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Today I have a special guest, Ebonnie, here to share her Tumblr project that aims to inspire girls and remind them that they are good enough. Ebonnie's idea is simple enough, and sometimes that's the perfect way to get your message across. Her project is accessible and far-reaching. I'm a huge fan of any and everything that helps promote positivity and self esteem. Today Ebonnie is going to tell us a little more about You Are Good Enough and share how we can all get involved!

Hi Ebonnie! Thanks so much for joining us today and for being our PRIME sponsor for this month! I want everyone to get a feel for what You Are Good Enough is all about.

What inspired you to start You Are Good Enough?
I started You Are Good Enough after I started to suffer from depression, I would go online and all I could seem to find were pictures and blogs about never being perfect, never being beautiful, never being good enough and it drove me deeper and deeper down into that black hole, and then one day I woke up.

I realized that none of that is true, and that for the sake of the girls and guys who run those sorts of blogs, and for the sake of the girls and guys who read them, there had to be something positive out there as well, so I created my You Are Good Enough Tumblr, in order to help me out of my depression, and hopefully will help others as well

Can you tell us a little more about you? The girl behind the project?
My name is Ebonnie and I’m a 19 year old makeup artist and body piercer living in the capitol city of Australia, I’m tattooed and pierced and believe that your body is a canvas for you to decorate how you please.

While I was in college I bought my first of many loves, my beautiful back Kawasaki cruiser Polly, who I rode until only recently when she broke down and I had to buy a car. One day I hope to move to New York and study fashion design, but I try not to make concrete plans in my life. I prefer to let life come to me and just enjoy the ride.

If you could sum up your message in one, short sentence, what would it be?
Every girl and boy on this planet is good enough for anything they could ever possibly hope to achieve
How has You Are Enough grown from the very beginning?
Well that’s the thing, other then a few people submitting when I first started it, life got busy, things got in the way and I stopped promoting it, it fell to the back of my mind and it never really became what I wanted it too, but that’s why I decided to sponsor Kaelah, so I can get this blog really going and hopefully brighten someones day.

Any specific reason why you chose Tumblr as your platform?
I chose tumblr because I think it’s the easiest site for anyone to access, you don’t have to have a tumblr account to few and get involved with this blog, you just need the url and a few minutes to snap a photo of yourself and upload it!

Do you have any “end goals” you’d like to reach with your project? Or is it more of a hobby you do for fun?
I would love to see people from all over the world upload pictures to this blog, I would love to have you are good enough written in all different languages presented on the blog from all different people of different walks of life, to have submissions everyday so the flow of positivity never stops
What do you hope your audience will take away from You Are Good Enough?
I hope that they will take away the knowledge and understanding that they are good enough, that people set their own restrictions in life and that doesn’t have to be the case, and that there are places you can go on the internet that won’t fill your head with negativity, that you can come to this site and not only help yourself but help others as well.

How can other people get involved? Do you only accept photos or do you have plans on expanding into writing at some point, too?
Getting involved with You Are Good Enough is as easy as snapping a photo of yourself, or you with some friends, with the words You Are Good Enough written on your hand, once it has taken off, I would love to expand into getting people to share their stories of success and achievement, but for now at the beginning I’d like it to be an easy thing for people to do and get involved in that will only take 5 minutes
Do you think the power of positivity has the ability to affect people and inspire them to live fuller, richer lives?
Absolutely, positivity has the power to change the world

Are there any last words you’d like to share with my readers today?
I would just like to say thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my project and I would really love to hear from you and see your pictures getting uploaded to the blog, it would mean so much to me to see everyone getting involved and spreading the word about it! I hope you guys have an amazing day!

Thanks so much Ebonnie! It's been an absolute treating having you!

If you're interested in submitting a photo or two to Ebonnie's project, be sure to visit You Are Good Enough and click "Submit" in the very upper left corner of your browser! (It's a little bit hidden but if you look you'll see it!) If you'd like to support her project without contributing yourself then you can always share the project on your blog or reblog straight from her Tumblr!

If you're interested in becoming a PRIME sponsor (or any size at all!), don't hesitate to get in touch! Email me within the next 5 days and get a special discount! xo


  1. This is so awesome! I was first diagnosed with post-partum depression at 19 (am now 21). I still struggler, but I do have a lot more good days than bad. I've come a long way. Now I even write about depression on my blog in hopes to inspire someone to share what they feel and strive for happiness. Thanks for sharing this girl, Kaelah!

  2. I love this concept! I feel like Tumblr can be a hot mess of comparison sometime. Nice to to see a ray of self love on there, too :) Thanks so much for sharing this!

  3. Such a fantastic message! Definitely something we all need to hear from time to time but as someone who has battled depression for years, things like this are very beautiful to see happening, especially as Grown Folks said when sites like tumblr can be all about comparison sometimes (especially fitness tumblrs, they can be so harsh and hurtful- even the ones that claim to be body positive).


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