// Trump The Frump: 20 Ways To Beat A Bad Mood

Yesterday was a weird day. Everything just felt off since waking up. I had a sore throat, I was quick to temper, and no matter what I did, I just couldn't find it in myself to be productive. You know how it goes, right? I had hoped to come home from dropping Toby off at school and knock my to do list out of the park... Instead I moped on the couch, took a 1.5 hour nap, and finished season one of Orphan Black. It wasn't one for the books, I'll tell ya. Nothing was particularly wrong, but I just felt like I was off my game. Now I'm not one to think it's bad to have those days. In fact, I know their importance in the grand scheme of things. I'm not obsessed with the idea of making everything sunshine and unicorns all the time... but at the same time, I like to actively try to turn my days around. If I can salvage them, I want to. But yesterday just wasn't happening.

I started my day by polling my Instagram followers, asking for their tips and tricks on making the most of a rough start. I really loved all of the responses! Some were more helpful than others, but they each had merit. Many of them were pregnancy-centric so they may not be the most helpful for a wider audience, but I did manage to compile my own list while sprinkling some of their wisdom in.

Here are some ways to help beat a crappy mood:
  1. Document everything that makes you smile. Whether it's the perfect cup of coffee, a delectable brunch, or flowers on a sidewalk, take a moment to capture life's little rays of sunshine. (Bonus points if you share it with others! Post an Instagram of the moment to inspire someone else!)
  2. Take a cat nap. Try and wake up on the other side of things. Even 10 or 15 minutes can help reset your mood.
  3. Pay it forward. Pay for the purchase of the person behind you. This works great in a drive-thru setting so that it can be quick and almost-anonymous, but even if you're in a store or a restaurant, spreading the wealth can make you feel great, and it positively benefits another person, too!
  4. Greet every person you meet. Whether it's a simple "Good morning!" or a "How are you?," a little acknowledgement goes a long way. If you're too shy to speak, offer up a friendly smile while passing. You never know who might need that small gesture, and it feels awesome to have it reciprocated.
  5. Get some sunshine! 95% of my mood is based on how much sunshine (Vitamin D!) I get. Even closing the windows and doors in favor of the A/C dampens my demeanor. A few minutes of the sun's warmth will do you a world of good! (Just don't forget the SPF!)
  6. Say five things you're grateful for every hour until you break the funk. (via @morrisonlane)
  7. Turn on Pandora to your favorite station and give yourself a manicure. (via @meg_tini)
  8. Share something positive! Whether it's a quick tweet or telling someone your favorite affirmation, a little positivity goes a long way.
  9. Perform a random act of kindness. This can be anything! (Here are 350+ ideas to get you started!)
  10. Indulge in your favorite meal. Happy bellies mean happy minds, right? Or something... Even if your favorite treat is less-than-healthy, indulge a little! It's hard to be upset when you've satisfied a craving.
  11. Go for a run or get some exercise. Endorphins and serotonin for the win!
  12. Just sit for 2 full minutes... Don't move. Just be. (I'm a huge fan of this website!)
  13. Do something creative! Paint something for your home, sew something for your wardrobe, or create a gift for someone "just because." Channel your inner artist and create something interesting from the situation.
  14. Look through old pictures and reminisce. This is so easy with blogs, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Sometimes I just love to lay down and look through my camera roll on my phone. Remembering happy moments can make a huge difference in your mood!
  15. Create a mixtape or playlist to use any time you're feeling down in the dumps. A few of my favorite songs to listen to are: "Not Your Year" by The Weepies (it helps me feel all the feels!) and "Creepin' In" by Norah Jones and Dolly Parton (I just love their voices together!) Find what mix of songs helps do it for you. Whether upbeat or slow tempo, you'll find the magic balance.
  16. Plant something in your yard or garden. This will help you get some fresh air and sunshine (Hey #5!) and it'll help produce something beautiful down the road. How can you not smile when you see something grow from (almost) nothing?
  17. Google something random that you've been curious about before. I love getting lost in the Wikipedia rabbit hold. I sometimes Google something and find myself still reading about it 2 hours later... Not only does it distract me from a yucky mood, but it also helps me learn. Everyone loves to know random bits of information, right?
  18. Encourage someone. Jess does this SO well and I'm always so touched by her selflessness. I love that she gets her toddler son involved, too. She regularly crochets items for strangers and lets her son hand out flowers to strangers. It really falls in line with #9, but it's worth mentioning in it's own bullet point!
  19. Hide notes and positive affirmations all around town. In books at the library, on the mirrors in the fitting room, or in the pockets of clothing at the store... Little reminders that say things like "You are wonderful!" "You look great today!" etc. It may sound silly, but just imagine how lovely it would be to find something like that on a random day.
  20. Just feel all of the feels! Be sad, or upset, or bored, or whatever... Just feel what you're feeling. You can think about it and dissect it, or you can just be. Allow the mood to move through you so you can then move on. There's nothing wrong with sacrificing yourself to an overwhelming mood. Yesterday I needed that "off" day... I needed to just "be" and watch tv. Sure, I didn't get much done, but I felt better because I just allowed myself to be.
What are some of your favorite ways to break the funk?


