// Things I Love Thursday v.182

Happy May, friends! Holy moly, MAY! As in, the fifth month of the year... as in, almost halfway through 2014! What! Today is Mike's first day of nursing school so that means it's also my first day home alone. It's going to be hard to get used to, I'm sure. Trying to make myself be productive when I have no one here to hold me accountable... ha! Maybe I'll use the first two days to lounge around and take it easy... who knows! Regardless, here's my weekly list of wonderful! Let me know your favorites! xo
this precious fox ♥

this cat paw coffee mug (!!!!!) ♥

♥ last minute mother's day gift on a budget! $34 for this design! ♥
You can email kaelahbee@gmail.com if you'd like to nab one! Includes US shipping

the best graffiti ♥
this is the Tumblr Princess ♥
this series of concert goers by genre/artist - i LOVE this! ♥
♥ this art by Ernst Haeckel (I have a shell of his tattooed on my elbow!) ♥
these tulip fields in the netherlands! ♥
this is true love. (too much pizza for one TiLT!?) ♥
this quote ♥

♥ i MUST order this for the baby's nursery! ♥
this series by kevin corrado ♥
♥ this is a valid argument, regardless of your stance on abortion ♥
♥ maybe i'm just a softie, but this totally made me cry! such a great ad! ♥

// Why "A League of Their Own" is an overlooked feminist triumph. YES! THIS! Also why it is my favorite movie ever.

// One of my favorite ladies is having a big 25% off sale in her shop, and you should definitely check it out! Everything on the Emerging Thoughts site is 25% off with the code "love" - Help support small businesses!

// Loving Roxy's skirt in this post, and her cute little camera accessories!

// This post from Carrie Anne is so honest and inspiring. It's great to see good things happen to good people! Wishing them the best of luck with their upcoming decisions! I love how real and open she is.

// Wishlist Wears: I wish this dress came in my size because it's perfect! // the color, pattern and collar (!!!) on this make for a dreamy dress // pretty melon colored sandals // people seem to have good taste because this gorgeous number is sold out (womp!) // these cute sandals would leave some pretty epic tan lines haha // this dress makes me think of candy and the wizard of oz at the same time (?!) // this dress is basically prom queen (it's so pretty!) // i love this teal necklace // 

// Get your (super) last minute entries in for the Baby Aspen giveaway! Seriously, even if you don't have babies, this is the perfect chance to give the gift of cute to someone who does!

What are you loving this week?


  1. Kaelah, I swear this is the highlight of my week. And I would take advantage of the whole "being pregnant" thing for putting off work! Just tell Mike, "HEY PAL, I'M PREGNANT. Sorry for not being super productive!"
    Also, my grandad is taking my granny to see the tulip fields in the Netherlands this week. She's 70 and it's her first time out of the UK! xx

  2. I laughed so hard at the tumblr princess, I think thats the most accurate portrayal of tumblr!

  3. I also LOVE a League of Their Own and I'm so glad it's seeming to gain another wave of popularity.

  4. So pretty much everything on today's list is a "YES!" but especially that commercial! Oh my goodness!

  5. So pretty much everything on today's list is a "YES!" but especially that commercial! Oh my goodness!

  6. Ach I can't open that tmz link at work (serves me write for reading blogs at work...) but I really hated that Avril video. I really wish people would stop portraying Japanese people as emotionless robots.

  7. The Tumblr princess is priceless! It also made me super hungry for pizza :)

  8. Oooo I love the kitten paw mug! I added it to my ModCloth wish list : )

  9. Love the fox and the pizza princess. :)



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