// Swapdom - Baby + Kids!

Swapdom - Now for Kids and Babies!

Remember back a few months ago when I introduced y'all to Swapdom?! Well it was awesome enough when it was just for women's clothing, but now they've gone and upped the ante and you can also swap babies and kids' gear! Clothing, accessories, toys, maternity clothes, whatever! I'm all for swapping my own clothes, but considering my body is going through something pretty new (and totally weird!), I've been in mommy-mode 24/7. I think about the kids full time and I haven't thought too terribly much about growing my own wardrobe. How will we dress the baby? What kind of toys will we buy him? What stroller makes the most sense? What size will Toby be wearing this Summer? Toby is outgrowing things at rapid speeds. I mean, the kid is 5 and can still wear 3T clothing... but all of his pants become highwaters in no time because he's just so darn tall. Tall and lanky. This means we're always rotating clothes in and out of his closet. There are a few pieces I plan on holding onto for the baby, but it'll be quite some time before he can fit in his big brother's clothes. Swapping for what we need in the time being is perfect!

And while no one asked me what I thought about the price of most kids clothing these days, I'm going to share anyway: HOLY MOLY! I'm astounded by the prices of some basic clothing pieces. I want Toby and the baby to be dressed cute (who doesn't?) but I don't plan on breaking the bank to achieve that. Toby grows so fast and I'm sure the baby will be just the same, I feel a lot better about spending some money here and there when I know I have a place I can easily swap it out once we're done with it. Plus Swapdom is like shopping... but free! You only pay for shipping! Win/win!
Swapdom - Now for Kids and Babies!

I went ahead and sorted through Toby's closet the other day when we had a huge cleaning day. His shoes never make it very long, but I was happy to find loads of clothing pieces I would be happy to trade out. I uploaded 3 pieces to my Swapdom profile so if you've got a kiddo of your own that wears a 3T, you might find something you love! I think I need to give his toy drawer a good once-over soon, too. I'm going to scour the site for more of my favorites and then see what I can pull from his clothes that we've stored for the season! (There are loads of little girl clothes already uploaded to Swapdom, so if you have a little lady, get to hunting! If you have a little dude, come upload some stuff so I can swap with you!)

A few favorite items currently available for swap: this three month bundle set (little boy), vintage moccasin boots, this embroidered dress from Mexico, and this stroller!

I think my favorite part about Swapdom is that the swaps you make don't have to be "this for this"... Instead you say you're interested in a swap and then Swapdom does all the work. They arrange multi-person swaps so everyone gets a fair deal (and what they wanted!) Their largest swap so far included NINE people!

If you're signing up to swap, consider getting a little personal kitchen/postal scale so you can get a quick (and accurate!) read on the item's weight! It might also be beneficial to have a few small boxes or mailers on hand so you can get your swap out to it's new owner.

And if all of that wasn't awesome enough, Swapdom is doing a super rad giveaway for a luxury Phil&Teds stroller! You can bet I've already entered! If you're interested in submitting your own entry, click HERE! Good luck!

This post was in partnership with Swapdom,
but all words and opinions (and excitement!) are my own!

PS; Happy freakin' Valentine's Day!


  1. Yay! This makes me so happy that they're adding kid's clothes!

    1. Right?! I can't wait til more folks add little boys clothing! I'm going to make it a habit to go through Toby's closet regularly so I can make room for new (or new-to-us) pieces!

  2. Replies
    1. they also do adult clothes so pop over and check it out! you don't need a munchkin to participate! though i'm stoked they added that option :D


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