  1. These are all great tips! I hate waking up in a bad mood. I usually try to take a nap, go for an extra long walk with my dog... because if that doesn't work at least he got a walk and walks make him happy. I also sometimes just watch an old fave movie to cheery me up like Dirty Dancing or Greece.

  2. This is a really great idea from the posts. I refer to these sort of days as 'menetal health days' were you just need to sit back and chill for a bit. I for one cannot help but feel better after taking my dog for a walk. Seeing him happy makes me happy :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. I love this post, reading it already makes me feel much positive about my life! that do nothing for two minutes website is insane, once I opened it, I just sat there and did nothing but think. it was very peaceful and I did feel better afterwards! mind-blowing!

    thank you for a wonderful words and cheering me right up, kaelah!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  4. I love this list
    especially number 12!
    What a great idea

  5. I love getting outside, even taking the dog on a longer walk makes me feel better to get away from being in the apartment sometimes it can change my perspective and change my mood. I love baking to make me feel better, creating a sweet treat and focusing my thoughts on something else other then my mind always helps.

  6. Talking about it with my husband always helps. Even if I have no idea why I'm feeling that way (usually, hormones). Sometimes it's because I'm tired. Sometimes the best thing for a bad mood is to try not to feel better. Sometimes wallowing in the bad mood actually makes it go away.

  7. Ahhh! I just wrote a similar post I scheduled for later this week (although mine is more about motivation in general), also inspired by yesterday's funk that we discussed on Twitter. :) I can so relate to the fresh air thing. This is why I feel so terrible during Chicago's winters! These are all great tips. xoxo

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  10. Yesterday was one of the hardest days I've had in a LONG time. I needed this post. Thank you.

    xo Ashley

  11. Love this. Even just this posts makes me happier!

  12. You're totally allowed to have a funk - you're growing a tiny human after all! On Tuesday I was up for all of two hours before going back to bed and sleeping for like 3 more. I got up at about 9ish when our friend was due to come and finish working on the nursery door for us, when he left around lunch time I got back into bed fully clothed and slept until about 3pm. I got up and about an hour later our social worker came for an unannounced visit - GREAT! Thankfully she could see that the debris around was mainly just daily debris rather than mouldy plates or signs that our foster son was being neglected and she was due to see us again yesterday so I think she just ticked it off as all fine and had there been problems yesterday she'd have been telling us off but we worked as a team and got it all fixed up and shiny ready for her visit. My current break a funk is to start at one blog, comment on that post and then click the link to the first person who commented, then comment on their blog and so on, this morning this is my 6th comment - I know it's not a competition but it's a way of sharing the love when going out for coffee is a little bit expensive lol.

  13. A bit of retail therapy usually does the trick but for me, but I don't actually always try to cheer myself up if I am fed up. Sometimes I do a boring chore instead, so that I'm not having to do that particular thing at a time when I am feeling happy (and thereby spoiling the happy mood at that time).

  14. I love this! reminiscing definitely helps me out when I'm in a bad mood. I also have a couple movies that never fail to cheer me up like Breakfast at Tiffany's and Amelie :)
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca


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