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It's been a while since I shared a roundup of some recent blog design work, so what better time than now to get it all out there, right? Some of these are a few months old as I've been working on some larger scale projects that have taken a couple of months to complete, and I have several in the pipeline currently. Hopefully I can get 100% caught up on sharing these before I take a little "maternity leave" this Summer. I'm planning on booking a handful more clients to fill the next 4-6 weeks, then it'll be "go time!" So crazy! Anyway, here's what I've been up to recently...

This was hands down one of my favorite projects when it was all said and done. Allison wanted something classy and modern, but still with a lot of personality. I did a custom geometric background and then played up the black and white with gold glitter and peonies. I feel like it totally fits her style and I love all of the graphic elements.

Claire is like my long-lost soul sister. I am totally on board with her style and aesthetic, and that's why I enjoyed this project so much! Ranunculus flowers and a soft grey accented with saffron yellow?! That's what I'm talking about! I illustrated a handful of flowers to pop around her name and then just let the rest of her content do the talking. I'm in love with how the header turned out.

Little Little This That
This mom and daughter blog was started from the ground up, hence why you're actually seeing a mock instead of the live preview. Tess and Clara came to me with a solid vision for what they wanted and I loved seeing it all fall together. They have an amazing eye for color and texture so while I may not have chosen these colors myself to start, I am stoked with how they all work together! This design is proof that you don't have to be crazy and decorative with graphics in order to make a loud statement.

Tara came to me wanting a bright, cheerful space to help share her daughter's story of living with Down Syndrome. She had a logo ready to go, but it was up to me to find a way to tie in the fun colorful elements while keeping it very minimal and streamlined. The preview above doesn't even do it justice because there is just so much color happening below the fold! You'll have to pop over and check out the sidebars yourself!

First off, Cree is an absolute sweetheart! I've made several signs for her family over the past year and I was over the moon when she contacted me about a blog design. I loved all of her ideas and it just took some trial and error to see what would end up working perfectly in the end. She chronicles her life as a military wife and mom (currently) in Germany, and the softness of the color palette totally fits with her kind demeanor.
Kat wanted something bold and loud with a lot of really bright colors and typography! The blog itself is super streamlined and minimal, but the little bits of personality really make it shine. I hand-drew her header and then added in some fun watercolor to balance it out. The purple really helps liven the place up!

Kristina really wanted something bright and fun to match her mid-century lovin' aesthetic. She knew she wanted some pink and mint, and she really wanted a fun illustrated portrait, too. I whipped up this adorable little diddy of her and then really played up the 50's + 60's style in the design. We had a lot of back and forth in the emails, trying new things, tweaking stuff for a bit, and nixing things here and there. After installing we both realized it would be a much stronger design if it had only one sidebar instead of two, so we condensed them over on the left and really let her pictures shine. We also skipped out on the scallops that we started with (in the background) because we thought the clean lines helped it flow better. Kristina has an adorable little life in NYC and I think this fits her perfectly!

This was my most recent installation as it went live just on Friday! Kelly Jean and I have been working on this design for the past several weeks and she really wanted something that would accent her scrapbooking designs without overwhelming them. She chose a really great color palette and we added little "3D" details like stitching on the border and masking tape on the sidebars and post titles. We also played up the typewriter style font to make it really feel DIY'd. I love the subtlety of the colors mixed with the fun patterns!


Overall I'm really happy with how things are progressing with my freelance blog designs. Both my style and execution have come a long way since the very beginning. I've just gotta remember to share this stuff more often! I get so wrapped up in my actual projects and clients that I forget to publicly show them. (To see past designs shared, click HERE!)

If you're in the market for a full design overhaul for your Blogger blog, or some a la carte pieces (header, business cards, etc) for your business/blog (on any platform), don't hesitate to get in touch! I'm currently running a pretty sweet special to book up the final few spaces before I sign off for a few weeks. I can work with almost any schedule - whether you prefer to have your design up and running in 1 week, or a 4-6 week payment plan to help with your budget! (Each design shown above features the all-inclusive package that I offer which also comes standard with a matching business card design, social media headers, and even my PR + Marketing Ebook for bloggers!)

If you'd like to chat about a possible blog makeover, email me and we'll talk! Now to work on a few other design projects I have lingering about... that way I can share those soon, too! Happy Tuesday! xo


  1. So cute! I already read - and love - curvy girl chic, I am going to have to check out these other blogs too!

  2. i love it when you share your designs! it was so fun chatting with you about them and then seeing them in person. love the variety between them all <3

  3. Beautiful work! Especially love the design of We ate, We loved, We traveled with the globe -how beautiful and the blog seems like a great read :)

  4. Are you serious. I paid someone else to do mine yesterday :(
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  5. I have to say, working with Kaelah is the best! She was professional, pleasant to work with, quick to respond, and understood my ramblings of how I wanted my blog to feel. I wrote a big review of working with her here (http://ramblekatramble.blogspot.com/2014/03/things-i-love-my-new-blog-design-by.html) but the bottom line is, she is fantastic to work with!

  6. Chipping in to let everyone know that I 100% wholeheartedly recommend Kaelah if you're looking for someone to design your blog. She was an absolute dream to work with and, a year on, I'm still totally in love with my design.

  7. Love these! You do such great work. Sent you an email! :)

  8. Absolutely love all of these. You are one talented lady!

  9. Oh my gosh, lady... you can actually do everything, can't you? A jane of all trades!


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