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Swapdom - Shopping for FREE! - KaelahBee.com
Over the past several years I've really grown to "know" my audience here on LCH. I feel like we're just a bunch of friends that hang out online and chat, ya know? I'm probably being a little too poetic about it but it's true and that's how I feel. I love sharing sites and products that I know you'll love. Today's site is seriously no different. What if you could go "shopping" for a brand new wardrobe, and not spend any money? That sort of sounds like a dream come true for me. I love having new clothes and accessories, buttttt I'm not so keen on shelling out mad cash for them. Now you don't have to! Say hello to Swapdom!

Have you ever had a clothing swap party with friends? I have, and it's loads of fun. Unfortunately for me very few of my friends share my size and style when it comes to clothing. (I mean, this obviously has it's perks when going shopping together. No fighting over that one coveted item... but not so great when it comes to swapping!) Forget that mess! Now thanks to Swapdom you literally get to open your closets up to tons of people across the country! You don't have to rely on that one sorta-slightly-similar-proportion person at your swapping party... You get some full scope swapping action here. Instagram and online "Closet" sales are hugely popular (I love doing them myself) but sometimes I'm more likely to let something go if I know I can replace that now empty hanger with something equally as fabulous. Not only is it smart for your wallet, but it's also smart for the environment. One dress swapped is one dress saved from the landfill. Giving these items a second (or third, or fourth) chance is what it's all about. Plus, I can be just as happy with a new-to-me item as I can be with a new one! Bonus points when someone else can't just walk into a store and buy the very same thing. That's when vintage and past seasons' clothing is a major bonus!
Swapdom - Shopping for FREE! - KaelahBee.com
Swapdom - Shopping for FREE! - KaelahBee.com
I bet you can look around your room right now and spot at least 5 things that you'd be more than happy to get rid of if there was some benefit to you, right? I'm all for donating unused items, but sometimes we have those few items that even though we don't plan on wearing them, we have a hard time letting them ago. (AKA my entire closet *groan* haha!) This is why Swapdom is SO PERFECT! It's still in beta right now, but if you want to skip the waiting list and be one of the first members of the community, sign up HERE!

I've put Mike to the task of photographing a few pieces of my own to go swap. I've already got my eye on a sweet pair of loafers and I'm just crossing my fingers someone doesn't snatch them up before I go work my ~*Swapping Mojo.

Swapdom is totally free for you to use, too. The only thing you pay for is shipping the item to it's new and appreciative owner! BUT if you upload three items you'll get free shipping on your first swap! You literally have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl! The free shipping offer is only good for a limited number of people so the sooner you sign up and get to listing, the more likely you'll be one of those lucky folks!

Think you'd be game for a closet swap?! Head on over and sign up! List some items and send me your link or username (Here's my profile)! Maybe we can make some swaps! Happy guilt free shopping swapping, y'all!

* Swapdom approached me to become an ambassador and early adopter of the new site! While this post is in partnership with Swapdom, all opinions are totally 100% my own and I'd never try to shill ya something I didn't totally adore myself. I hope you love it as much as I do!


  1. This sounds amazing! I'm checking it out right now.


  2. Um hello new obsession! Just what I need. Heading there now.

  3. Oh wow! This is really, really cool! I love that it is free. I've seen some that require a monthly fee and aren't set up nearly as well as this one. Thank you so much for sharing!


  4. This is FANTASTIC! I am a huge fan of swapping but none of my friends ever want to do a clothing swap (lame). This is the site for me! I can't wait to upload some of my items.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  5. Oh super cool! I have the same issue with clothing swaps. I'm a tall, curvy lady so there aren't usually a lot of other gals at swaps who wear the same size. I'll have to check this out!

    Ladyface Blog

  6. This sounds amazing! I'm definitely going to give Swapdom a try!

  7. This is awesome! I've always loved the idea of swaps but my style is totally different from my girl friends. I already signed up!

  8. GOING to sign up right now! So awesome! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  9. Interesting idea -- I'll check it out!

    Amen Fashion †

  10. Ohhhhh this is so happening!

  11. *groannnss* I always find Myself wishing this stuff reached Lebanon :(
    Good luck You guys sounds amazing!

    Loads of love, SJay!


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