And that might mean blogging about the baby/new mom life 24/7. If it feels right, I'll go for it. As for trying to schedule posts during our trips and new baby time, that's up in the air, too. I certainly don't have the time to do a TON of content before we leave since I really booked myself solid with paid work, but maybe some spotlight features and things like that. Super light stuff. Not necessarily fluff, but then I guess it depends on who you ask! haha!

      As for traveling - I have a SUPER awesome doctor and I really really love her. I made her aware of our travel plans really early and asked what she thought would be best (her cut off date, etc). We'll be spending 9 days in Florida and then like 4-5 in Chicago the following week, each are about 9-10 hours from our house. She's given the green light on the Florida trip because we're going in an RV so I can stay propped up the whole time, walk while we drive, etc. The Chicago trip is the one I'm worried about because I'll be past 36 weeks and we're taking a car. Meaning 9-10 hours will equate to 13+ when I get out and walk like I'm supposed to. (I was born like 6 weeks early, sooooo I'm a bit scared!) But my doctor has said that we'll just play it by ear and she'll give me the thumbs up or down literally the day before we are supposed to leave. I hate that I won't know until then, but I've gotten all the info for the local hospitals at both places we're going, and I'll have my bag so I'm just trying to be as smart as possible about it. But our best friends are getting married and we're in the wedding party, so I do not want to miss it if I don't have to! But at the same time we have to do what's best for the baby and our situation, and luckily our friends are totally understanding. Fingers crossed everything is good and we get to be there though! I'd be so heartbroken if we missed it. My doctor was actually in the same situation (but she was the bride and her best friend was preggo) just last month, so she was super empathetic about it and is going to do everything she can to make it work.

      Are you planning on flying? I think as long as you are reasonable and open to plans changing, everything should be fine. This baby could come before we leave for Florida for all I know! I'm on his schedule, not the other way around haha! Fingers crossed we both get to go on our trips!

    2. I'm sure I'll forget anything but the baby and food exists for the first week or so ;) So that's why I thought scheduled posts might be good, just to not have a big blank spot. On the other hand, maybe I should just spam the internet with baby photos, that seems to make everyone super happy, haha.

      We are driving! It's me, Jason, and my in-laws. My in-laws have a nice big car, we'll only have to do about five hours of driving and have plans tos top and walk around even during those stretches, and I won't be allowed to drive at all so I can stretch my legs out a bit in the backseat, haha. My OB is pretty chill, but I have preemie family history so who knows what'll happen. I'm crossing my fingers this baby will STAY. PUT. until we're ready! I badly want to go! It'll bet he last time I'll be able to see my family for over a year before next Christmas. Which is KILLING me. But welcome to working life, haha, that's what I get for having a job outside the house I guess. I need to take up some kind of in-home pursuit, clearly.

      I will cross my fingers the whole time you're gone that baby stays where he is!

  2. I can think of several unicorn-obsessed friends who would be gaga over this dress, omg!

    One of these days, I'm going to get you to do up my blog for me! One of these days when I'm not broke of course.... but it will come! I hope!!!

    P.S. to you P.S Cradle on, sister! If ya got a bump, show the bump! That's what I say!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  3. I want...no need this dress! lol. Such a cute outfit. :)

  4. That dress is beautiful, I'm about 5ft 3 so I think it'd make me look short too. Your tattoos are beautiful also, I especially love the teapot and teacups on your feet.

    Rosie x

  5. The little girl in me is squealing over this dress. My whole room was decorated in unicorns from age 3 until we moved when I was 7. I would totally wear it now :)

  6. I really love this dress. I think I maybe the only person in TN that doesn't go vacation to FL every year.


  7. Gorgeous! Both you and the dress. I also had to do a double-take for the unicorns. It looks so galaxy-like, too.

  8. I almost didn't even see the unicorns! It's a really cool dress, and I think the length looks great on you! I hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend before babe arrives!

  9. Now every time I see something with unicorns I'll think of the poster and the quote haha! I know exactly how it is, every time I plan something secret for Ben I have to fight with myself every signle day to wait and not give it to him too early.
    You look fantastic in the dress, btw.

  10. I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!! and the back story + holiday presents is too perfect!! you + Mike are too cute for words!! PS Totally random: but I LOVE the tattoos on the tops of your feet! :) xoxo

  11. Unicorns on everything! I love the dress, and the bump! Cradle away. :) x

  12. Another friend of mine has this dress -- Folter has the most amazing prints! I like how you've styled it, too. I don't think it makes you look stumpy at all, but you could always have it tailored (I didn't realize you were only 5'2"! It always amazes me that it's hard to tell things like that about bloggers). I would always choose to be a mythical creature, too :)

    xox Sammi

  13. You're only 5'2?? I don't know why, but for one reason or another I imagine bloggers/celebrities/people I never met in person to always be the same height as me. Obviously not realistic but you know, your personality shines so bright on here that I imagined you to be taller!

    Anyway, loving the print of that dress and the beautiful pregnant belly. :)

  14. Some blog posts I'd love to see!
    1) Every single thing you wear, I am inevitably obsessed with. I would LOVE to see almost like a "style profile"...on yourself (if that makes sense?!) A few things under that general request would be a peak into your closet (I remember being googly eyed over your old closet-tour type post where you had your clothing rail and all your shoes on the tall shelves but I think that was a pretty long time ago by now). Maybe show a few of your favorite clothing items of the moment or of all time, etc.
    2) Day in the life posts! Love them!
    3) I'd love to see a few of your favorite recipes!

  15. Unicorn dress! Ah this print is just so awesome. I love how you styled it with the yellow cardigan. I think the length looks cute but you can always just hem it to the perfect length once you get a chance.

  16. Oh! I didn't know you're pregnant. Congratulations! I'm happy for you. :)
    -Apple (http://lachicapetite.blogspot.com)

  17. You look great, such a pretty dress!


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