// Things I Love Thursday v.183

this photo is so gorgeous. those colors! ♥

♥ i love this shoot for Paper mag ♥

♥ dying over these fashion sketches using petals ♥
this kitschy room ♥
this dress from pinup darling is gorgeous! ♥
this Bubbles tribute ♥
this! i love those belcher kids. ♥
♥ yep. that is a raccoon doing somersaults... so cute! ♥
this waterbear is: terrifying, adorable, fascinating... ♥
this coat is amazing (though it's way too hot for me to be saying that!) ♥

// Your kid and my kid are not playing in the pros. I loved this article (and the sass it contained) because I see it every day on the baseball field with Toby. Our kids are 5! Your kid is not "the star player"... Putting too much pressure on these kids just inflates the ego of the parent. No one likes a stage mom/dad!

// I had the pleasure of taking part in a "Mamaheart" feature on Polly's blog, This Enchanted Pixie. Re-reading my answers maybe made me tear up a time or two. Being a mom is awesome and this was one of my favorite interviews ever.

// The South Beach sunglasses from Bonlook are high on my wishlist right now!

// Why I refused to put on a shirt for Shape magazine.

// I liked reading about Carrie Anne's experience dealing with 2 kids on her own while her husband was at work. This is one thing that scares me the most about bringing a baby home this Summer. I know Toby is old enough to be pretty self-sufficient, but I'm still terrified of having to juggle the two. But that's a post for another day!

// RubyETC's comics are some of my absolute favorites. Love her style!

// BUST's open letter to Shailene Woodley. And another sassy (hilarious) open letter. I can't help but love the 'tude in the second one.

// Why I probably won't ever shut up about weight issues (with help from Gabourey Sidibe and Amy Schumer)

// This gif of a tiny pug falling into a hole is hilariously adorable.

What are you loving this week?


  1. Too many amazing things for me to comment on!

  2. Love it all! What interesting, funny, and unique photos!

  3. I love the petting animals charts! Also that water bear is so weird!

  4. I love all the animal pet map pictures they made me laugh! Plus, I thought the flower dress drawings were so unique and awesome! Hope you have an awesome Thursday!

    (Just in case) My blog: kimmieinwonderland.blogspot.com

  5. loved the letter to shailene woodley! as well as the articles on gabourey sidibe and amy schumer, so so good.
    xo, cheyenne

  6. Oh my god BUBBLES! I always read and enjoy your TILT posts but I rarely comment (sorry I suck) but that just made my day! Hilarious!

  7. When I was watching Cosmos, I couldn't believe the waterbear...!

  8. Water bears are amazing little things! My former college did incredible research on them.

  9. That raccoon doing somersaults is the BEST.

  10. I love that "But I'm just so tired" banner!

  11. I love love love your TILTs, always make me smile!


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